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    • Camille is voiced by Magda Giner in LATAM and Margot Lago in EUW.
    • Camille is one of 22 champions without a single Ability Power ratio on any skill: aatrox, Akshan, Camille, Darius, Dr. World, trot, We are, Kalista, kayn, Kindred, Kled, Olaf, Pyke, Riven, Samira, Set, Talon, Urgot, Vayne, Xayah, But, Zed.
    • Camille was the last champion released in 2016, designed to make gamers feel 'like evil in control'.
    • Camille's passive is so far the only instance of a shield that exclusively protects from physical damage.
    • Camille is the French derivative of the Latin Camilla, feminine form of the cognomen Camillus.
      • Camillus / a means 'temple attendant' and does not have a Latin root. The earlier forms include the Greek Κάδμος -Κάμιλλος-Κᾰσμῖλος-Κᾰδμῖλος, borrowed from the pre-Greek * Hatʸmilʸ-. [1]
      • The name Camille could also be a reference to the mythological warrior Camilla who appears in the second half of Virgil's Aeneid on the side of the Rutulians. She is a virgin warrior queen of the Volsci and serves under the goddess Diana. It was said to be so agile that it could run through a wheat field without breaking the tops of the stalks and cross the ocean without getting its feet wet.
      • Their clan name Ferros possibly combines two unrelated Latin words: ferus "wild, fierce" & ferrum "iron". [2]
    • His dance refers to Airflare, a breakdancing movement.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
        • She shares this dance with Know.
        • His dance is very similar to that of PROJECT: Vayne, whose dance is a similar breakdance move.
          • You can see a side by side comparison of it and PROJECT: Go here.



    • Their production names (Lady Em, The Gray Lady, Piltover's Left Hand, Attacker, Cyborg, MI6, Mary Poppins, Hook) were used to convey aspects of his personality. [3]
    • During its original reveal, Camille had the last name Medarda. It was later renamed and placed in the Ferros clan before the official release.
    • Camille y Kai'Sa were originally a champion named Husk, the Commander of the Hive, a mercenary of Zaun who was once a companion of Caitlyn before defecting after Caitlyn paralyzed her in a shootout. [4]


    • Camille is an 80-year-old augmented living person whose Hextech heart has allowed her to age much more slowly than usual.
      • Her augmented body and covert operations in the shadows have earned her the nickname 'The Gray Lady' (the patron saint of the Glorious Evolved).
    • He was 26 when his self-augmentation began, a year after his parents were murdered.
    • His fighting technique originates from his favorite early practice weapon, the Shon-Xan legged glaive.
    • His current grappling line and hook originate from the western Serpent Islands.
    • He is fluent in several foreign languages ​​such as local Zhyun from southern Ionia and ancient Ur-Nox from Noxus, as well as reading and writing ancient Shuriman.
    • She can play the cello at the concertmaster level, which is considered her favorite hobby in her spare time.
    • It is speculated that her great-aunt is the woman who escapes in El Canto del Sueño.
    • The Weakest Heart takes place after Severed Ties.
    • In the Awaken video, Camille's eyes change color as she approaches Jhin. This change is an allusion to his passive in game, where he gains a shield based on the damage type of the champion he is attacking. That shot in the cutscene is when she realizes that Jhin has set a trap, and since she's Camille, her reaction is to first analyze the threat before jumping into action. [5]


    • "Monkey go, monkey die!" refers to American pidgin.
    • "Not all dogs go to heaven" reference to All dogs go to heaven.
    • "Never go full throttle." is a pun on a quote from Tropic Thunder ("Never be completely late.").
    • "Scissors ... tear ... paper." reference to Rock-paper-scissors.
    • "And the entire Noxian High Command was unable to bring Riven again. "Is a pun on a Humpty Dumpty quote.
    • "Next time, take the map." reference to "Who needs a map?" from Ezreal
    Camille Program
    • "All your bases belong to us." quotes Zero Wing.
    • "You must be coded as a minion." refers to the tendency of game developers to code many objects as a minion.
    • "You have chosen ... wrong." reference to Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade.
    • "I will be back." and "Finished". They quote The Terminator.
      • She shares this quote with Zion.
    • "That was the sound of inevitability." quotes The Matrix.
      • She shares this quote with:
        • PROJECT: Vayne
        • Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
    • She shares dates with Serious:
      • "End of the journey."


    • The scene shows her preparing to use Salto de Muro.
    • It looks like Lin Beifong from The Legend of Korra.
    Camille Program
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
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      • PROJECT: Yi
    • Camille was programmed to attack any G / NETIC rebel.
    • In the Brazilian localization, she (along with all the Program aspects) is called "Camille Cibernética" due to the double translated meaning of Program.
    Camille Coven
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Dark Ritual, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Eclipse theme with:
      • Ahri Aquelarre
      • Ashe Aquelarre
      • Cassiopeia Aquelarre
      • Evelynn Aquelarre
      • LeBlanc Aquelarre
      • Lissandra Aquelarre
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      • Office Aquelarre
      • Elise Deathpetal
      • Kha'Zix Deadly Petal
      • Soraka Dríade
      • Ahri Bosqueviejo
      • Azir Old Sketch
      • Old Sketch Bard
      • Hecarim Old Sketch
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      • Ornn Bosqueviejo
      • Friend Bosqueviejo
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      • Taric Esmeralda
      • Leona Eclipse Lunar
      • Ivern Ancient God
      • Malphite Ancient God
      • Nocturne Ancient God
      • Warwick Ancient God
      • LeBlanc Coven Prestigious Edition
      • Zyra Aquelarre Prestigious Edition
      • Leona Solar Eclipse
    • Similar to other Coven skins, she has an animal headdress. Camille's headdress is similar to ram's horns.
    Camille iG
    • This skin shares the World Champions: IG theme with:
      • Fiora iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
      • Friend iG
    • She was released in celebration of Invictus Gaming's victory of the 2018 Season World Championship along with:
      • Fiora iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
      • Friend iG
    • She represents Ning.
      • The idea of ​​animating your Recovery was thought by Ning himself and shows his Company.
    Camille Arcana
    Chromas: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Arcane theme with:
      • Lucian Arcana
      • Soot Kench Arcana
      • Xerath Arcana


    • The Ferros clan that has connections throughout Piltover and Zaun has caused Camille to cross paths with its most important residents several times.
    • It is hinted that Camille is the one who killed, or at least knows the information about the death of her parents from Saw.
    • According to the interaction of Swain in the game, it is strongly hinted that Camille is "C" in lore de Caitlyn.
    • In the cinematics of the 2019 season Awaken, he meets and fights with Jhin during his assassination mission in Zaun that affects his clan's business, but is later able to escape and take control of the theater. However, what happened to Camille afterward is still unknown.


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