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  • Braum is voiced by Martín Soto in LATAM and by and by Eugenio Barona in EUW.
  • Braum is the first champion to feature a unique attack animation against turrets.
    • He is also the second to feature two joke animations, the first is Heimerdinger.
  • Braum's dance resembles the Ukrainian Cossack.
  • Braum (as pronounced by its voice actor: / bɹɔ: m /) is the American variant of the German surname Brahm [1] (for example, the fast food chain Braum's / bɹɑ: mz /), originating from:
    • Proto-Germanic * bremaz "thorn bush, blackberry"> Middle High German brame, Low Saxon Braam, English: broom (also * bremilaz> English bramble), or
    • reduction from Hebrew Abram אַבְרָם, from Semitic * ʔab "father" [2] & * rwm ~ * rym "high". [3]
  • Braum looks a lot like the figure in the ancient Colossus Colossus mastery.
  • When Braum feeds a  Pore ​​with Porogalletas will grow a mustache, with the color determined by the look you are wearing.


  • Braum is the first champion designed by Jordan 'Wrekz' Anton.
    • He started out as CeeCee CeeCee the Hextech engineer. She was a Piltover mechanic using a Hextech-powered shield. This incarnation suffered from complications in the game and slowly became Braum. [4]
    • Braum himself was at first a Demacian but this Braum was considered too serious for his merry defense theme, so he was transferred to the Freljord. [5]
      • The fan-made champion Angus was one of Braum's inspirations, with similarities including a manly personality, the ability to intercept projectiles, and the ability to empower his allies with facial hair.
        • Another inspiration was Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist. [6]
          • Larry 'TheBravoRay' Ray confirmed that Braum was also partially inspired by professional wrestling (his bracelet looks like old wrestling bracelets)
  • 'Voyage de un Poro' was launched during the zodiacal period of Aries ( Ram)
    • El  Moustached eponymous pore was first seen in artwork Lulu Winter Wonder.
  • During development it was called CeeCee.
  • At one point in development, Unbreakable was called 'Immovable Object' and was accidentally sent to the named PBE.
    • The name probably changed because Braum can move for the duration of the ability.


  • Braum's legendary status through (at least more than five) generations, as well as lack of significant aging (if the former is correct) give way to the theory that he is a Child of Ice.
    • The other theory is that he is not a flesh and blood individual. Instead, he is the embodiment of the less cruel side of the Freljord, whose "existence" is tied to people's fascination with him and his exploits.
  • Ornn is responsible for forging the gate that would later be handled by Braum. [7]


  • Braum's speech is unusual in that he has a heavy accent compared to other Freljordians, and he occasionally refers to himself in the third person.
    • Braum features a lot more champion interactions targeting people you really need to know in the bottom lane ( Shooters and  Stands) compared to those directed at lore-related characters.
  • "The darker the night, the brighter the stars" is an excerpt from Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky.
  • "Mother always said: 'Float like an iceberg, sting like a thrown iceberg!'" Reference to Muhammad Ali's signature phrase "Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee."
  • Braum is the first champion to have lines for a Successful recovery.
    • It is also the fourth to have phrases related to the purchase of objects, the others are Rengar, Twitch y Karthus.
  • In the Latin American localization, "If you misbehave, there is a door!" reference to "There is a table" from The Simpsons.
  • Braum shares quotes with Rengar, Poppy and Caitlyn Pulse of Fire:
    • "Not so fast!"


  • The illustration, along with the illustration of Braum Dragon Slayer, are the only illustrations of Braum without a  Pore
  • The protagonists of 'Travesía de un  Poro 'will occasionally walk on his shield when he moves and join Braum in his pranks.
    • Sometimes a  Pore ​​without a mustache.
Braum Matadragones
Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Emerald, Fan Pass, LCS, LEC, LPL, Obsidian, Pearl, Sandstone
  • This skin shares the Dragon World theme with:
    • Draconic Guardian Galio
    • Mordekaiser Dragon Knight
    • Dragon Master Swain
    • Udyr Oracle Dragon
    • Dragon Sorceress Zyra
    • Heimerdinger Dragon Trainer
    • Dragon Trainer Lulu
    • Dragon Trainer Tristana
    • Diana Dragon Slayer
    • Jarvan IV Matadragones
    • Kayle Matadragones
    • Olaf Matadragones
    • Pantheon Matadragones
    • Trundle Matadragones
    • Twitch Matadragones
    • Vayne Matadragones
    • Xin Zhao Matadragones
  • The illustration, along with the illustration of Braum, are the only illustrations of Braum without a  Poro.
  • Al  Pore ​​that I feed with Porogalletas will grow an orange mustache.
  • When joking, he will place his head inside the mouth of his dragon shield, referencing lion tamers.
    • His shield resembles Deathwing from World of Warcraft (albeit with an altered jaw and a different color scheme) as well as RuneScape's Dragonfire shield.
The Braum Tiger
  • This skin shares the Fighter theme with:
    • The Lion Gnar
    • The Macho World
    • The Volibear Lightning
  • He looks like the Japanese wrestler Tiger Mask.
    • On the Latin American server, its dubbing changes slightly to refer to Lucha Libre.
  • This look was preceded by a fan concept complete with a folding chair for a shield.
Braum Lionheart
  • This skin shares the Rift Mission theme with:
    • Zion the Barbarian
    • Bard the Bard
    • Nunu and Demolisher Willump
    • Gragas Rompebarriles
    • Brighthammer Jayce
    • Karthus Curse of Light
    • Lord Mordekaiser
    • Garen Hard Type
    • Ryze Barbablanca
    • Sejuani Dawn Huntress
    • Mirkwood Talon
    • Radiant Paladin Taric
    • Twitch Strider
    • Varus Swift Lightning
    • Weigh Barbagrís
  • He was released along with:
    • Gragas Rompebarriles
    • Ryze Barbablanca
    • Varus Swift Lightning
  • It refers to the traditional tabletop role-playing game and even Richard I of England (also known as 'the Lionheart')
    • Coincidentally, Braum looks like his Demacian version of development.
  • Take the Glacial Shroud around his waist.
  • The 'Lion Heart' concept was originally created a few years ago to Leona.
Braum Santa
  • This skin shares the Snow War theme with:
    • Ambitious Elf Jinx
    • Veigar Santa Malo
    • Candy Miss Fortune
    • Good Elf Tristana
    • Festive Maokai
    • Irelia Ice Blades
    • Frostfire Annie
    • Ice Prince World
    • Happy Elf Teemo
    • Ice King Twitch
    • LeBlanc Mistletoe
    • The Shascanueces
    • Viejito Zilean Pascuero
    • Sejuani Rider of Poros
    • Amumu Recycled Gift
    • Kog'Maw Reno
    • Draven Santa
    • Gragas Santa Claus
    • Sona Silent Night
    • Katarina Deadly Beauty
    • Nidalee Winter Bunny
    • Snow Day Bard
    • Gnar Snowy Day
    • Graves Snowy Day
    • Malzahar Snow Day
    • Singed Snow Day
    • Syndra Snow Day
    • Snowy Day Ziggs
    • Poppy Reindeer Baby
    • Yi Snowman
    • Nieverdinger
    • Sivir Snowstorm
    • Winter Wonder Karma
    • Lulu Winter Wonder
    • Neeko Winter Wonder
    • Orianna Winter Wonder
    • Soraka Winter Wonder
    • Nunu and Willump from Santa's Workshop
  • He was released in celebration of the 2016 Snow War Duel along with:
    • Graves Snowy Day
    • Winter Wonder Karma
  • It refers to Santa Claus.
    • This is also his first look where he has a beard.
  • The leader  Sled pore his Recovery reference to Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer.
Braum Crime City
Chromas: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Tanzanite
  • This skin shares the Crime City theme with:
    • Graves Crime City
    • Jinx Crime City
    • Miss Fortune Crime City
    • Crime City Twitch
    • Shaco Nightmare in Crime City
    • Don Gragas
    • Lee Sin KO
  • It may have been inspired by the Safebreaker Braum concept.
  • His facial hair and mustache resemble Alex Louis Armstrong from Fullmetal Alchemist.
    • This is also the first look where you have hair.
    • His Ruby chroma has yellow facial hair, which makes the resemblance a bit closer.
  • During his Recovery, use the lock manipulation technique to open the safe door.
Cookie Soldier Braum
Chromas: Catseye, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sweet Tooth
  • This skin shares the Candy Overload theme with:
    • Bittersweet Lulu
    • Ivern King of Sweets
    • Fiddlesticks Dulciniestro
    • Poppy paleta
    • Evelynn Chocofresas
    • Ziggs Pastelillo
    • Zilean Cookie Clock
  • Evelynn Chocofresas, Poppypaleta, a  Gummy pore and Pastelillo ziggs can be seen in the background or foreground of your artwork.
  • His shield becomes a waffle dipped in chocolate with different types depending on the Chroma used.
    • Also, both the cookie on his shield and Winter's Rigor are a Porogalleta.
  • It looks like a traditional toy soldier.
Braum Veraniego
Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone
  • This skin shares the Summertime theme with:
    • Caitlyn Summertime
    • Summer Draven
    • Summer Fiora
    • Gangplank Veraniego
    • Summer Graves
    • Heimerdinger Veraniego
    • Jarvan IV Veraniego
    • Lee Sin Summertime
    • Summer Lioness
    • Summer Lulu
    • Miss Fortune Veraniega
    • Summer Orianna
    • Summer Rek'Sai
    • Renekton Veraniego
    • Summer Sett
    • Syndra Veraniega
    • Taliyah Veraniega
    • Summer Taric
    • Zac Summertime
    • Ziggs Veraniego
    • Summer Zoe
    • Summer World
    • Singed Surfista


  • The original tribe of Braum has a strong bond with Ornn and therefore his magic takes the form of the ram. [8]
    • Ornn is responsible for forging the gate that would later be wielded by Braum.
      • However, Braum is unaware of this fact.
      • La  Ice Guard is hostile towards Braum due to this fact.
  • Braum has no particular tribal allegiance to any tribe, as he regards all the inhabitants of the Freljord as brothers and sisters.
    • However, it is particularly friendly with Ashe and the Greedy, believing that Ashe can unite the Freljord.
      • Braum stopped the fury of Tryndamere when he first arrived at the Rakelstake and may have introduced him to Ashe.
  • During his travels, he has come across Yuumi y Book. Yuumi rested on his shoulders for a while, shielding him from the angry snow spirits that stirred the gusts in a hailstorm, as he brought her squirming fish.


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