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    Cho'Gath / Strategy

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    Cho'Gath / Strategy "Submit to my designs."
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    Official Strategy

    Playing with Cho'Gath

    • When you attack with Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Nails, try to position yourself in such a way that you can kill minions and harass enemy champions at the same time.
    • If you have a hard time devouring champions, try eating minions until you are bigger.
    • Use Cho'Gath / Strategy Breaking over bugs along with Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore is a good way to get Life and Mana.

    Playing against Cho'Gath

    • Buying some health items reduces the chances that Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath kill you quickly.
    • Concentrate on preventing Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath reaches its maximum size, or has it retrieved after killing it.
    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture has a cloud of smoke that indicates the area where it will hit. Try to be attentive to her to avoid Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath can combine his abilities.

    Use of Skills

    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore allows Cho'Gath to maintain his life and mana, making him a great solo down the line. Although, to be clear, the mana restoration is quite low - since it takes 4 waves of minions to be able to pay the use of Cho'Gath / Strategy Breaking off.
      • Kill omens of Cho'Gath / Strategy Yorick's is affected by Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore.
    • The powerful disruption of Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture and the fact that none of the skills of Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath has reduced cooldown on leveling up making the cooldown reduction highly valuable. Place Cho'Gath / Strategy Break in the path of mobile enemies, as it is a delayed ability.
      • Its backward nature and good CC can be used to your advantage as it can disrupt deadly suppression endings like Cho'Gath / Strategy Warwick's Infinite Oppression and Cho'Gath / Strategy Infernal Grip of Malzahar, so if you can anticipate when they will be used. This is really powerful against the ultimate Cho'Gath / Strategy Infinite Oppression since it is a common gank starter, then you can interrupt that by placing Cho'Gath / Strategy Break under you.
    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Wild Scream is a strong AoE / silence damage ability, especially in conjunction with Cho'Gath / Strategy Breaking off. Due to the fact that your basic attacks are melee, you can use first Cho'Gath / Strategy Breakout to blast the target up, then get close enough and try to silence them with Cho'Gath / Strategy Scream Wild, preventing their escape or act of retaliation. Due to the great power of the slowdown Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture, unlikely to be out of basic attack range before silence expires, allowing you to finish them off with your ultimate. Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour if possible.
    • By the way, if you try to use Cho'Gath / Strategy Wild Scream in the opposite direction you are moving will often be thrown at a bad angle and that will be counter-productive.
    • Having at least one level Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Spikes is a great way to farm minions due to linear splash damage, this is good to activate Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivorous.
    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Nails and Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore allow Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath junglear.
    • Sometimes it may be a good idea to disable Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Spikes to prevent you from pushing your line and also be open to enemy ganks. If you don't disable this ability while attacking a turret, an enemy champion can stand behind the turret and cause you to hit them due to Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Spikes deal area of ​​effect damage, causing the turret to start attacking you.
    • If you find it difficult to finish off with Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour champions, try to eat minions until you are older, as the true damage you deal exceeds the health of most minions. It is recommended to get 6 stacks first by finishing minions with Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour and after that you could use your ult to finish off champions, since the damage to minions is significantly higher (particularly in the early-mid game, since Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour has a base damage of 1000 to minions, regardless of the level of Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour).
      • If you are looking to push the line faster, it is best to use Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour on a gunner minion to give them an instant kill as they are the hardest for your little minions to kill. However, keep in mind that if you have 0 Ability Power, the minion's maximum health could be more than 1000 after 12 minutes of play, avoiding getting a charge of Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour.
    • A red circle will appear on champions who die when used on them Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour.
    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath can be a great pusher. Use Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture to kill melee minions, and Cho'Gath / Strategy Wild Scream to kill minions from a distance, to kill minion gunner use Cho'Gath / Strategy Devour if necessary, Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Spikes help take down the missing minions. Nevertheless, Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath is very vulnerable if ambushed in enemy territory.

    Build usage

    • Buying a Cho'Gath / Strategy Doran's Ring along with mana regen masteries allows spamming of Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture and Cho'Gath / Strategy Feral Scream without risk of mana starvation, in addition to allowing him to gain health with Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore.
    • Another good starting item is a Cho'Gath / Strategy Crystalline Flask allowing Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath to stay in lane along with Cho'Gath / Strategy Carnivore.
    • An early Cho'Gath / Strategy Catalyst the Protector will grant Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath an enormous amount of staying power in lane. Cho'Gath / Strategy Rod of Ages provides hefty mana, health, and ability power which scales well with Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath's high base damage.
    • If your team has a tank already, Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath can switch to an offtank ability power build in order to do more damage. Since Cho'Gath / Strategy Feast already increases Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath's maximum health, he will still be difficult to take down.
    • Buying a Cho'Gath / Strategy Guardian Angel will make Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath very hard to kill if he stacks Cho'Gath / Strategy Feast. Also,Cho'Gath / Strategy Out of Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath knock-up and slow will help you run after being revived.
    • Getting damage mitigation (Armor and Magic resistance) instead of Health is a good idea, since Cho'Gath / Strategy Feast already grants a hefty amount of health.
      • Items such as Cho'Gath / Strategy Abyssal Scepter are excellent if you want Ability Power, as they increase resistances as well.
    • Since Cho'Gath / Strategy feast de Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath deals true damage to champions as well as minions, a caster build on Cho'Gath / Strategy Cho'Gath can allow him to deal extreme damage to single targets and can easily execute unaware enemies especially late-game with his high amounts of AP.
      • Investing in cooldown reduction items such as Cho'Gath / Strategy Glacial Shroud early allows more frequent use of his ultimate ability to build Cho'Gath / Strategy Feast stacks quickly and/or to threaten enemy champions with its high burst damage more often.
    • Cho'Gath / Strategy Rylai's Crystal Scepter is not as effective as it may be, as all his basic abilities deal area of effect damage, and his longest-ranged ability, Cho'Gath / Strategy Rupture, already includes a knock-up and a large slow. However, as Cho'Gath / Strategy Vorpal Spikes is added to all his basic attacks, it could force his opponents to use their movement abilities to get out of his melee range only to be caught up by Cho'Gath / Strategy Break.

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