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    • Cho'Gath is voiced by José Lavat in LATAM, who is also voiced by Zilean, and by Antonio Esquivias in EUW, who also doubles to Enlist and Volibear.
    • Cho'Gath es uno de los 11 campeones que pueden acumular una estadística infinitamente: Bardo/LoL Bardo/LoL, Cho'Gath/LoL Cho'Gath/LoL, Kindred/LoL Kindred/LoL, Nasus/LoL Nasus/LoL, Senna/LoL Senna/LoL, Shyvana/LoL Shyvana/LoL, Sion/LoL Sion/LoL, Swain/LoL Swain/LoL, Sylas/LoL Sylas/LoL, Thresh/LoL Thresh/LoL, Veigar/LoL Veigar/LoL.
    • Cho'Gath is the first champion to receive a second skin.  Legendary (though Corki has two aspects of 1820 which are from Legacy and Tristana also have two aspects of 1820 although one is from Legacy and the other is available).
    • Cho'Gath's dance reference is Fantasmic! By Mickey Mouse.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Riot created a dedicated Adobe Flash minigame for him called Cho'Gath Eats the World for Fools Day 2013
      • Another minigame released on the same date, Astro Teemo, was unlocked by playing to some extent in this game.
    • It has a base size of 80 which is considered large.


    • Cho'Gath's original icon for Feast shows an internal mouth, similar to that of the Alien Franchise xenomorphs.
    • During development it was called Green Terror, which later changed its title from "Black Terror" before changing it to "Void Terror". [1]
    • The first design space for your Feast was devouring the enemy champion doing it  unreachable for a few seconds. This was later changed because it led to player frustration with enemies being saved from skill shots. This was later implemented in devour of Soot Kench.
    • Cho'Gath is the only creature from the Void whose name has more than six letters.
      • Cho'Gath probably comes from Shoggoth from HP Lovecraft's The Myths of Cthulhu;
      • Other influences may be Ogre Magi Cho'Gall from Warcraft and Ku'gath from Warhammer 40,000 (whom Cho'Gath resembles).
    • Cho'Gath resembles the aforementioned Ku'gath, a Carnifex also from Warhammer 40,000, Destoroyah from Godzilla, and Malebolgia / Violator from Spawn.


    • "Ah, the tangled webs we weave" reference to Marmion by Walter Scott.
      • Cho'Gath shares this quote with Elise.
    • When using Feast sometimes exclaims Omnomnomnom referring to the Cookie Monster of Sesame Street.
    Finest Knight Cho'Gath
    • "I'm going to bite your legs!" reference to the Black Knight from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
    • "It's funny isn't it? How can your best friend blow up like this?" refers to a Monty Python Flying Circus sketch or Icathian surprise.
    • "What what what?" reference to Sheila Broflovski from South Park.
    • "I like a man who smiles when he fights!" refers to the phrase uttered by Winston Churchill.
    • "One can survive everything today except death!" reference to Oscar Wilde.
    • "Cake or death?" It's a question from Eddie Izzard from Dress to Kill.
      • The answer given was "Uh, death please. No, cake! Cake! Cake, I'm sorry. I'm sorry ..."
    • "Anything less would be uncivilized" reference to Gillette's Right Guard deodorant commercials.
    Cho'Gath Greater Armor
    • "Maximum Cho'Gath" could be referring to Crysis.
    • "Resolved Blue Screen" refers to Microsoft Windows Blue Screen of Death.
    • He and Hecarim share the quote "Crush them underfoot".


    • The scene depicted shows him fighting various armed soldiers like Helmet Bro.
    • It shares some similarities with Violator from Spawn.
    Nightmare Cho'Gath
    • This skin shares the 'Nightmare' theme with:
      • Nightmare Tryndamere
    Cho'Gath of Loch Ness
    • This skin shares the Fables theme with:
      • Diana Valquiria Oscura
      • Morgana the Weeping Woman
      • Veigar Duende Ireland
      • Sona Moses
      • Nami Iara
      • Nunu and Willump Bigfoot
      • Mermaid Cassiopeia
      • Leona Valquiria
    • It refers to the Loch Ness Monster.
    Jurassic Cho'Gath
    • This skin shares the 'Jurassic' theme with:
      • Jurassic Kog'Maw
    • A banner reading 'Cho'Gath Manda' can be seen in the background.
    Finest Knight Cho'Gath
    • This skin shares the High Society theme with:
      • Archduke Nasus
      • Vayne Aristocrat
      • Fine Little Knight Gnar
      • Marked Vladimir
    • It refers to a British gentleman from the XNUMXth century.
      • He was the first to get a new dubbing with a look.
    • It has its own dedicated section on the Latin American server.
      • It discusses (in extremely old-fashioned and correct Spanish) the proper use of the game's terminology, even going so far as to warn players to avoid English-Spanish mutations like ganking and instead use the real term "ambush."
    Cho'Gath Greater Armor
    • This skin shares the Armor Armor theme with:
      • Kog'Maw War Armor
      • Nasus Armor of War
      • Urgot War Shield
      • Vel'Koz Armor of War
      • Xerath Armor of War
      • Zac Armor of War
      • Skarner Blind Alpha
      • Viktor the Creator
      • Caitlyn Rebelde
      • Illaoi Rebel
      • Jayce Rebelde
      • Singed Rebelde
      • Yorick Rebelde
    • Skarner Armor Alpha and the Predesign Urgot Armor of War can be seen in the background.
    • It looks like Machinedramon from Digimon.
    • He is the mini-boss of Tokyo in Cho'Gath Eats the World.
    • Wild Scream works with '451 Exawatt Omnisonic Speakers'.
    • That amount of energy has more energy than 2000 Tsar Bombs / 100,000,000,000 Tons of TNT in a single second.
    Prehistoric Cho'Gath
    • This skin shares the Prehistoric Hunters theme with:
      • Beast Hunter Draven
      • Sejuani Beast Hunter
      • Tryndamere Beast Hunter
      • Shyvana Bone Claws
      • Anivia Prehistórica
      • Renekton Prehistórico
    • It was released to celebrate the premiere of Jurassic World along with:
      • Anivia Prehistórica
      • Renekton Prehistórico
      • It is based on the Indominus Rex from the movie.
    • It's definitely thematically linked to his Jurassic self considering the only difference is the presence / lack of meat.
    • You can see a figure that looks like the canceled champion Tabu in the background.
    Cho'Gath Dark Estrella
    • This skin shares the Event Horizon theme with:
      • Lux Cosmic
      • Master Yi Cosmic Sword
      • Hecarim Cosmic Cavalry
      • Rakan Cosmic Dawn
      • Xin Zhao Cosmic Defender
      • Nami Cosmic Destiny
      • Cosmic Devourer Vladimir
      • Xayah Cosmic Twilight
      • Cosmic Charming Lulu
      • Anivia Cosmic Flight
      • Cosmic Hunter Varus
      • Nidalee Cosmic Huntress
      • Cosmic Summoner Illaoi
      • Ashe Cosmic Queen
      • Kassadin Cosmic Reaper
      • Cosmic Stinger Skarner
      • Jhin Cosmic Darkness
      • Lissandra Cosmic Darkness
      • Lux Cosmic Darkness
      • Jarvan IV Dark Star
      • Dark Star Karma
      • Kha'Zix Dark Star
      • Dark Star Malphite
      • Dark Star Mordekaiser
      • Orianna Dark Star
      • Shaco Dark Star
      • Dark Star Thresh
      • Dark Star Varus
      • Xerath Dark Star
      • Malphite Dark Star Prestigious Edition
      • Dark Star Rhaast
    • This look was made by Riot in collaboration with an individual known as Bryan, a League player who visited Riot in 2017 through partnership with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Bryan's wish was "to meet the creators of Riot Games and create a skin with them."
      • During development, there were three concepts for this Make-A-Wish skin: Old Sketch, Dark Star, War Dragon. Dark Star eventually won because Bryan liked the spatial concept more.
      • Bryan's clarinet performance was used for the final version of the skins theme.
      • This skin was initially sold for 1350. All proceeds from this skin went to charities around the world until August 10, 2018 when it became an exclusive skin for Hextech Crafting.
        • The charity drive raised more than $ 6.1 million for 21 different nonprofits around the world, awarding Riot Games Inc. the Golden Halo Award. [2]
    Cho'Gath Pergaminos Shan Hai
    • This skin shares the Shan Hai Scrolls theme with:
      • Jhin Pergaminos Shan Hai
      • Nautilus Shan Hai Scrolls
      • Neeko Pergaminos Shan Hai


    • Cho'Gath, Kha'Zix, Kog'Maw, Rek'Sai and Vel'Koz belong to different species of the collective known as the creatures of the Void.
      • Kassadin seeks to prevent the creatures of the Void from crossing into Runeterra and is therefore their enemy.
        • Malzahar on the other hand seeks to facilitate the crossing and, therefore, is your ally.


    1. ↑ Release Notes 26/06
    2. ↑ Dark Star Cho'Gath won the Golden Halo Award

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