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    HR skills they are what a champion uses in the Fields of Justice. The unique nature of a champion's abilities sets them apart from other champions. A champion's abilities also determine a champion's role on his team, how it should be played, and what items, runes, and masteries should be used to maximize its effectiveness. Summoner spells are not abilities.

    Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and Vilemaw Vilemaw are the only characters that are not champions and use abilities, even though the Dragon Dragon has a damage over time per hit passive called "Burning".


    Each champion has at least five unique abilities. Four of them are learned during the course of battle using skill points, and the fifth is a passive skill. One of the skill points is awarded to each champion at the beginning of the game, and another to each each time they level up. A champion can level up individual skills by spending skill points on those they have already learned.

    Basic skill: All champions have three basic skills, which are available from level 1 to a maximum of five levels. These abilities cannot be increased beyond half the champion's level (rounded up), which means that a new level of the ability becomes available for every single-digit odd level, requiring level 9 to maximize any individual ability. .

    • Udyr has no ultimate ability, featuring only four basic abilities.
    • Yasuo has four basic abilities.
    • Elise, Jayce, Read without, Quinn y Rengar have six basic skills.
      • Including its evolved forms,  Heimerdinger, Kha'Zix, Karma, Syndra y Viktor also have six basic skills.

    Innate Ability: A champion's innate or passive ability passively affects the champion throughout the game. Every champion has one, and these skills cannot be upgraded with skill points earned by leveling up.

    • Syndra features a passive ability with four independent effects. Before his slight skill redesign in V3.9, Shyvana also had a passive with four independent effects. This is no longer the case, however.
      • Before Shyvana was published, Akali y Vladimir held the record with two effects each.

    Ultimate Skill: The fourth ability, characteristic of a champion is his ultimate. Summoners cannot invest skill points in the ult until at least level 6 and cannot do so again until levels 11 and 16, up to a maximum of three levels.

    • Jayce, Nocturne, Quinn, Riven, and Twisted Fate have two ultimate abilities.
      • Including its evolved forms, Kha'Zix y Syndra also have two ultimate abilities.
    • Elise, Jayce, Nidalee and Karma are the only champions with access to their ultimate at level 1. Each can spend one skill point on their ult at level 6, 11, and 16, allowing them to reach level 4.

    Jayce and Quinn, with two ultimate and six basic skills, hold the record for the most skills in a single champion.

    Skill types

    • Active ability: This is the most abundant type of ability, having a one-time use effect, and they are subject to a cooldown before they are available for new use again.
      • Impact effect: On-hit effects will be triggered by the champion's basic attacks, but also by some abilities.
      • Apply Impact effect: These abilities are classified as basic attacks, and apply on-hit effects instead of per-ability effects. To note: these abilities do not apply spell vampirism or Rylai.
        • Mystic Shot of Ezreal
        • Waltz of Swords Waltz of Swords Fiora (up to 5 times)
        • Mischievous Strike of Fizz (also applies skill effects)
        • To regret Gangplank (can critically strike, classed as a melee attack)
        • Sword Slam Sword Slam Irelia
        • Double Hit of Master Yi (2 times)
        • Double bullet Miss Fortune (both hits)
        • Relentless Predator of Renekton (2 or 3 times, depending on his Fury)
        • Twin bite of Shyvana (2 times, and to all targets hit by her dragon form)
        • Ra-ta-ta-ta Ra-ta-ta-ta de Twitch (on each hit target, can critically strike)
        • Infinite Oppression of Warwick (up to 5 times, applies lifesteal despite being magic damage)
        • Tempest of Steel Yasuo (on-hit effects are applied to the first enemy hit)
      • Barrage ability: A type of ability that can be cast multiple times at no mana cost before going on full cooldown. There is a brief cooldown between multiple casts (usually 0.2-0.5 seconds, 2 for Kha'Zix), and if you wait too long, additional releases are lost.
        • Spiritual Boost of Ahri can be cast 3 times.
        • Noxian Guillotine Darius can be cast again for 20 seconds after killing a target, he can be cast multiple times.
        • Onslaught of Fiora can be cast 2 times.
        • Transcendent Blades Transcendent Blades of Irelia can be cast 4 times.
        • Void Attack of Kha'Zix can be cast 2 or 3 times if the ability was evolved.
        • Broken wings of Riven can be cast 3 times.
        • Electric Harpoon of Rumble can be cast 2 times.
        • Rite of the Arcanum of Xerath can be cast 3 times.
      • Own Improvements: These are abilities that grant passive effects once activated. These effects last for either a fixed amount of time, such as Bio-arcane Bolt Bio-arcane Bolt from Kog'Maw, or until a deactivating component is used, such as Rolling ball Rammus.
      • Accumulation: These abilities have an extremely low cooldown but rely on a "stack" for their use. Stacks are generated over time and there is a unique capacity of possible stacks for each skill. When using the skill, use 1 stack. The cooldown reduction affects the time in which the stack is generated.
        • Shadow Dance Shadow Dance of Akali
        • Missile Discharge from Daughters
        • H-28G Evolutionary Turret of Heimerdinger
        • Harmful Trap Teemo
        • Void Rift of Vel'Koz
        • Excessive force of Vi
        • Rampant Growth of Zyra
    • Passive Ability: These passive abilities have lingering effects, and must not be activated to take effect. However, some of them are not available under certain conditions, such as when the skill is on cooldown ( Static Field of Blitzcrank) or when taking damage ( Rapid movement of Teemo). The ability will be activated again as soon as the specific condition has ended. They are often compared to innate abilities.
    • Alternate Skill: These abilities are used when activated and remain active with lingering effects until deactivated. Toggling an ability is not considered an activation, at the end of Brightness or Force Pulse, but their mana consumption accumulates to the Tear of the Goddess.
      • Bloodlust / Blood Price of Aatrox
      • Hopelessness of Amumu
      • Frost Shot of Ashe
      • Vorpaline Nails of Cho'Gath
      • Burning Agony of Dr. World
      • Arachnid Form / Human Form of Elise
      • Transformation Transformation of Jayce Transform: Mercury Cannon Transform: Mercury Cannon
      • Change of Arms! from Jinx
      • Desecration of Karthus
      • Vengeful Whirlwind Vengeful Whirlwind of Maokai
      • Venom Trail singed
      • Hungry Flock of Swain
      • Smell of blood Warwick
      • Special tokens: These abilities are listed as toggles, but have their own set of conditions: these abilities si They count as a skill activation, and are automatically disabled if the champion strays too far.
        • Glacial storm Anivia (also deactivates if interrupted)
    • Position Skill: Currently unique skill type of Udyr y Sona. Each position has an individual cooldown and a shared global cooldown. Each position provides an effect that lasts as long as the position remains active as well as a trigger effect.
      • Defensive Position of Rammus and Rolling Balls are described as positions in their descriptions, and they function as such in that only one can be active at a time.
      • Voracious Corrosion Voracious Corrosion by Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and Wrath of the Ancients Wrath of the Ancients use a position system.


    Skills have certain attributes that determine how they are used in a game. These include area, cooldown, cost, effect, and range.

    • Cooldown: All abilities have a cooldown, a period of time after the use of the ability in which it cannot be used again. Cooldown reduction reduces this time, up to a maximum of 40% reduction of the skill's initial cooldown.
      • Some champions have abilities that reset / reduce the cooldown period.
      • Some abilities have a secondary active function. The ability goes on cooldown after the secondary function has been activated or the window to activate it expires.
    • Cost: Most, but not all, skills have a specific cost associated with them. They generally cost mana, but some champions use health, energy, or other mechanical sources. When the ability is used, the champion loses the cost of the ability. If the champion has less than the amount that the ability costs, it cannot be used and the icon in the HUD changes color.
    • Range: The range of an ability determines how far a target can be selected and still be affected by the ability. This scope is generally not listed in the in-game description, but hovering over the skill icon shows the skill's scope and scope. Some abilities have Global range, which means that such range includes the entire map.
    • Target Selection: All abilities that affect a unit other than the same champion as the spear are selected in some way. If an ability has a specific target that it will hit, it is referred to as targeted. Other forms of target selection are referred according to their type:
      • Area of 鈥嬧婨ffect (AoE) abilities that can affect more than a single target within an area. The affected area is generally circular, but it can also be conical or linear. Certain abilities, such as Rising Strike Rising Strike of Diana and Sword of Torment Aatrox, they can have completely unique areas of effect.
      • Skill Shots are projectile-based abilities, generally launching in a line out of the champion's position, affecting only the targets the projectile collides with.
      • Click skills require a target and vision to hit it. Most of these abilities are to apply an upgrade or to use a powerful projectile to attack the target. It only takes a simple click to start casting a skill per click on a target.
    • Cast Time: While most abilities have an instant or slightly delayed cast time of 0.5 seconds, there are several that prevent the champion from taking any other action while the ability is cast. Most of those, called channeled skills, can be interrupted, either by the champion himself or by any form of crowd control (excluding Slows, Stuns, and Blindness) applied by an enemy unit.


    See Skill Attributes

    Each skill has an effect. These effects vary widely, but can generally be divided as follows:

    • Enhancement: Increases the target's stats while active. Passive and Alternating abilities often have this type of effect. The Assets that grant buffs have higher bonuses than the previous ones due to their limited duration. Some champions have AoE buffs for nearby allies, referred to as auras.
    • Crowd Control: This category includes all effects that reduce enemy units' ability to fight. The page includes a table with notes on each.
    • Damage: Offensive abilities that deal damage. This damage can be physical, magical, or true, and generally applies spell vampirism, unless the tooltip indicates that it applies on-hit effects. Most damage-dealing abilities scale with the champion's attack damage, ability power, or both. Some deal damage over time.
    • Damage Reduction: Decreases the damage dealt to the target for the duration. This damage reduction does not work on true damage and is applied before armor or magic resistance reduction.
    • Gold: Grants champions more gold than the base amount, either over time or from kills.
    • Heal: Heals the target. Generally scales with ability power. Support champions tend to have these abilities, and they are the only ones with healing abilities that can be applied to other champions besides themselves. Several non-support champions have abilities that heal only themselves.
    • Immunity: Prevents certain types of crowd control from affecting the target, which is usually the champion using the ability.
    • Invulnerability: The target cannot be damaged for the duration. Currently only Intervention Intervention of Kayle provides temporary invulnerability. Certain abilities also make units unreachable, such as Playful of Fizz. See page for details.
    • Movement: Move the champion or champion's target from one location to another. This can be a scroll, a flash, or a teleport. Many of these abilities allow the champion to move through solid obstacles or terrain similar to summoner spells. Flash.
    • Resurrection: Returns the target to life if it dies.
    • Shield: Absorbs a certain amount of damage from the target, instead of losing life.
    • Stealth: The target becomes invisible and unreachable until revealed or the duration of the stealth expires. The page contains additional information, including questions about spotting stealth champions.

    Champion abilities
    Types of targeting

    Self-directed 路 Terrestrial 路 Own 路 Directed 路 Unitary

    Effect types
    Aura Flash Buff Crowd Control Damage Displacement Weakening Healing On-Hit Effects Pet Shield Vision

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