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    • Ekko is voiced by José Antonio Toledano in LATAM and Jesús Barreda in EUW.
    • Ekko is a homophone pun on Echo / ˈɛkoʊ /;
      • from Ancient Greek ἠχώ /ɛː.kʰɔ̌ː/ "sound" (var. Ἠχή /ɛː.kʰɛ̌ː/ & ἦχος /ɛ̂ː.kʰos/)
      • While Ekko himself does not have a sound theme nor does he take it from the nymph of Greek mythology, the idea is that his past self from his constant rewinding of time serves as an echo of the divided timelines he left behind to achieve the results you want (as evidenced by your holographic projections in Parallel Convergence and Cronorruptura).
      • His name also refers to John 'Mikky Ekko' Stephen Sudduth and his first album 'Time'.
      • In addition to the proverbial and literal 'Ekkos of the past' its name, having two Ks (KK) refers to the Rewind symbol ⏪.
    • Its title refers to the girl who leapt through time.
    • Ekko's concept is simplified to 'Time Killer with Rewind'. [2] Its design was inspired by Zilean. [3]
      • Their production names were 'Time Thumper' and 'Time Killer'. [4] In the game it was called 'Genius Punk'.
      • Production started after the release of Kalista, [5] his concept and skills took eight months from start to finish. [6]
    • Examples of Cronorruptura iterations: [7]
      • Ekko globally saves everyone's state (mana, health, cooldown, position, etc.) After 8 seconds, anyone who is not dead returns to the saved state (cannot rewind death). This was discarded because it promoted uncalculated commitments and was quite disruptive. [8]
      • Ekko returns himself and a target enemy champion to wherever they were 4 seconds ago. This was scrapped because it was super powerful.
    • Ekko's release was leaked by both data mining and 4chan's image board.
    • Piltovan's Killer of Cronorruptura was inspired by the 1931 German film METRO. [9]


    XII in the 'bat' of Ekko

    • Ekko is a 16-17 year old teenager, younger than Jinx and We. [10]
      • As Jinx and I saw, 'Ekko' is not his real name, but rather what his friends call him. [eleven]
    • Ekko is basically a gifted and unrefined genius who tends to take on more than he can initially handle. He managed to create the Zero-Drive and the Time Rewinder simply through trial and error, and as a result splits the timeline to fuel his perfectionism [12]
    • Ekko primarily uses the Z-Drive to undo his mistakes and find key points to exploit, such as taking down a Vigilnaut (the technologically augmented thug he fought in Seconds). [13]
    • Ekko's body retains some physical effects of the rewind, including physical pain and mental fatigue. [14] [15]
    • Ekko's face paint and the Zero-Drive are shaped like an hourglass, an expression of his personality, as well as the symbol he adopted for himself. [16]
      • Show the same Zaunita street fashion as Jinx and Vi (with Ekko's necklace being identical to the hextech bolts on his gauntlets)
    • Ekko's 'bat' is a second-hand watch that he stole from a Piltover clock tower (as evidenced by the Roman 'XII' at its base) [17]
    • Ekko believes and cares for Zaun and his future despite not fully understanding the bigger picture.
    • As his joke shows, the Zero-Drive sometimes works unexpectedly.
      • Being a makeshift hextech product powered by a shattered crystal of undocumented properties, it might have something to do with it.
        • And that also implies that the The current Zero-Drive is not the first of many broken before.
    • El Time Rewinder works with the Zero-Drive.
      • At first, Ekko had another role in mind (probably a smoke / flash grenade), but several successive malfunctions led to his current incarnation.


    • "I'm not an angel. "and" Yes, put a angel at work. I could take a break. "They could be referencing Pit as Dark Pit in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
    • "It is like if it was made for me. "and" How can I not buy this? "they refer to the pun in their name, the item and the word they came from, as well as that the item is an efficient purchase for Ekko in terms of statistics.
    • "Never go to Full robot. "is a game on a Tropic Thunder quote (" You are never totally late ").
    • "I'll never be like this guy." applies to both Jayce (the selfish fan of the Cocky Piltillos) already Viktor (amoral cyborg is part of Zaun's ethical bankruptcy)
    • "I have seen your future and it has broken bones." looks like "I've seen your death, it was painful" from Zilean.
    • "Do not blink". e Reverse Polarity! "could be quoting Doctor Who.
    • " You give Zaun a bad name. "Could be referring to ou Give Love A Bad Name by Bon Jovi.
    • "I am old enough to buy this. "jokingly means that minors are prohibited from buying spirits.
    • "Tomorrow is the last of my worries" is a reference to The Defender of Tomorrow.
    • Ekko shares quotes with Jayce:
      • "Never look back."
    • sivir
      • "Attention!"
      • "Catch him!"


    • It looks like The Kid of Bastion.
      • His bat looks like Transistor's titular gun.
        • Both games were created by Supergiant Games.
    • It could have been inspired by the Scout from Team Fortress 2. [18]
    • The slums of Zaun and its residual image can be seen in the background.
      • The writing behind Ekko resembles Alienese from Futurama.
    Ekko Tormenta de Arena
    Chromas: Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Sandstone, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the 'Sandstorm' theme with:
      • Katarina Sandstorm
    • Hace referencia a Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time.
    • The bat is modeled after an African Ikakalaka.
    Ekko Academia
    • This skin shares the Academy theme with:
      • Ahri Academia
      • Darius Academy
      • Vladimir Academy
      • Director Fiora
      • Professor Ryze
    • It refers to high school offenders from South Korea.
    • The group is in room 1337, which refers to Leetspeak.
    • One of the mathematical formulas on the board is the definition of the derivative.
    PROJECT: Ekko
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Camille Program
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
      • PROJECT: Fiora
      • PROJECT: Irelia
      • PROYECTO: Jhin
      • PROJECT: Jinx
      • PROJECT: Katarina
      • PROJECT: Leona
      • PROJECT: Lucian
      • PROJECT: Mordekaiser
      • PROJECT: Pyke
      • PROJECT: Renekton
      • PROJECT: Sejuani
      • PROJECT: Senna
      • PROJECT: Sylas
      • PROJECT: Varus
      • PROJECT: Vayne
      • PROJECT: Vi
      • PROJECT: Warwick
      • PROJECT: Yasuo
      • PROJECT: Zed
      • PROJECT: Yi
    • The holograms on the right have planes of PROJECT: Yi and PROJECT: Zed.
    • He is from an alternate future where he was cybernetically augmented as part of the PROJECT Initiative.
    • If one says to PROJECT: Ashe who fights for 'liertad', she will say the following:
      • " Boy, do you copy? "
      • "Time to leave."
      • "We will alter our odds."
      • QWQRE83 Chrono Blade.
    Echo SKT T1
    • This skin shares the World Champions: SKT T1 theme with:
      • Alistar SKT T1
      • Azir SKT T1
      • Elise SKT T1
      • Jax SKT T1
      • Jhin SKT T1
      • Kalista SKT T1
      • Lee Sin SKT T1
      • Nami SKT T1
      • Olaf SKT T1
      • Renekton SKT T1
      • Ryze SKT T1
      • Syndra SKT T1
      • Vayne SKT T1
      • Zac SKT T1
      • Zed SKT T1
      • Office SKT T1
    • He was released in celebration of SKT T1's victory at the 2016 World Championship along with:
      • Jhin SKT T1
      • Nami SKT T1
      • Olaf SKT T1
      • Syndra SKT T1
      • Zac SKT T1
      • SKT T1 kkOma Ward
    • He represents Duke.
      • The idea of ​​animating your Recovery was thought up by Duke himself and shows his signature.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    Ekko Trick or Treat
    Chromas: Amethyst, Emerald, Golden, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Trick or Treat theme with:
      • Haunted Elise
      • Haunted Janna
      • Haunted Miss Fortune
      • Haunted Morgana
      • Bewitched Nidalee
      • Haunted Tristana
      • Count Kassadin
      • Count Kledula
      • Annie FrankenTibbers
      • Haunted Maokai
      • Embryo Office
      • Haunted Nocturne
      • The Headless Hecarim
      • Katarina Minina
      • Little Demon Fizz
      • Little Teemon
      • World world
      • Vladimir Nosferatu
      • Haunted Miss Fortune Prestigious Edition
      • Pumpkin Prince Amumu
      • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
      • LeBlanc Daughter of the Ravens
      • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
      • Blitzcrank Witch's Cauldron
    • Haunted Janna and Skaarl by Count Kledula can be seen in the background of his illustration.
    • He was released in celebration of Harrowing 2018 along with:
      • Haunted Janna
      • Count Kledula
    Echo True Damage
    Chromas: Amethyst, Catseye, Freestyle, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the True Damage theme with:
      • Qiyana True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Senna True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Yasuo True Damage Prestigious Edition
      • Akali True Damage
      • Qiyana True Damage
      • Senna True Damage
      • Yasuo True Damage
    • His design was inspired by Miles Morales from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse.
      • the visual effects of his abilities share visual and sound characteristics just like those in the movie.
    • His teasing animation is a reference to YouTube user SUPAHOTFIRE DESHAWN's Rap battle.
    Ekko Pulse of Fire
    Chromas: Amethyst, Chrono, Citrine, Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Pulse of Fire theme with:
      • Fiddlesticks Pretoriano
      • Praetorian Graves
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire Prestigious Edition
      • Caitlyn Pulse of Fire
      • Ezreal Pulse of Fire
      • Fiora Pulse of Fire
      • Lucian Pulse of Fire
      • Pantheon Pulse of Fire
      • Riven Pulse of Fire
      • Shen Pulse of Fire
      • Thresh Pulse of Fire
      • Twisted Fate Pulse of Fire
    • Thresh Pulse of Fire can be seen in the background of his illustration.


    • Ekko's parents work overtime at one of Zaun's many factories, so they are rarely home. [19]
    • The memorial wall Ekko visits often has paintings of girls with blue hair ( Jinx) and pink ( We).
      • They were all part of the same gang before going their separate ways.
        • Ekko was in love with Jinx before starting to talk to Fishbeam and Five-Five.
        • He believes in I saw and wishes him to return to Zaun, but he is unaware of his amnesia.
    • Ekko doesn't like Piltillos like Jayce, Ezreal, and Caitlyn, as she sees them as arrogant and selfish.
      • He is convinced that Piltover is not the only progressive city in Valoran and is proud to be a Zaunite.
        • Seeing his old friends go to the City of Progress gave him a bit of disgust.
          • Not to mention that his 12-year-old friend Ajuna was killed by a Piltillo. [twenty]
        • Has no grudge against Zilean even though he resides in Piltover.
          • The Guardian of Time (and especially Bardo) might be worried about Ekko dividing the timeline. [twenty-one]
        • He go to Ezreal as a poser. [22]
      • For him, Jayce and Viktor are the opposite ends of the same decaying spectrum, and he hopes he doesn't turn out like either of them. [23. XNUMX]
    • Ekko also doesn't like Zaunites like Viktor, Singed, y Dr. Mundo, as they embody everything that is wrong with the city.
      • The pity you feel for Urgot goes so far as to imply that he would give him his Zero-Drive Zero-Drive just to save the augmented resurrection.
      • He had a pet rat named Mr. Tails. Twitch reminds him of Mr. Tails and thinks it could be him.
      • Ekko likes Zac and what he does for Zaun to the point where it would literally beat him to see the kind of things he's literally made of. [24]
      • Likes Blitzcrank for unknown reasons and fights alongside him in The Climb.
    • Ekko has never met a Yordle and has only heard stories from them. [25]
      • If he met Rumble, I would respect him for his ingenuity in building a mechanized suit from junk. [26]
      • I would also respect Heimerdinger as an inventor despite residing and working for Piltover. [27]


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