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    • Please use the information in this article with consideration. It could be out of date.

    Official Strategy

    Playing with Graves

    • Smoke Screen can be used to escape and to set up a kill.
    • Use  Quick Shot to get you within range, while shooting a Plomazo point-blank, Plomazo can deal a lot of damage.
    • In duels, always try to place yourself in the potato of your adversary, hit him some bullets and you will see all the blood that you take from him.

    Playing against Graves

    • Graves deals mostly physical damage, so armor is a good defensive measure.
    • Exit the area of 鈥嬧媏ffect of the  Smoke Screen instantly removes the damaging effect.

    Use of skills

    • Online always save mana for  Quick Shot to be able to escape if the enemy jungle is coming or to get closer and finish off an enemy.
    • When fleeing from an enemy with a skill shot in the bottom lane (such as  Blitzcrank o  Thresh) uses  Smoke screen to obstruct vision.
    • In a 1v1 match, start with  Quick Shot to get bonus attack speed.
    • Use Plomazo Plomazo in line to give the last blow to several minions and at the same time hit the enemy.
    • Try to keep the True Valor charges True Valor by hitting minions, to receive armor for free.
    • During the lines phase, Plomazo Plomazo is a great ability to prevent the enemy from landing the last hit, however it costs a lot of mana if used repeatedly.
    • At high levels, Plomazo Plomazo can kill all mage minions in one hit, even without damage items.
      • Graves can easily knock back and kill minions with Slam Slam. However, you should save Smoke Screen due to its relatively low damage, great utility, and great cooling.
    • For a high damage combo, cast Smoke screen over an enemy, get close with Quick Shot and shoot Plomazo Plomazo close to the target.
    • Reducing the vision ratio of Smoke Screen is very useful, along with its area slowing effect.
      • Smoke Screen can be used to play enemies and allow Serious think twice whether to chase the enemy or escape.
      • It can be used to initiate a ganking as the target will not be able to see incoming enemies.
      • Smoke Screen can be a strong element to slow down approaching enemies.
      • Smoke Screen greatly diminishes the usefulness of an enemy champion that relies on unit ranged spells, such as Cassiopeia the Annie because her target's vision is required to cast these spells.
    • El Quick Shot of Graves can be used to move through tight spaces. This allows to be Serious very mobile and can benefit you in chases or escapes.
    • Try to use Collateral Damage at the start of a team fight when enemies are together, allowing you to hit multiple targets.
    • When the champion you are up against has some flash ability (for example Ezreal) and try to face you, throw Smoke screen where it moved, and quickly escapes leaving your opponent blind.
    • By using quick spells, you can cast Plomazo Plomazo and Quick Shot together so you can zoom out while firing all three of Plomazo Plomazo's bullets in front of you. Use this technique to take down low-health enemies and escape quickly.

    Using your Build

    • Due to its high AD ratios in Plomazo Plomazo and Collateral Damage, items that provide AD are a great way to increase damage output from Serious Infinity Edge and / or The Sanguinaria are excellent objects with Serious
      • Similarly, arming yourself with items that give armor penetration like The Dark Blade, Youmuu's Ghost Sword and Last Whisper can greatly increase the damage output of his abilities as they all deal physical damage.
        • Thomas The Dark Blade for armor and health penetration, to deal with tanks; and Youmuu's Ghost Sword to kite and increase DPS in duels and team fights.
    • Due to the fact that Graves only has his Smoke screen to slow down enemies, the Ice Mallet or the Gauntlet of the Iceborn gives them great utility, although arming them sacrifices their potential for damage.
    • Graves can make excellent use of Infinity Edge both because of the high AD and critical hit chance and the damage along with the attack speed buff of his Speed 鈥嬧婼hot in online exchanges.
    • The Sanguinaria has a passive shield and high sustain that can be useful for Serious when behind in line or late game due to short range.
    • The reduced cooldown and attack speed can significantly reduce the cooldown time of Quick Shot.
      • With enough attack speed to reach the 2.5 limit with Active Quick Shot, Swift Shot can be active continuously.
      • The passive of Runaan hurricane leaves Serious reduce the cooling time of Swift Shot three times faster, as the 2 bolts it fires are considered basic attacks. Despite letting it use Speed 鈥嬧婼hot more often like Graves is an AD Caster the damage objects are more effective.
    • Despite being listed as a recommended offensive item, the Sword of the Ruined King is an ill-advised item to pick up Serious since Graves has abilities that have relatively high AD scaling and the item doesn't give enough AD.
      • However, it synergizes well with Quick Shot as the attack speed it provides will help reduce the cooldown time of Quick Shot. It is recommended Sword of the Ruined King when dealing with tanks with a lot of life since Quick Shot allows Graves use the passive effectively. The active effect is also useful in duels.

    Recommended Items

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    How to Counter

    • One of the strengths of Graves is his burst. Try to avoid its high burst and take advantage of its high cooldowns early in the game.
      • Also note that the basic attacks of Bass are quite short (525 in range), use this to your advantage when playing poke-based ADCs ( Ezreal and Caitlyn).
    • Consider buying armor early to mitigate its damage early in the game.
    • Try to separate your team, to minimize the damage it can do Collateral damage.
    • Quickly move from the Smoke Screen Graves. The debuff only lasts when you are within the area of 鈥嬧媏ffect.
      • Also, save your spells until you are out of Smoke Screen since the loss of vision can make you miss your target.
      • If you are a champion planning to cast support abilities at an ally, consider staying close to the ally as well as Smoke Screen can't take your vision off him and cast abilities on him.
    • Avoid prolonged fights with Graves as he gains armor and magic resistance as the battle continues with True Valor True Valor. The armor and magic resistance bonus can change an expected kill to a save of Serious

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