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League of Legends Champions
(by Riot artist Jason Chan).

Each filtering bag champions are the player-controlled characters in  League of Legends. Each champion possesses unique abilities and attributes.


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Champion List

Main article: List of champions

From the July 22, 2021, they have released 156 champions, being the last Akshan, the Rebel Sentinel. The next champion to be released is Vex, la Tristóloga.

Champions in combat (by Riot Suke artist 'hugehugesword' Su)

Champion attributes

Main article: Champion attributes

Champions are categorized into several different categories defined by their standard roles in the game and other relevant traits.

Champions in combat (by Riot artist Michał Niewiara)

Champion updates

Main article: Champion updates

New champions are added to the game several times a year, but older champions are often redesigned to update their gameplay and visuals to modern standards.

Champions in Battle (by Suke Su)

Riot Games develops new champions for League of Legends, and each champion is individually designed to have unique abilities and traits that a player must use wisely. Some champions use brute force and power, others use cunning and deadly precision, while others use supernatural vision and magic, etc.

There were 40 champions released for launch, with a new one released every two weeks or so. Around 8–10 champions are in development at any given time. Each week there is a rotation of ten champions that are available to use for free. For those who have purchased the Collector's Edition, 20 champions are automatically unlocked; another 20 can be unlocked by purchasing the Champions Pack through the in-game client. All champions, however, can be unlocked with Influence Points or Riot Points in the Riot Store in-game.

Champions Retrospective

Announcement made by NeeksName: [1]

Champions in Battle (by Knockwurst, Riot artist)

Between a Sad Mummy, a Mad of Zaun, a Blind Monk, a Nine-Tailed Fox and the Daughter of Darkness the League of Legends has seen the emergence of several insane, unconventional, and downright formidable characters over the years.

Creating attractive champions is our passion, and a great deal of care and effort goes into handcrafting each one of them. His passion fuels ours, and we learn much from his forum discussions and heated battles on the Fields of Justice. In this Retrospective, our co-founders, Brandon “Ryze” Beck and Marc “Tryndamere” Merrill team up with some of the Rioters after the champions to give them a taste of the "secret sauce" that makes a League of Legends champion. .


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  1. ↑ League of Legends Champions Retrospective (inglés).

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