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    Akali / Strategy

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    • 1 Presentation of Champions
    • 2 Recommended Items
    • 3 Tips
    • 4 Tricks
      • 4.1 Use of skills
      • 4.2 Use of master's degrees
      • 4.3 Use of objects
    • 5 How to Counter

    Champions Presentation

    Recommended Items

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    Playing as Akali

    • Akali is good at killing weak champions. Let your team start the fights and go for the backline champions.
    • Find a balance between saving and using the Shadow Dance Shadow Dance before having all the charges.

    Playing against Akali

    • Akali is still affected by area of 鈥嬧媏ffect spells as long as she is invisible within Twilight Mantle.
    • Akali benefits greatly from the Dark Seal and the Mejai's Soul Stealer. Keep an eye on which items Akali buys and try to counter them.
    • Return to base if your health is low and Akali has multiple charges of Shadow Dance Shadow Dance.
    • Shadow Dance Shadow Dance allows Akali to get close to you and deal damage. Rising Slash Rising Slash deals a massive amount of damage when you buy the correct items. When you are in the nexus or in team fights, keep an eye on Akali, she may use Shadow Dance Shadow Dance and Crescent Slash Crescent Slash. Depending on your life and proximity to Rising Slash Rising Slash, your entire team may be wiped out.
    • Akali's passive is activated by her basics. Akali's first attack will give her a percentage of her life back. The second deals bonus damage. If your life is low and you have available Twilight Mantle, be careful as he will use the basic one to heal himself and if he has Heal, you can turn the tables to combat.


    Use of skills

    • Beyond level 1, Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin lasts longer than cooldown, allowing Akali cast Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin followed by Shadow Dance Shadow Dance, then slaying another Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin for extremely high blasts of damage.
      • More specifically, Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin> wait for cooldown> Shadow Dance Shadow Dance> basic attack> Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin> basic attack.
      • If it is not yet level 6, enemies with low health can be surprised by replacing Shadow Dance Shadow Dance with  Flash to get murder.
    • Due to the short cooldowns of abilities that deal damage from Akali, the constant use of Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin followed by basic attacks can prevent him from running out of energy.
      • This also allows him to heal further due to his natural spell vampirism.
    • The invisibility and slowdown of  Twilight Mantle can be used offensively to provide cover and allow you to chain skill combos on the enemy more quickly, but can also be used defensively to avoid drawing enemy focus during team fights and to provide assistance when retreating after the battle. fight or escape from ganks. Watch out for Vision Sentinels Vision Sentinels, as well as champions with abilities that can reveal you (such as Twisted Fate).
    • Twilight Mantle is great for running away from enemies in the jungle, especially near weeds, as it can overlap to break vision between weeds and  Twilight Mantle to dodge enemies. You can put a Invisible Sentinel or a  Twilight Mantle on a wall and use the vision to cast Shadow Dance Shadow Dance on a monster through the wall.
    • The ability can also be used to check for enemies in weeds and the invisibility prevents it from being spotted by enemy champions in the same weeds.
    • Using Shadow Dance Shadow Dance on nearby minions can be useful for quickly getting away from fights, or for chasing down and catching up with enemies.
    • Rising Slash Rising Slash is great for farming gold last hitting minions and pushing lines as it deals area damage.
      • Rising Slash Rising Slash can be used to apply your Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin if an enemy is just out of range for a basic attack or when blinded.
      • Be careful with the high cost of energy at low levels to avoid being captured with enough energy to use the Twilight Mantle.
    • The force of Akali increases a lot once she has access to the Shadow Dance Shadow Dance. Before level 6, he is often unable to get close enough to enemies to use his most powerful abilities, such as Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin.
      • Once the first three charges of Shadow Dance Shadow Dance have been reached, search the map for an easy gank. Akali is excellent for roaming due to her explosive damage and pursuit power.
    • If an enemy is out of range of Akali, can use Shadow Dance Shadow Dance on an enemy minion to close the distance, allowing him to catch him with Flash or other Charge of Shadow Dance Shadow Dance.

    Use of master's degrees

    • Decree of the Thunder Lord is very important to be able to kill enemies easily, but also for exchanges in the line phase.

    Use of objects

    • Hextech Pistol Saber is an essential item for Akali and should probably be acquired as a second or third item. The bonus attack damage and ability power is useful for Twin Disciplines Twin Disciplines as well as their lifesteal and spell vampirism.
      • Get a Early Hextech Revolver is beneficial for early game survival, along with Twin Disciplines Twin Disciplines.
    • Akali can deal a massive amount of explosive damage with the Curse of the Liche combined with his passive performing basic attacks on an enemy marked with the Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin.
    • Being Akali, an assassin capable of dealing heavy explosive damage to a single target, is heavily countered by the target's magic resistance. Therefore, buy a Void Staff and / or a Nether Scepter Nether Scepter will ensure that she can finish targets and keep their damage relevant throughout the game. Any of the items should be bought after boots and Sablepistola Hextech.
    • Rylai's Crystal Scepter is a great item to buy because the slow is applied with his Mark of the Assassin Mark of the Assassin and Shadow Dance Shadow Dance, allowing him to better stick to his targets and reduce the chance of them escaping. The extra life also helps you stay alive longer in team fights or small fights.
    • Because the base ability power and attack damage radii of Akali are quite poor, Rabadon's Death Hat is highly beneficial, giving him more ability power and also complementing his Twin Disciplines damage.
    • Buy the Mejai's Soul Stealer early can make her very powerful late game if she can get a decent amount of kills without dying. While this is extremely convenient, it is somewhat situational, depending on your early game performance and continued success.

    How to Counter

    • Akali is most effective at doing quick kills. The longer you have to stay in a fight, the more likely you are to take a large amount of damage.
    • She is not very effective against resistant opponents due to her low base health.
    • When Akali usa Twilight Mantle, he becomes vulnerable because he will use it to hide and wait for his abilities to cool down. Having a Vision Sentinel Vision Sentinel will make it easier to kill her. If you have extra gold, investing it in a Greater Vision Totem can give an advantage, since it can always be revealed to Akali while in her Twilight Mantle, making her think twice before starting a fight.
      • Morgana can harm  Akali baby  Shackles of the Soul, despite its invisibility in the  Twilight Mantle. This can be an effective way to force her off her deck.
    • After the explosion of damage from Akali, she must wait for her abilities to cool down before she can do her combo again, which takes a while. This is the time to attack and defeat her.
    • When you are chasing her, you have to make sure of the amount of life you have, because she can turn and destroy targets easily, obtaining another kill.
    • Against a Akali, must be played offensively up to level 6; Deny her minions early game, as she is generally at a disadvantage until she agrees to her Shadow Dance Shadow Dance.
      • Akali has very few offensive items in early game. You have to keep her away so she can't kill minions, which will delay her from getting her Shadow Dance Shadow Dance. Once she reaches 6 she can be tricked into using her ability, as it is less effective the less charges she has.
    • Twilight Mantle will make it invisible only if it stays under the area, which means it will be visible if it leaves the area or if it attacks. Try to get her out of the area as soon as possible to prevent her from doing her combo while hidden, or a Vision Sentinel can be purchased if she does it constantly.
    • Be very careful when chasing Akali, as her Shadow Dance Shadow Dance and Twilight Mantle makes her effective at dodging and escaping. It's best to stun her or silence her if she's too aggressive.
    • Champions with or reveal area damage abilities (such as Lee Sin) can be an extremely effective counter.
    • Hit Akali with heavy crowd control makes her very vulnerable.

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