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Annie, one of the oldest, but also strongest champions in League Of Legends One of the most damaging and useful wizards in the game, should never be underestimated. Weak points: Her lack of escape, how vulnerable she is in early game and her reduced range, is always the focus of the assassins for her lack of mobility, making Annie a difficult champion to master. Strengths: Incredible area damage, very good lasthit, little cooldown in abilities, stun or area stun and versatility to play in mid, top or support. Playing against Annie: Take advantage of his early game errors and his short range, we can take advantage of a line. Remember that when Annie has a circle around her it means that she has her passive charged. Once you have used it, you are vulnerable. Suffer a lot against high ranked champions (Xerath, Vel'Koz, Malzahar) and against champions with high health or shield regeneration (Yasuo, Galio, Malphite, Cho'Gath) Playing with annie: We will farm with the Q which is our main ability, resetting it to give lasthits. After this we will max out the W, and finally the E. Putting a point to the R each time it is available. We will wear out with the passive and we will seek to provoke to lower life with self-attacks. Annie is perfect against champions not very tanks, assassins and short-range magicians: (Katarina, Ryze, Akali, Talon, Ahri) At level 6 we will already be able to eliminate an enemy champion. For this, we will load the passive and then Q + R + W + Q. If the opponent has a flash, we will charge the passive Q + ignite + R + W + Q. Let us always remember to keep Flash that is our only escape.  In team fights: Annie's positioning will be vital here, because the ultimate skill (Tibbers) can change a game if cast at a precise place and time. Your job will be to eliminate the opposing team's ADC or APC and then take advantage of their passive to get out of the middle of the battle. If we do not have range we can use flash with the charged passive to stun the entire enemy team and do the maximum possible damage. Remember that you will always be the focus, if in your team you are the only one who can start buying the Zonya hourglass, its active will make you immune and you will be able to paralyze, do damage and then leave the rival range. In conclusion Annie is a very strong, useful, versatile and fun magician. That he has an arsenal of incredible abilities that can turn the tide of a game in his favor, in a matter of seconds. If you have patience you control it and if you control it you will destroy any line. Remember, never underestimate an Annie. 

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