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    • Rakan is voiced by Luis Fernando Orozco in LATAM and by Juan Antonio Soler in EUW.
    • The dual version of Rakan and Xayah is the first since V1.0.0.72.
      • They were also the first champions released in 2017.
    • Rakan and Xayah's loading screens are always aligned to the right side before a game starts and when they are chosen on the same team (to reflect their shared artwork).
    • Rakan's cloak is actually his wings disguised by Vastayana magic to blend in with humans.
    • Rakan and Xayah are sometimes depicted together with combined wings. The one-winged Jian bird in Chinese mythology has a similar codependency, representing the bond of two lovers.
    • Rakan has the lowest basic attack range among champions.  the distance (300 units).
    • Rakan's favorite human food is chocolate; Although the theobromine in chocolate can poison Rakan due to his half bird physiology, his half human can help metabolize the compound and alleviate its effects.
    • Rakan's dance referenced Jailhouse Rock by Elvis Presley.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
        • He shares this dance with Pantheon.
    • When Rakan attacks from a far distance he hits his target with his cloak, if he is closer, he will hit them instead.
      • At cast, Rakan had a hidden passive: he also dealt 1 more physical damage with his fists. [1]
    • His name resembles the Malay noun rakan "friend, relative";
      • o la lectura on'yomi del Chino medio (A) Rakan (* ʔA) -lɑ-xɑn H <Sánscrito arhat "digno"
    • He is the only champion with 3 points in 3 skills according to the customer's ranking.


    • Rakan's placeholder model during production was a Thresh SSW with a giant mustache from Pink braum for wings. [3]
    • Rakan is confirmed to have ADHD based on his voice lines and in-game short story. [4]
      • This was confirmed by Odin 'WAAARGHbobo' Shafer, who explained that they indirectly gave Rakan ADHD through the joining of parts of his personality, as well as events from his friends and family, to create him.
    • August 'jinxylord' Browning was the designer who originally started exploring at Rakan but Jimmy 'Beat PunchBeef' Steorts took over the project when he moved to Research and Development.
    • During development it was simply called "Duo Support".
      • Xayah was called Duo Carry instead.
    • Rakan's dual recovery animation and Xayah is divided into three sections, an introduction, a middle section, and then an exit. The entire sequence would take 8 seconds if Rakan and Xayah recovered at exactly the same time, while the intro and out are both (2 seconds). The system will always play the intro, then always play the output when 2 seconds remain in the animation, regardless of how long the center section has played. This means that the characters will blend from whatever position they are in, up to the first pose on the outside of the sequence. [5]
    • Kayn was originally slated to be the antagonist of Xayah and Friend. [6]
    • The influences for Xayah and Rakan incluyen April Ludgate de Parks and Recreation, Kubo and the Two Strings y We Never Never Go Home. [7] [8]
    • Some discarded abilities shared with Xayah include: [9] [10]
      • An ability that would fire lightning like Disintegrating Beam of Living Things, but they could shoot them together and combine them into one mega beam.
      • Another skill shared with Xayah was one that would create a storm cloud that would follow them and could summon lightning in the area to stun people. The other had a gust of wind that would knock down enemies.
    • Some possible themes explored for Xayah and Rakan included being a vampire couple or being a shaman and a storm elemental. [11] [12]


    • The name of his tribe, Lhotlan, is named after Lhotl, a Vastayashai'rei hero during the war against a race of titans from heaven.
    • He was originally destined to be 28 years old, but because he was a young Vastaya, he is more than a few hundred years old. [13]


    • Friend y Xayah share unique interactions depending on the situation.
      • Both are the first champions to feature ping-related lines.
    • Your selection appointment "Let's dance!" It is a reference to the song of the same name by David Bowie.
    • "The only way to understand magic is to immerse yourself in it, move with it, dance and dance!" is similar to the quote "The only way to make sense of change is to dive into move with it and join the dance" by British speaker and mystic Alan Watts, whose teachings included philosophies similar to those found in Rakan quotes.
    • "We are seen dancing and we think crazy, by those who cannot listen to music" refers to a famous quote from Friedrich Nietzsche.
    • "When I get sad, I stop being sad and instead I'm amazing. True story" and "Challenge accepted!" they reference Barney Stinson from How I Met Your Mother.
    • "I've been kicked since I was born. It's okay! It's okay! I'm staying alive!" is a reference to the song Stayin 'Alive by the Bee Gees.
    • One of Rakan's recovery quotes, "Come on! Baby! Baby? Baby? Baby!" It may be a reference to a line from YouTube personality Markiplier Silent Hill (Playable teaser video).
    • One of Rakan's move quotes, "Ha! I'm, G to D! Golden Diamonds, boy! Woo!", May be a reference to the song "Crayon" by G-dragon ((Crayon) M/V).
    • One of Rakan's movement quotes, "Name a genius who is not crazy.", Is a reference to the song Feedback by Kanye West.


    • Their avian features combine those of many colorful male Galliforms, such as roosters, peacocks, pheasants, and the mythical Phoenix.
    • It looks like Tumnus from Narnia.
    • He wears a shoulder pad made from a 20px Dagarraco skull and adorned with a pair of feathers of Xayah (she wears an identical one adorned with a pair of feathers his).
    • He shares his illustration with Xayah.
      • They are the first champions to share their classic artwork, the other two are Kayle y Morgana.
    Rakan Cosmic Dawn
    • This skin shares the Event Horizon theme with:
      • Lux Cosmic
      • Master Yi Cosmic Sword
      • Hecarim Cosmic Cavalry
      • Xin Zhao Cosmic Defender
      • Nami Cosmic Destiny
      • Cosmic Devourer Vladimir
      • Xayah Cosmic Twilight
      • Cosmic Charming Lulu
      • Anivia Cosmic Flight
      • Cosmic Hunter Varus
      • Nidalee Cosmic Huntress
      • Cosmic Summoner Illaoi
      • Ashe Cosmic Queen
      • Kassadin Cosmic Reaper
      • Cosmic Stinger Skarner
      • Jhin Cosmic Darkness
      • Lissandra Cosmic Darkness
      • Lux Cosmic Darkness
      • Cho'Gath Dark Estrella
      • Jarvan IV Dark Star
      • Dark Star Karma
      • Kha'Zix Dark Star
      • Dark Star Malphite
      • Dark Star Mordekaiser
      • Orianna Dark Star
      • Shaco Dark Star
      • Dark Star Thresh
      • Dark Star Varus
      • Xerath Dark Star
      • Malphite Dark Star Prestigious Edition
      • Dark Star Rhaast
    • This skin was released along with:
      • Master Yi Cosmic Sword
      • Xayah Cosmic Twilight
    • It could be referencing The Creation of Adam by Michelangelo.
    Rakan Cariñosito
    • This skin shares the Heartbreaker theme with:
      • I saw Heartbreaker
      • Heartbreaker Fiora
      • Ashe Heartseeker
      • Jinx Buscacorazones
      • Lucian Heartseeker
      • Orianna Buscacorazones
      • Quinn Heartseeker
      • Heartseeker Varus
      • Vayne Buscacorazones
      • Yuumi Heartseeker
      • Sweetheart Annie
      • Sweetheart Sona
      • Sweetheart Xayah
    • He was released in celebration of Valentine's Day 2018 along with:
      • Sweetheart Xayah
    SSG friend
    • This skin shares the World Champions: SSG theme with:
      • Ezreal SSG
      • Gnar SSG
      • Jarvan IV SSG
      • Taliyah SSG
      • Xayah SSG
    • He was released in celebration of SSG's victory in the 2017 season World Championship along with:
      • Ezreal SSG
      • Gnar SSG
      • Jarvan IV SSG
      • Taliyah SSG
      • Xayah SSG
    • Represents CoreJJ.
      • The idea of ​​animation recovery was thought by CoreJJ himself and shows his signature.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
          • The hat he wears in his Solo Recovery is a traditional hat to pass the government tests in Korea.
      • The idea of ​​animation shared recovery shared with Xayah SSG was thought by Ruler and CoreJJ themselves.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
          • They hold up a Summoner's Cup in their shared recovery animation.
    • Xayah SSG and Rakan SSG are references to the Korean magpie. [14]
    Friend iG
    • This skin shares the World Champions: IG theme with:
      • Camille iG
      • Fiora iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
    • He was released in celebration of Invictus Gaming's victory in the 2018 Season World Championship along with:
      • Camille iG
      • Fiora iG
      • Irelia iG
      • Kai'Sa iG
      • LeBlanc iG
    • Representa a Baolan.
      • The idea for the animation of recovery was thought up by Baolan himself and shows his Company.
    • This is the first Rakan skin to not come with a complementary Xayah skin.
    Star Guardian Rakan
    Chrome: Aquamarine, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Star Guardians theme with:
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Neeko Star Guardian Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Soraka Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Ahri
      • Star Guardian Ezreal
      • Star Guardian Janna
      • Star Guardian Jinx
      • Star Guardian Lulu
      • Star Guardian Lux
      • Star Guardian Miss Fortune
      • Star Guardian Neeko
      • Star Guardian Poppy
      • Star Guardian Soraka
      • Star Guardian Syndra
      • Star Guardian Xayah
      • Star Guardian Zoe
    • Several of his animations are a reference to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
    • Its original uncorrupted form can be seen briefly when used Shimmering Quill, Grand Entrance and when he recovers without Xayah.
      • Its totally corrupted form can be seen briefly when used Haste and when it recovers with and without Xayah.
    • Riku, Rakan's familiar spirit, acts as his Shimmering Quill and Combat Dance.
    Friend Bosqueviejo
    Chromas: Catseye, Emberwood, Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Eclipse theme with:
      • Ahri Aquelarre
      • Ashe Aquelarre
      • Camille Coven
      • Cassiopeia Aquelarre
      • Evelynn Aquelarre
      • LeBlanc Aquelarre
      • Lissandra Aquelarre
      • Morgana Aquelarre
      • Office Aquelarre
      • Elise Deathpetal
      • Kha'Zix Deadly Petal
      • Soraka Dríade
      • Ahri Bosqueviejo
      • Azir Old Sketch
      • Old Sketch Bard
      • Hecarim Old Sketch
      • LeBlanc Old Sketch
      • Ornn Bosqueviejo
      • Veigar Old Sketch
      • Xayah Old Sketch
      • Taric Esmeralda
      • Leona Eclipse Lunar
      • Ivern Ancient God
      • Malphite Ancient God
      • Nocturne Ancient God
      • Warwick Ancient God
      • LeBlanc Coven Prestigious Edition
      • Zyra Aquelarre Prestigious Edition
      • Leona Solar Eclipse
    • This skin is a direct reference to Oberon, a fairy king from medieval and Renaissance literature as A Midsummer Night's Dream.


    • Rakan is a Vastaya Lhotlan who travels Ionia as a wandering artist. After meeting and establishing a relationship with Xayah, both of them travel through Ionia to prevent Ionia's natural magic from being controlled by humans.
      • They are not married, since Xayah wants to hear him propose to her every day.
    • Friend y Xayah fought against Zed and his Order of Shadows in Wild Magic to prevent them from harvesting a magical forest for the Kashuri Armories, the creators of Murmur of Jhin.


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