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Not to be confused with buffs, a feature of patches.

A Mejora (buff) is any status effect given to a champion or minion that gives it a beneficial performance boost. The opposite is called a debuff. Upgrades can benefit almost any character's attributes, such as health, mana, attack damage, and ability power, but in some cases they can provide more than a mere stat change. Most of the best are temporary, but some can last indefinitely (such as In the sights of Tristana, which grants a permanent range increase for attack distance and abilities). Many, but not all, are lost upon death.

Some upgrades can stack a specified number of times, but most don't stack on their own. This means that repeated applications of the buff on the same target will not grant any increased effect and will only cause the duration of the buff to reset.

Certain abilities that have a unique cooldown before they can be used on the same enemy twice such as Blade to the Wind of Yasuo and Bear position Udyr are not considered buffs applied to an enemy.

There are several sources of improvements in League of Legends; specifically, abilities, epic monsters, specific field upgrades, items, relics, speed altars, and summoner spell.

Champion abilities


  • Blood Well of Aatrox
  • Discipline of Power Discipline of Power of Akali
  • Tantrum Amumu (Pasiva)
  • Deadly Cadence Deadly Cadence of Cassiopeia
  • devour of Cho'Gath
  • Apprehend from Darius (Passive)
  • Silver Moon Razor Diana
  • Adrenaline rush of Dr. World
  • Swarm of Spiders Swarm of Spiders of Elise y Swift Frenzy (Passive)
  • Lunge of Fiora (Pasiva)
  • Swift Fighter of Fizz
  • Runic Skin Runic Skin of Gallium
  • Raising Morale Raising Morale Gangplank (Pasiva)
  • Courage of Garen (Passive)
  • War Trail of hecarim
  • Technoturgical Repair Bots Technoturgical Repair Bots Heimerdinger (Aura)
  • Wind in Favor of Janna (Aura)
  • Demacian Banner of Jarvan IV (Liabilities)
  • Void Stone of Kassadin
  • Voracity of Katarina
  • Caustic drool of Kog'Maw (Liabilities)
  • Brutal Attacks Brutal Attacks of Malphite (Pasiva)
  • Siphon of the Soul of Morgana
  • Soul Devourer of Nasus
  • Mantle of Darkness Night (Passive)
  • Berserker's Wrath by Last the Ragnarok (Passive)
  • Sure Death Sure Death Sure Death of Pantheon
  • Brave Fighter Brave Fighter of poppy
  • Spike Shell Rammus
  • Electric discharge of Pure (Liabilities)
  • Daughter of the Dragon Daughter of the Dragon of Shyvana
  • Stronghold Stronghold Stronghold of singed
  • Soul Furnace Zion (Passive Life Gain)
  • In the sights of Tristana
  • Battle Fury of Tryndamere y Bloodlust
  • Turtle Position Udyr (Lingering effect)
  • Balance balance Weighs
  • Crimson Pact of Vladimir
  • Path of the Wanderer - Intent by Yasuo
  • Living Shadow of Zed (Pasiva)
  • Intensive Learning Intense Learning of Zilean (Aura)
  • Rampant Growth of Office (Liabilities)

Conditionally undefined

  • Shadow Steps Shadow Steps Evelynn (lasts until damaged)
  • Perseverance of Garen (lasts until taking damage from an enemy champion, tower, or monster)
  • Ionian fervor of Irelia (needs an enemy champion nearby)
  • Zephyr of Janna (Passive) (lasts while on cooldown)
  • Estilo Wuju de Master Yi (Passive) (lasts while on cooldown)
  • Alarde of Miss Fortune (lasts until damaged)
  • Double Edged Poison Shaco (lasts while on cooldown)
  • Fragmentation of Taric (Passive) (lasts while on cooldown)
  • Rapid movement of Teemo (Passive) (lasts until damaged)
  • Stone Skin Wukong (needs an enemy champion nearby)


  • Massacre of Aatrox
  • Twilight Mantle of Akali
  • Unwavering Will of Alistar
  • Rebirth of Anivia
  • Molten Shield of Annie
  • concentration Ashe
  • Overdrive of Blitzcrank
  • Hemorrhage from Darius
  • masochism of Dr. Mundo and Sadism
  • Bloody Impulse of Draven
  • Swift Frenzy of Elise (Assets)
  • Dark Frenzy Dark Frenzy of Evelynn and Desolar Desolar
  • Increasing Spell Strength of Ezreal and Essence Flow (on an ally)
  • Duelist Duelist of Fiora and Speed 鈥嬧婤urst Speed 鈥嬧婤urst
  • Bulwark of Gallium
  • Raising Morale Raising Morale Gangplank (Activa) (Aura)
  • Courage of Yarn (Assets)
  • Gene of Fury, Hyper and earring of Gnar
  • Happy hour Gragas and Drunken Fury
  • True Value True Value of Graves and Quick Shot
  • Devastating Charge of hecarim
  • UPGRADE! from Heimerdinger
  • Eye of the Storm Janna
  • Demacian Banner of Jarvan IV (Activa) (Aura)
  • Relentless Assault of Jax y Grandmaster's Force (Active)
  • Hextech capacitor Jayce, Acceleration Portal and Hyperload
  • Get excited! from Jinx
  • Inspiration from Karma and Challenge of Karma (Aura)
  • Divine Blessing Divine Blessing of Kayle, Intervention Intervention and Righteous Fury Righteous Fury
  • Lightning Boost of Kennan
  • Void Attack of Kha'Zix
  • Bio-arcana Download Bio-arcana Download Kog'Maw
  • Burst of Lee Sin and Iron will
  • Eclipse of Leona
  • Daughter of Ice Daughter of Ice of Lissandra y Frozen Tomb (self-cast)
  • Burning Glow of Lucian (by impact)
  • Seismic Fragment of malphite
  • Double Hit of Maestro Yi, Meditation, Wuju Style (Active) and Unstoppable
  • Impure Shots Impure Shots of Miss Fortune (Activa)
  • Sneaky Death Sneaky Death of Mordekaiser
  • Swell of Nami y Blessing of the Tide
  • Fury of the Sands Nasus
  • Prowl Nidalee and Primitive Outburst of Nidalee
  • Duskbringer of Nocturne (Trace) and Mantle of Darkness (Active)
  • Visionary Visionary of Nunu, Voracity and Boiling Blood Boiling Blood
  • Bloody Strikes of Last the Ragnarok (Active)
  • Protecting Aegis Protecting Aegis of Pantheon
  • Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity of Poppy and Demacian Paragon Demacian Paragon
  • Keen Senses of Quinn (Passive)
  • Lord of Renekton
  • Empowered Fierceness Empowered Fierceness of Rengar, Battle Roar, Empowered Battle Roar Empowered Battle Roar and Hunter's Adrenaline
  • Sword of Exile by Riven
  • Scrap Shield of Rumble
  • Desperate Power Desperate Power of Ryze
  • Frost Frost of Sejuani
  • Fake Fake de Shen
  • Burn of Shyvana
  • Potion of Insanity Potion of Insanity singed
  • cannibalism cannibalism of Sion
  • Huntress Sivir (Aura)
  • Crystal Slash Skarner y Crystalline Exoskeleton
  • Aria's Perseverance Sona (Active) (Aura), Hymn of Valor (Aura) and Song of Celerity (Active) (Aura)
  • Astral Blessing Astral Blessing of Soraka
  • Shadow Assault of Heel
  • Glow of Taric (Aura)
  • Camouflage camouflage Teemo and Rapid Movement (Active)
  • Rapid fire of Tristana
  • Chew on Trundle, Frozen Kingdom and Subjugate
  • Immortal Fury of Tryndamere
  • Ambush of Twitch y Ra-ta-ta-ta Ra-ta-ta-ta de Twitch
  • Monkey Agility Udyr, Bear position Udyr (Activation effect) and Tiger Stance (Trigger Effect)
  • Terrifying Capacitor Terrifying Capacitor of Urgot and Hyperkinetic Positional Reverter Hyperkinetic Positional Reverter
  • Living Vengeance of Varus
  • End time of Vayne
  • Red Tide of Vladimir
  • Chosen of the Storm Chosen of the Storm Volibear, Frenzy Frenzy, Thunder Throwing Thunder Throwing and Thunder Claws Thunder Claws
  • Hunter's Call Hunter's Call Warwick (Aura)
  • Cyclone Wukong
  • War cry war cry of Xin Zhao (Active) and Increasing Sweep Increasing Sweep
  • Last breath of Yasuo
  • Unholy Alliance of Yorick and Harbinger of Death
  • Let's bounce! from Zac
  • Time travel of Zilean and Temporal Distortion of Zilean


  • Burning Agony of Dr. World
  • Arachnid Form / Human Form of Elise
  • transform transform from Jayce Transform: Mercury Cannon Transform: Mercury Cannon
  • Change of Arms! from Jinx
  • Smell of blood Warwick

Neutral improvements


  • Altars (Twisted Treeline)
  • Crystal Scar Aura
  • Howling Abyss Aura
  • Matadragones


  • Insight Emblem (Summoner Crack)
  • Ashes Emblem (Summoner's Rift)
  • Baron's Hand Baron's Hand (Summoner's Rift)
  • Emblem of Crushing Fury Emblem of Crushing Fury (Twisted Treeline)
  • Ghost Relic (Twisted Treeline)
  • Altars (Twisted Treeline)
  • Altar of speed
  • Conqueror's Mark (Crystal Scar)
  • Greater Relic (Crystal Scar)

Summoner spells

  • Healing
  • Flash (with the Distortion Distortion enchantment)
  • Ghost
  • Garrison (Crystal Scar)
  • Purification
  • Teleportation (with the Distortion Distortion enchantment)

Champion abilities
Types of targeting

Self-directed 路 Terrestrial 路 Own 路 Directed 路 Unitary

Effect types
Aura 路 Flash 路 Constant improvement Crowd Control Damage Displacement Weakening Healing Hit Effects Pet Shield Vision

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