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    • The original icon of Bandage Toss shows Amumu in a pose that references Marvel Comics' Spider-Man shooting cobwebs.
    • Amumu can be seen as a cautionary sign in the trailer for the Mac version of the game.
    • Amumu was the third champion to obtain 7 skins.
    • The Amumu dance refers to the dance of the goth children of South Park.
      • A side by side comparison can be seen here.
      • Both, in turn, are parodying the classic "Peanuts dance", a strange dance performed by characters from the Peanuts comic and animated films.
    • When Amumu dies, her pose is that of an Egyptian mummy with her right arm crossed over her left.
      • This is a nod that he was a Shuriman prince when he was alive.
    • Amumu's price dropped from 1350 to 450 according to the release of their music video "The Curse of the Sad Mummy".
    • It was planned that Amumu and Blitzcrank had aspects of Sewing of Chaos, but both were canceled for failing to meet Riot's quality standards.
      • They may return in the future.
    • The look of a sentinel, Sad Mummy Sentinel, refers to Amumu.
    • It has a basic size of 50, which is considered medium.


    • Amumu is voiced by Inés Blázquez in EUW, who is also voiced by Ahri, Akali, Ashe, Janna and Syndra.
      • It is unknown who her voice actress is in LATAM.
      • Amumu's Japanese voice actress is Makoto Tsumura. [1]
    • During its development it was called SadMummy.


    • Whether Amumu is an undead child or a yordle child has been purposely left ambiguous.
      • There is in-game evidence that supports the theory that Amumu is a yordle with voice lines directed at him:
        •  alttext = Aspect of Original "¿Un yordle? ¡Gah!".
        •  alttext = Aspect of Original "Why would I want the help of a spirit? Nagakabouros is my guide." (Illaoi's line when taunting a yordle)
        •   "I don't understand yordles, they are so fluffy."
    • Amumu is at least 6000 years old, as there are myths and legends about him dating back to the early days of the Shurima Empire.
    • Amumu is a kind of fairy tale or legend in Runeterra. Sometimes it is used as a scary story to scare children, or as a warning story about the dangers of greed and arrogance. For some Shurimans, it represents a story of loneliness and the need for something as simple as friendship and kindness. It's great to imagine the different ways that people could see Amumu. As Amumu has been around for a long time, her story has warped and twisted so much over time that the story has branched out into iterations of the "real" story. And as with most myths, there is truth underneath all those layers of stories.


    • The illustration was used by the Tribunal to indicate an error.
    • La Chinese illustration used to have the image of a human couple and was speculated to be Amumu's parents, but has been removed since the illustration was incorporated for international use.
    Faraon Amumu
    • This skin shares the Lost Empire theme with:
      • Pharaoh Nasus
      • Faraona Nidalee
    Amumu from Vancouver
    • This skin shares the Winter Sports theme with:
      • Veigar Curling Player
      • Kassadin Festivos
      • Corki Ice Sled
      • Anivia Team Spirit
      • The Mighty Jax
      • Fiddlesticks Unión Jack
      • Twitch de Whistler Village
    • It was released in celebration of the 2010 Winter Olympics along with:
      • Anivia Team Spirit
      • Corki Ice Sled
      • Fiddlesticks Unión Jack
      • Kassadin Festivos
      • The Mighty Jax
      • Twitch de Whistler Village
      • Veigar Curling Player
    • It is colored in the same colors as the Vancouver Olympics logo and represents a person posing as if they were on a snowboard.
      • His head is green, his two arms and torso are blue, his right leg is red, and his left leg is yellow.
    • The magic circle below it is the same as the one in the Chinese illustration of Masked Evelynn.
    • The skin's name is a pun between emo and Amumu.
    • In the background, a ghost of Tristana is playing the guitar and a ghost of Poppy is playing drums.
      • A ghost of Teemo can also be seen playing bass in the full illustration.
    • Su Old illustration has posters parodying several well-known bands.
      • "Death Cab for Corki "is a parody of Death Cab for Cutie.
      • " Cho'Gath Eat World "is a parody of Jimmy Eat World (later, Riot used the same name for a minigame).
      • " Anivinescence "is a parody of Evanescence.
      • The sad face poster is a parody of the Nirvana logo. [2]
    Amumu Recycled Gift
    • It was released in celebration of the 2010 Snow War Duel along with:
      • Gragas Santa Claus
      • Kog'Maw Reno
      • Candy Miss Fortune
      • Poppy Rag Doll
      • The Shascanueces
      • Sona Silent Night
    Amumu Casi Chambelan
    • Annie Quinceañera can also be seen in the background of the illustration.
    Amumu Little Knight Walking
    • This skin shares the Medieval theme with:
      • Poppy the Herrera
      • Executioner World
      • Rey Tryndamere
      • Twitch Medieval
      • Reina Ashe
      • Sir Kled
      • Brujita Lux
      • Veigar White Sorcerer
    • It refers to the Arthurian legend The Sword in the Stone.
      • However, Amumu breaks the sword instead of pulling it out of the stone.
        • In the Ancient Chinese illustration, Amumu is shown wielding the full sword against the Bloodthirsty Hunter while protecting a passed out girl who closely resembles Annie.
    • This was Nika 'Nikasaur' Harper's first skin idea. [3]
    Amumu Robot Triste
    • It could be a reference to Marvin the paranoid android from The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
      • He also closely resembles the titular character in Whatever happened to Robot Jones ?.
        • It could also be a reference to Chibi Robo due to the outlet that Amumu carries with him.
    • There was a bug with the laugh gesture when it was cast that made it globally audible by allies and enemies alike. [4]
    • The glyphs along the edge of Curse of the Sad Mummy are replaced by various sad face emoticons, such as Dx -_->: 3 : E; -; >; [Q_Q: Ò_Ó, etc.
    Amumu Surprise Party
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Citrine, Pearl, Rainbow, Ruby, Sapphire
    • It was released in celebration of April Fools' Day 2015 along with:
      • Urf el Namiti
      • Archduke Nasus
      • Soraka Order of the Banana
      • This is not Udyr
        • He was excluded from his own party.
          • This is not Udyr is taking a group selfie, but his smartphone cannot detect Amumu.
    • When using Curse of the Sad Mummy, the visual effect will show a smiley face or a sad one and a high-pitched or low-pitched party horn will be heard depending on whether enemy champions were caught within range.
    • When using Withdrawn, it hangs from a floating balloon that resembles Teemo.
      • This balloon is different depending on the chroma equipped.
        • Its Amethyst chroma has a globe that resembles Lulu.
        • Its Aquamarine chroma has a balloon that resembles a  Poro.
        • Your Cat's Eye chroma has a balloon that resembles Ziggs.
        • Its Citrine chroma has a globe that resembles Little Teemon.
        • Your Pearl chroma has a balloon that resembles Kled.
        • Your Rainbow chroma has a balloon that resembles Gnar.
        • His Ruby chroma has a balloon that resembles the snowman.  Tibbers from Sweetie Annie.
        • Its Sapphire chroma has a globe that resembles Fizz.
    Amumu Costura of Chaos
    • This skin was only released on the PBE server, but it was never released on the live servers due to its poor quality.
    • Annie can be seen in the background.
    Amumu Infernal
    Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Inferno theme with:
      • Aurelion Sol Lord of Ashes
      • Charred Maokai
      • Warwick Firefang
      • Ahri Fire Fox
      • Akali Infernal
      • Alistar Infernal
      • Infernal Diana
      • Infernal Gallium
      • Karthus Infernal
      • Know Infernal
      • Mordekaiser Infernal
      • Infernal Nasus
      • Shen Infernal
      • Varus Infernal
      • Vel'Koz Infernal
      • Rammus Fundido
      • Malphite de Obsidiana
      • Renekton of Scorched Earth
      • Xerath of Scorched Earth
      • Kindred Shadowfire
      • Volcanic Wukong
      • Zyra Wildfire
    Amumu Hextech
    • This skin shares the Hextech theme with:
      • Alistar Hextech
      • Anivia Hextech
      • Annie Hextech
      • Gallium Hextech
      • Janna Hextech
      • Jarvan IV Hextech
      • Kassadin Hextech
      • Kog'Maw Hextech
      • Malzahar Hextech
      • Nocturne Hextech
      • Poppy Hextech
      • Rammus Hextech
      • Renekton Hextech
      • Sejuani Hextech
      • Singed Hextech
      • Sion Hextech
      • Swain Hextech
      • Tristana Hextech
      • Ziggs Hextech
    • Rammus Hextech, Orb of the Trickster Orb of the Trickster, a Hextech Chest, a Gem, a drawing of Poppy Hextech and a toy based on Blitzcrank can be seen in the background of the illustration.
    Pumpkin Prince Amumu
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Trick or Treat theme with:
      • Haunted Elise
      • Haunted Janna
      • Haunted Miss Fortune
      • Haunted Morgana
      • Bewitched Nidalee
      • Haunted Tristana
      • Count Kassadin
      • Count Kledula
      • Annie FrankenTibbers
      • Haunted Maokai
      • Embryo Office
      • Haunted Nocturne
      • The Headless Hecarim
      • Katarina Minina
      • Little Demon Fizz
      • Little Teemon
      • World world
      • Vladimir Nosferatu
      • Haunted Miss Fortune Prestigious Edition
      • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
      • LeBlanc Daughter of the Ravens
      • Ekko Trick or Treat
      • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
      • Blitzcrank Witch's Cauldron
    • He was originally supposed to share an illustration with Haunted Elise.


    • Amumu was cursed in Ancient Shurima times for unknown reasons and was buried. Now he has escaped and is wandering the desert in search of a friend.


    1. ↑ Almost all League of Legends voice actors in Japanese
    2. ↑ Parody of the Nirvana logo.
    3. ↑ Nika 'Nikasaur' Harper's first skin idea.
    4. ↑ LoL Bugs: Sad Robot Amumu's Global Laugh

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