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  • Caitlyn is voiced by Dulce Guerrero in LATAM, who is also voiced by Elise, and by Elena Ruiz de Velasco in EUW.
  • Caitlyn was the first champion released in 2011.
  • Caitlyn is possibly inspired by Soviet sniper Lyudmila Pavlichenko.
  • Caitlyn's name ultimately comes from the Greek Αἰκατερίνα.
    • Caitlyn, Katarina, and probably Kai'Sa too, share the same name, possibly from the pre-Greek goddess Hecate.
  • Caitlyn is one of the few champions who can apply crowd control to themselves, the others being Lissandra, Rumble, Sion, Varus, We, Xerath y Ziggs.
  • Caitlyn's rifle can be seen in the trailer for the Mac version of the game.
    • A Trap for Yordles can be seen shortly after.
  • Caitlyn has the longest basic attack range in the game at 650 units.
    • His dancing and taunting resemble various rifle movements of the modern Color Guard corps.
  • Headshot actually shoots at the target's head; This is most noticeable with large lenses like  Baron Nashor.


  • During development it was called Emeria.
  • The first explorations made Trap for Yordles was an ability that could generate weeds. However, this was avoided for strange lane interactions, with monsters and more ... Later implemented in Weed Maker by Ivern.


  • La Caitlyn's Yordle Trap appears to be a trap with a cupcake as bait.
    • I saw calling her 'Cupcake' could allude to Caitlyn's choice for the Yordle bait.
  • When Caitlyn and Vi are on the same team, they are given the cosmetic buff If. This benefit gives them gold  extra when they get a  knock down together.
    • If a Jinx on the enemy team, Caitlyn gains the cosmetic debuff Catch Me If You Can! This debuff shows a counter for 'Criminals Arrested' (kills / assists scored against Jinx).
  • "My God, does your dear great-niece know what she's been up to?" C '? of Swain implies that Camille is Caitlyn's arch enemy.


  • "Do you want to see a hat trick?" It is a double meaning that refers to both the classic magician hat trick (alluding to his own hat) and the sporty one (alluding to scoring triple kills).
Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
  • Caitlyn has multiple quotes that refer to movie TV / music shows:
    • Caitlyn constantly references The Remembrances, a possible lead for Minority Report.
    • "Time is really more of a flat circle, with crosshairs." It could be referencing the philosophy of Rustin Cohle, a character from the television series True Detective.
    • "Okay primitives, listen up. This is my Boomstick."}} Reference to Army of Darkness ("Alright Primitive Screwhead, listen! See this? This ... is my Boomstick!").
    • "If it's faulty, go back to the Ministry of Love." reference to Nineteen Eighty Four, also known as 1984 by George Orwell.
    • "I am the pun police and you are under arrest." reference to Sonic SatAM.
    • "Are you feeling lucky, punk?" reference to Dirty Harry.
    • "Where I go, I do not need roads", "Where I go, I do not need hats". and "I don't want to talk about time travel. It always ends in diagrams." refer to Back to the Future.
    • "This really is your darkest timeline." refers to the episode "Remedial Chaos Theory" from the comedy Community.
    • "It's just a jump to the left." refers to the song "The Time Warp" from the rock musical The Rocky Horror Picture Show.
  • "Time waits for no one" refers to an old saying, "Time and tide wait for no one", which predates modern English, with its exact origins unknown.
    • The simplified version (the one used by Caitlyn) has been mentioned frequently in the media, from movies to music, as The Rolling Stones' song by the same name.
  • "Happiness is a thermally active time blaster." is a pun on the quote "Happiness is a hot gun", which itself is a reference to a Beatles song.
  • "Set the weapon's power to 360. Deactivate the scope." refers to first person shooting, namely the 360 ​​without scope.
  • "You are you version six or seven? I've lost count. "Refers to Ryze's various redesigns.
  • "Now who belongs to a museum? "reference to" You belong to a museum! " Ezreal.
  • "Love me a little Tryndamere. "Is a pun on Marc 'Tryndamere' Merrill's comment 'Love me a little Regi'.
    • She shares this quote with Nunu y Willump Bot.
  • "This is the sound of inevitability." reference to The Matrix.
    • She shares this quote with:
      • Camille Program
      • PROJECT: Vayne
  • "Who needs a court order?" looks like "Who needs a map ?!" from Ezreal.
  • Caitlyn Pulse of Fire shares quotes with:
    • Rengar, Poppy and Braum "Not so fast!"


Chrome: Blue, Green, Pink
  • Caitlyn appears to be ambidextrous. The hand with which she pulls the trigger alternates between her left hand and her right hand in the illustrations of her aspects.
    • Examples of her pulling with her left hand are the illustrations of Classic and Headhunter.
    • Examples of her pulling him with her right hand are the illustrations of Rebel and Official.
Sheriff Caitlyn
  • This skin shares the Outlaws theme with:
    • Fidel Pistolero
    • Miss Fortune Cowgirl
    • Cassiopeia Bandit
    • Ashe la Forajida
    • Darius the Outlaw
    • Hecarim the Outlaw
    • Irelia la Forajida
    • Jhin el Forajido
    • Lucian the Outlaw
    • Senna the Outlaw
    • Thresh el Forajido
    • Twisted Fate the Outlaw
    • Urgot the Outlaw
    • Yasuo the Outlaw
    • Enlist Longhorn
    • Skarner Scourge of the Sands
    • Kog'Maw of Sonora
Caitlyn Rebelde
  • This skin shares the Armor Armor theme with:
    • Kog'Maw War Armor
    • Nasus Armor of War
    • Urgot War Shield
    • Vel'Koz Armor of War
    • Xerath Armor of War
    • Zac Armor of War
    • Skarner Blind Alpha
    • Cho'Gath Greater Armor
    • Viktor the Creator
    • Illaoi Rebel
    • Jayce Rebelde
    • Singed Rebelde
    • Yorick Rebelde
Caitlyn Safari
  • This aspect shares the theme of "web browsers" with:
    • Ahri Fire Fox
    • Ezreal Explorer
    • Rammus de Cromo
  • It refers to both Safaris (mostly African) and the eponymous web browser.
Caitlyn Arctic Wars
  • This skin shares the PsyOps theme with:
    • Gragas Operation Arctic
    • Kennen Arctic Operation
    • Varus Arctic Operation
    • Swain Nordic Front
    • Volibear Storm del Norte
    • Ezreal PsyOps Prestigious Edition
    • Ezreal PsyOps
    • Kayle PsyOps
    • Maestro Yi PsyOps
    • Pyke PsyOps
    • Samira PsyOps
    • Shen PsyOps
    • Sona PsyOps
    • We PsyOps
    • Viktor PsyOps
    • Zed PsyOps
  • This skin was a special gift to those who pre-purchased the November 2011 issue of PC Gamer magazine in the United States in September 2011.
    • It was available to the general public on December 29, 2011.
  • This look could be inspired by a series of sniper rifles known as 'Arctic Warfare' developed and manufactured by Accuracy International in the 1980s.
Oficial Caitlyn
  • This skin shares the Piltover: Cops theme with:
    • Captain Volibear
    • Trundle agent
    • Official You
Caitlyn Headhunter
  • This skin shares the Headhunters theme with:
    • Akali Headhunter
    • Master Yi Headhunter
    • Nidalee Headhunter
    • Headhunter Rengar
  • It refers to the Yautja of Deredador.
Caitlyn Moon Wraith
Chrome: Golden
  • This skin shares the Lunar Revel theme with:
    • Tahm Kench Emperor of Fortune
    • Lee Sin Dragon Fist
    • Guqin Sona
    • Jade Dragon Wukong
    • Cassiopeia Jade Fang
    • Lunar Empress Lux
    • Diana Lunar Goddess
    • Moon Guardian Nasus
    • Lunar Guardian Warwick
    • Morgana Moon Wraith
    • Sylas Moon Wraith
  • She was released in celebration of the 2016 Lunar Revel (Year of the Monkey) along with:
    • Morgana Moon Wraith
    • Wukong Radiante
  • Her outfit was probably inspired by Ao Shin Ao Shin.
  • Su Trap for Yordles uses a Dumpling as bait.
Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
Chrome: Chrono
  • This skin shares the Pulse of Fire theme with:
    • Fiddlesticks Pretoriano
    • Praetorian Graves
    • Lucian Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
    • Thresh Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
    • Ekko Pulse of Fire
    • Ezreal Pulse of Fire
    • Fiora Pulse of Fire
    • Lucian Pulse of Fire
    • Pantheon Pulse of Fire
    • Riven Pulse of Fire
    • Shen Pulse of Fire
    • Thresh Pulse of Fire
    • Twisted Fate Pulse of Fire
  • This skin was redesigned from a concept for "Futuristic Caitlyn" the skin shown at PAX Aus 2013.
  • It references Chell from the Portal series, based on the white theme of his outfit, the rifle design, and the animation of Recovery.
    • She also references Nova Terra from StarCraft.
  • Your illustration may refer to Oblivia from Xenoblade Chronicles X.
    • Items in her outfit and weaponry may also have been inspired by items in the same game.
  • This is Caitlyn's first skin where she doesn't wear any type of hat, but in her animation of recovery will wear one of these: the Teemo, the tricorn of Captain Fortune, a medieval helm, a cowboy hat, and her own classic top hat.
  • Her dancing shows her projecting a hologram of herself in a cowgirl outfit dancing.
    • The hologram dance references Madonna - Don't Tell Me.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
Caitlyn Summertime
Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby
  • This skin shares the Summertime theme with:
    • Braum Veraniego
    • Summer Draven
    • Summer Fiora
    • Gangplank Veraniego
    • Summer Graves
    • Heimerdinger Veraniego
    • Jarvan IV Veraniego
    • Lee Sin Summertime
    • Summer Lioness
    • Summer Lulu
    • Miss Fortune Veraniega
    • Summer Orianna
    • Summer Rek'Sai
    • Renekton Veraniego
    • Summer Sett
    • Syndra Veraniega
    • Taliyah Veraniega
    • Summer Taric
    • Zac Summertime
    • Ziggs Veraniego
    • Summer Zoe
    • Summer World
    • Singed Surfista
  • In his illustration, Nami along with him  Slippery, Zumbeemo, Summer Lulu, Miss Fortune Summertime and Summertime ziggs can be seen inside the pool.
  • She was released along with:
    • Gangplank Veraniego
    • Summer Zoe
Caitlyn de Arcadia
  • This skin shares the Arcadia theme with:
    • Ahri de Arcadia
    • Arcadia Corki
    • Arcadia Ezreal
    • Hecarim de Arcadia
    • Kai'Sa de Arcadia
    • Miss Fortune de Arcadia
    • Riven de Arcadia
    • Sona of Arcadia
    • Deputy Chief Blitzcrank
    • Brand Deputy Chief
    • Deputy Chief Malzahar
    • Deputy Chief Qiyana
    • Yasuo Deputy Chief
    • Ziggs Subjefe
    • Final Boss Veigar
    • Caitlyn of Arcadia Prestigious Edition
  • Kai'Sa of Arcadia and the Gathering Storm Yasuo Deputy Chief can be seen in the background of his illustration.
  • The coins in the background of his illustration are a reference to the gold coins from Super Mario.
Caitlyn of Arcadia Prestigious Edition
  • This skin shares the Arcadia theme with:
    • Ahri de Arcadia
    • Caitlyn de Arcadia
    • Arcadia Corki
    • Arcadia Ezreal
    • Hecarim de Arcadia
    • Kai'Sa de Arcadia
    • Miss Fortune de Arcadia
    • Riven de Arcadia
    • Sona of Arcadia
    • Deputy Chief Blitzcrank
    • Brand Deputy Chief
    • Deputy Chief Malzahar
    • Deputy Chief Qiyana
    • Yasuo Deputy Chief
    • Ziggs Subjefe
    • Final Boss Veigar
Caitlyn Combat Academy
Chromas: Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
  • This skin shares the Combat Academy theme with:
    • Ezreal Combat Academy
    • Garen Combat Academy
    • Jayce Academia from Combate
    • Katarina Combat Academy
    • Leona Combat Academy
    • Lux Combat Academy
    • Wukong Combat Academy
    • Yone Combat Academy
    • Yuumi Combat Director
    • Graves Combat Teacher
    • Leona Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
    • Lux Combat Academy Prestigious Edition
  • Wukong Combat Academy, Garen Combat Academy, Leona Combat Academy, Yone Combat Academy, and Jayce Combat Academy can be seen in his illustration.
  • Caitlyn's rifle updates when she purchases a complete item, up to 3 times.
  • Su Yordles Trap uses a flan, also known as crème caramel, as bait.
    • Her joke also shows her eating flan
  • Her laugh is based on an anime trope known as Noble Woman's Laughter.
  • She shares similarity with Stocking from Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt.


  • Uncle Lyte from Ezreal knew Caitlyn's mother.
  • Caitlyn y Vi are partners in law enforcement.
    • Have been chasing Jinx, a dangerous criminal who has been wreaking havoc for seemingly no reason.
    • They managed to stop a confusion caused by Urgot and his followers captured him and then put him in an isolated prison on an island.
      • The duo then fight him again when his followers attempt to free him from his prison.


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