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    Champions Phrases (Campaign and Tutorial)

    Very well, today I come to bring you a tutorial and to start a campaign when the Objects are finished so that this does not stop. I have not been able to spend a long time making arrangements but I hope I have not lost the touch, so here I bring you a tutorial so that anyone can extract the voices of their favorite champions, convert them to a format that the accepts (Yes, the MP3 does not accept the ... deal with it) and upload it to it.

    Here is an example of who is my favorite Champion with whom I climbed to Platinum, the powerful Alistar (Not only because he is my Favorite Champion I chose him as an example but also because he has few phrases xD):

    In selection
    •   "There is nothing stopping me!"
    •   "You must follow me."
    •   "I know the way."
    •   "There is nothing stopping me."


    •   "Stampede!"
    •   "Now I am furious."
    •   "If you mess with the bull you will get a goring!"
    •   "You can't milk these."
    •   Alistar laughs.
    •   Alistar laughs.
    •   Alistar laughs.

    DISCLAIMER: I know how to use accents, but I'm too lazy to place them ... deal with it.


    • 1 Tutorial
      • 1.1 Voice Extraction
      • 1.2 File Conversion
      • 1.3 Upload Files
    • 2 Conclusion


    How is it possible to extract the files and bring them to the ? That is very simple, you only need Both of you programs: FSB Extractor y Audacity.

    Download Links
    • Audacity:
    • FSB Extractor:
    • Codecs para Audacity: (Seleccionan Windows o MAC y elijen descargar .exe)

    Voice Extraction

    1) By having both programs our first big step is to install them, something that everyone should know how to achieve. Now what follows is to locate the File that contains the Voices of all the Champions, it is a file .fsb.

    To find it go to this address on your computers: C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSprojectslol_game_client_es_mxmanagedfiles

    2) In this folder you will find many others with many numbers that I don't think you understand their meaning (They are Patch numbers: O), open one by one starting from the largest to the smallest until you find a folder that says DATE.

    Inside it you will find another folder called Sounds, keep going until you find 2 files: VOBank_es_MX.fsb y LoL_Audio_es_MX.fev. The one that interests us is the first.

    3) Having already found VOBank_es_MX.fsb what we are going to do is open it with FSB Extractor, this will give you all the voices of the game.

    NOTE: Many of the names are in the code that the Champion has within the game files, such as BlindMonk es Read without o Minotaur es Alistar.

    4) Using SHIFT + CLICK select the Sounds you want to extract, press on Entries -> Extract Selected and they will be sent to a temporary folder. To go to it just click on Show -> Open Extraction Folder....

    NOTE: Just extract all the voices (if you want) having a good computer because otherwise it will take a long time.

    5) Congratulations, you have already extracted the phrases from your Favorite Champion ... oh wait ... the phrase is missing when selected! To find this phrase they have to go to: C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSprojectslol_air_clientreleases

    Here you will find many numbers as before, open the largest and continue: C:Riot GamesLeague of LegendsRADSprojectslol_air_clientreleases

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