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Adaptive strength is a pseudo-statistic used by Riot as a shorthand for effects that grant attack damage or ability power, depending on which of the two stats the user has already acquired extra.

1 Adaptive Force is worth 0.6 AD adicional o 1 PH.

Adaptive Force has a default output for situations where the user has no or equal bonuses, which Riot claims is based on the champion. However, tests have shown that this is actually based on the source of the Adaptive Force (and most often it is DA).

Adaptive damage It is a type of damage that depends on the difference between additional AD and additional AP: for units with more additional AD it is physical damage, for units with more additional AP it is magic damage.

In most cases, League of Legends omits the adaptive strength in favor of showing the amount of DA or PH awarded.


  • 1 Increase Adaptive Force
    • 1.1 Champions
    • 1.2 Objects
    • 1.3 Speech

Increase Adaptive Force


  • You and I! from Yuumi


  • Potion of Rouge Stolen


  • Absolute concentration
  • Conqueror
  • Eyes Collection
  • Rising Storm
  • Phantom Pore
  • Significance
  • Walk on Water
  • Zombie Sentinel
  • Adaptive Strength Rune Fragment

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