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    Champion classes

    Examples of champions and their assigned classes

    Cada champion in League of Legends it has an assigned class, and a limited number also have a secondary class. This class represents a defined set of patterns in the player's behavior, responses, and reactions to the environment (including, but not limited to, enemies and the team itself). This can also include preferred items and skill paths, summoner spells, stats, or runes.

    The available classes are as follows:

    •  Controller and
      •  charming and
      •  Catcher and
    •  Fighter e
      •  colossus and
      •  attacker and
    •  wizard and
      •  Burst e
      •  Battle Wizard e
      •  Artillery and
    •  shooter and
    •  annihilator and
      •  Killer e
      •  Skirmish e
    •  tank and
      •  Vanguard and
      •  Protector e
    •  Specialist and (or unclassified)


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    As of V3.10, a champion's primary and secondary tags are now listed separately in the client's champion overviews. However, the champion and summoner profile on the client only select feature filters by primary attribute. The Official Champion List will use both Primary and Secondary indiscriminately when filtering by attribute.

    On April 14, 2016, Riot announced the intention to rework the Champion Classes [1]. The full list of champions was released on June 1, 2016. [2] At this time, a small number of champions are "unranked".

    In particular, the changes include:

    • The name change from Assassins to Annihilators and Supports to Controllers.
    • Adding subclass to all classes.
    • sSubstantially fewer secondary classes.

    On May 24, 2017, Riot followed up with a final draft of the planned changes. [3] At this point, the League of Legends was updated to use the new class structure.

    The changes include:

    • The Controller Disruptor subclass has been removed.
    • Added the Trapper subclass to Controller, with a substantial reorganization of supporting champions.
    • Unclassified was formally recognized as a class, conjecturally referred to on the as Specialist. This class absorbed many of the old disruptors.

    While they are not yet active within the client or on the website, Riot employees and commenters are now actively using the new class system.

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     v 路 Champion classes
    Classes  Controller  Fighter 路  Wizard 路  Shooter  Annihilator  Specialist 路  Tank
    Champion list by class
    rails  Superior 路  Jungle 路  Central 路  Lower 路  Medium 路  Not played
    Champion list by position
    Advanced attributes  Roamer 路  Body to body 路  From distance 路  Mana  No Mana  Fury  Energy 路  Hot 路  Flow Other attributes


    • Three champions currently contain a Class within their title: the Undead Colossus, the avant-garde of Cristal, the Sneaky Assassin. Except for Akali, none of these champions are in his implied class.
    • The given Class only represents the role that a champion was explicitly designed to fulfill, and its recommended items will be geared toward fulfilling the role. However, players are free to explore any variation they wish, such as Kog'Maw  Artillery.
    • Before the class and subclass changes, there were very few champions with a single class and most of them were magicians o shooters. As of November 10, 2019, only 10 champions have secondary classes.
    • Jayce and Varus are the only physical damage champions that have been classified as  Magicians During the development of the class rework, Gangplank was briefly classified as champion of  Burst.
    • Before reworking the class:
      • Nidalee was once classified as murderess y Controller.
      • Kayle was once classified as fighter and 'controller'.
      • Urgot was once classified as shooter y tank.
      • Ashe was once classified as shooter y Controller.
    • Rakan was the first champion released with  Controller as its only class. Before him, all the other supports had a secondary class.


    1. 鈫 Developer Blog: Classes and Subclasses
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     v 路 Champion classes
    Classes  Controller  Fighter 路  Wizard 路  Shooter  Annihilator  Specialist 路  Tank
    Champion list by class
    rails  Superior 路  Jungle 路  Central 路  Lower 路  Medium 路  Not played
    Champion list by position
    Advanced attributes  Roamer 路  Body to body 路  From distance 路  Mana  No Mana  Fury  Energy 路  Hot 路  Flow Other attributes

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