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    2014 FIFA World Cup

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    La 2014 FIFA World Cup It is the 20th FIFA World Cup for men's soccer teams. It took place in Brazil and it is the second time it has been held in that country (the first being in 1950).


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    This World Cup started on June 12 and the final took place on July 13.

    League of Legends content

    To celebrate the FIFA World Cup for the second time, Riot released 5 new football-themed skins for specific champions, just as they did in 2010. These skins are permanently in the store and were released in patch V4.10. A Guardian Skin and Summoner Icon were also released to celebrate this event.


    The following World Cup skins were released on June 18:

    Appearance name Cost
    List Libero 750
    Gragas Superfán 750
    Lucian Forward 750
    Maokai Goalkeeper 750
    Twisted Fate Red Card 750

    Splash Art

    All 5 skins have the following splash art:

    Login Music and Animation

    Archivo:2014 FIFA World Cup League Of Legends Login Screen With Music


    Golden Goal Keeper Skin

    • Cost - 640
    GoldenGoal Ward.jpg Store ImageFootballWardSkin Screenshots.jpg In-game Screenshot

    Good Match Package

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