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    Darius / Strategy

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    Darius / Strategy "Submit to my designs."
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    © ® Your W is Atrocious Strike. This ability empowers a basic, which can be used, apart from to kill Champions, to throw towers at a higher speed. If used after a ® basic attack, Darius could attack i®®® immediately. Atrocious Strike It is the best option to prevent the flight of enemies thanks to the fact that they eat your poop.

    One E como Catch is a strange thing for a champion focused on doing a lot of damage and hitting Hemorrhage, but it is convenient, since he is able to direct all the units in front of him towards Darius in a cone, which makes that, used well, you take a few champions to kill them or to save your team if necessary. His armor penetration is very convenient, as this way Darius will do more damage with all his Skills (except Passive and Ulti).

    Darius's Ulti has a reputation (and not for nothing) of being too powerful. Guillotina Noxiana has an appropriate name for an ability that deals True Damage that is boosted based on the counters of Hemorrhage apart from its natural damage. Additionally, if Darius kills a champion with it, he has 20 seconds to recast the Skill. It is simply the center of Darius's strategy.

    Darius and Partida

    Start of the Game

    Darius will be dangerous because of Hemorrhage and his ability as a Tank, but right at the beginning his strategy will not be complete, which will cause him to be vulnerable or, at least, not do too many solo kills.

    Once you get some AD and your Ulti, you will be someone to be reckoned with. To kill with Guillotona Noxiana, Darius should know how much damage he does with it so that, once his enemy has a life less than his damage, he can execute it immediately. For this, Hemorrhage it's of vital importance. However, Darius's enemies still wouldn't have enough items to deal too much damage to him or to properly withstand his attacks, so Decimate takes on great importance.

    Darius should start with a Ravenous Hydra, as his AD will be significantly increased and because his passive triggers the effect of Hemorrhage. Afterwards, it would not be bad to think of an Omen of Randuin or a Spirit Face, to get Life, Armor and / or Magic Resistance.

    Half of the Game

    Darius will need Life, Armor and Magic Resistance to be able to face his enemies efficiently without losing too much life or a not very high percentage. Likewise, Darius could also sacrifice some of his Tank qualities to increase those of a Fighter, such as adding a Bloodthirsty or a Black Blade to his objects in order to cause more damage in less time.

    Near this point, the Lines Phase will begin to break down. Take advantage of Catch together with Atrocious Strike in order to lure the enemy towards the team and slow them down to finish them off. Uses Guillotina Noxiana frequently, but cautiously. If you see that you don't need it, don't use it.

    If you face 1v1 a champion, use Decimate first to deal additional damage while keeping your distances. Try to get closer without using Catch and throw in a few basics. When he starts to escape, use Catch to retain it and Atrocious Strike to make it difficult for him to escape. Use one last time Decimate and, if you still have some life, top it off with Guillotina Noxiana.

    End of the Game

    In Team-Fight, Darius can be of very high importance. With enough AD, he will sweep all enemies off the map and with enough Health, Armor and / or Magic Resistance he can take all enemy attacks without being particularly affected.

    Because of the Ulti and its set of Skills, making a Pentakill is easier than with other champions: simply, when you and your team have weakened the enemy team enough, you will have to kill them one by one thanks to Guillotina Noxiana and its possibility of relaunching it. If you don't kill them all, use your Items or your other Skills to kill the other enemies.

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