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    Each filtering bag gestures o emoticons They are expressive images used primarily in League of Legends as cosmetic sparkles. League emotes typically feature champions with expressed popular emotions. Some emotes are used in-game, while others are used on social media sites.


    • 1 Usage
    • 2 Emotes
      • 2.1 Available
      • 2.2 Leveling emotes
      • 2.3 Classified Emotes
      • 2.4 Twitch Prime
      • 2.5 Legacy Emotes
      • 2.6 Emporium Essence
      • 2.7 Unavailable
      • 2.8 Unknown availability
      • 2.9 Mission rewards not released
      • 2.10 eSport emotes not released
      • 2.11 Exclusive Chinese Server Emotes
      • 2.12 Old system
    • 3 Social Media Emotes
      • 3.1 Masquerade
    • 4 Multimedia
    • 5 References


    Default Hotkey [T]

    Available for free


    Emotes can be purchased from the store for 350 a piece. During the initial launch, all Emotes were made available for sale for 350 ((where they originally cost 450). Since patch V8.12 the price of emotes has been reduced from the beginning 450 to 350 permanently. A Thumbs Up Emote is freely unlocked for all accounts.

    Emotes can be equipped in the player's collection or from Champion Select. The equipment includes a radial that can hold up to five emotes, as well as slots for Start Game, First Blood, Ace, and Win.

    Once in the game, you can access the pop-up window using the assigned hotkey (default: [T]). The Start Game and End Game emotes will be activated automatically. Players can only activate a certain number of Emotes, including Champion Mastery Emotes, within a short amount of time before having to wait to use another. Champion Mastery is still activated with its own hotkey.

    You can mute Enemy Emotes individually from the Scoreboard, or disable them completely from Settings.



    These emotes are available in The Store for 350.

    According to PlanCup-Yay!Gonna Be A BlastLet's Do ThisYou're NextAngry KittenCatch Me If You Can!Cheeky PoroChubDelightifyDespairDoes Not ComputeExcited KittenGrouchyHappy To See YouHopping MadHow Could YouM'PenguMuch LoveNice TryOutrageousPeace PoroOh Darn (Greetings)Scout-ApprovedTea timeCharmedJustice Garen-teedYou Get The HornsSad KittenUnbenchedCome at MeD'PenguWas that Me?Goodbye, Friend!Maybe Next TimeDressed to KillDeal with GritEverything is OkayLittle CamperBee MadBee SadBee HappyHype KittyJoy PenguGo Team!YikesOkaySqueeAre You SeriousNow See HereAww YissWahahaSo LameTough TimesGoshGollyGet inHowdyToot TootTears of JoyGotta Run!Easy EZOMG I love itI will destroy youHaha you fell!All According To PlanUnworthyAre You Kidding?Go Get 'EmFired UpTouch MeDislikeWhat the Bread?It MeNever AgainMe-owMy WordOH BOY

    Leveling emotes

    These emotes are awarded to players who reach certain summoner levels.

    Poro PalLegend 1Legend 2Legend 3Legend 4Legend 5Legend 6Legend 7Legend 8Legend 9Legend 10Legend 11Legend 12Legend 13Legend 14Legend 15Legend 16Legend 17Legend 18Legend 19Legend 20

    Classified Emotes

    These emotes are rewards divided during the Ranked Season. You unlock an emote when you reach 500 split points. The emote is dynamic and will change depending on your locations.

    • Season 2019 - Split 1
    • Season 2019 - Split 2

    Season 2019 - Split 1 - IronSeason 2019 - Split 1 - BronzeTemporada 2019 - Split 1 - SilverTemporada2019 - Split 1 - GoldSeason 2019 - Split 1 - PlatinumTemporada 2019 - Split 1 - DiamondTemporada 2019 - Split 1 - MasterSeason 2019 - Split 1 - GrandmasterSeason 2019 - Split 1 - Challenger

    Season 2019 - Split 2 - IronTemporada2019 - Split 2 - BronzeTemporada 2019 - Split 2 - SilverSeason 2019 - Split 2 - GoldSeason 2019 - Split 2 - PlatinumTemporada 2019 - Split 2 - DiamondTemporada 2019 - Split 2 - MasterSeason 2019 - Split 2 - GrandmasterSeason 2019 - Split 2 - Challenger

    Twitch Prime

    These emotes can only be obtained from Twitch Prime capsules. Each capsule gives the user an exclusive emote.

    Hype Pengu BlueHype Pengu RedHype Pengu PurpleHype Pengu Orange

    Legacy Emotes

    These emotes are not available in the store, however they can be removed using Hextech Crafting, Honor Capsules, or Hextech Mystery Emote.

    • April Fools
    • Arcade
    • Bilgewater
    • Harrowing
    • Lunar Revel
    • Odyssey
    • Pool Party
    • Snowdown Showdown
    • Valentine's Day
    • Versus

    Draven Approves!Lord's Poppy!Raise your Dongers!Tyrant UrfBORFMine!Dogs vs Cats

    KOGame Over

    Naut BadKraken SkullsVitamin SeaYou Look FamiliarShock And Ahhh

    MinionsteinVampireSpook o 'Lantern

    Got 'EmGood fortuneYip!Rawr!Sup Dawg?Guard DawgShhhh OinkBlep KenchHappy Landings

    Oh!BlepSurpriseSo cool

    Snoozy PoroPool Party PenguShell shocked

    AdoeableOh deerSmooooochieMy CocoaFrom Jinx, With Love

    HeartbreakerCuporoTell Me More...Sign of LoveOh Please...WPGGGLHF

    Oh noPlease?Such was

    Esencia Emporio

    These emotes are only available during and through the Esencia Emporio.

    But Why? ( 25,000 )Make It Rain ( 50,000 )Money Bags ( 75,000 )


    General Surrender at 20Dark Star Cho'Gath Mission PROJECT Hunters 2017BraumbreadDravenbreadYear of the DogMSI 2018Bilgewater 2018US 2018Good Job, Buddy!Pool Party 2018Odyssey Recruit EmoteOdyssey Veteran EmoteWorld Championship 2018 EmoteSqueal!The CouncilThe UnitedThe FacelessThe WarbandThe Golden United Elaboration Golden Championship 2018 EmoteRIP EmoteMic Drop EmotePoro RideBraumbreadDravenbreadHow DeliciousImpressive!Worthy AdversaryWonderful...B-baka!All for youKOAnimated D'PenguGame Over eSport Viewing Reward All-Star Super-Fan EmoteThemes Number 1 Fan Recompensas Defender of the LeagueChampion of the LeagueConqueror of the LeagueHat's Off eSports
    • Worlds 2017
    • MSI 2018
    • Worlds 2018

    Worlds 2017 Master EmoteWorlds 2017 FenerbahceWorlds 2017 ahq e-Sports ClubWorlds 2017 Cloud9Worlds 2017 Dire WolvesWorlds 2017 EDward GamingWorlds 2017 Flash WolvesWorlds 2017 FnaticWorlds 2017 G2 SportsWorlds 2017 Gambit GamingWorlds 2017 GIGABYTE MarinesWorlds 2017 Hong Kong AttitudeWorlds 2017 ImmortalsWorlds 2017 Kaos Latin GamersWorlds 2017 Longzhu GamingWorlds 2017 Lyon GamingWorlds 2017 Misfits GamingWorlds 2017 RampageWorlds 2017 Royal Never Give UpWorlds 2017 Samsung GalaxyWorlds 2017 SKT T1Worlds 2017 Team oNe eSportsWorlds 2017 Team SoloMidWorlds 2017 Team WE EmoteWorlds 2017 Young Generation

    MSI 2018 Ascension GamingMSI 2018 Dire WolvesMSI 2018 EVOS SportsMSI 2018 FnaticMSI 2018 Flash WolvesMSI 2018 Gambit GamingMSI 2018 KaBuM! e-SportsMSI 2018 T-shirt Latin GamersMSI 2018 Kingzone DragonXMSI 2018 PENTAGRAMMSI 2018 Rainbow7MSI 2018 Royal Never Give UpMSI 2018 SuperMassive eSportsMSI 2018 Team Liquid

    Championship 2018Worlds 2018 100 ThievesWorlds 2018 Afreeca FreecsWorlds 2018 Ascension GamingWorlds 2018 SuperMassiveWorlds 2018 Cloud 9Worlds 2018 Dire WolvesWorlds 2018 DetonatioN FocusMeWorlds 2018 EDward GamingWorlds 2018 Flash WolvesWorlds 2018 FnaticWorlds 2018 G-RexWorlds 2018 G2 SportsWorlds 2018 Gambit SportsWorlds 2018 Generation Gaming CRWorlds 2018 Infinity eSportsWorlds 2018 Invictus GamingWorlds 2018 KaBum! sportsWorlds 2018 Kaos Latin GamersWorlds 2018 KT RollerWorlds 2018 MAD TeamWorlds 2018 Buffalo DanceWorlds 2018 Royal Never Give UpWorlds 2018 Team LiquidWorlds 2018 Team VitalityWorlds 2018 100 Thieves (Gold)Worlds 2018 Afreeca Freecs (Gold)Worlds 2018 Ascension Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 SuperMassive eSport (Gold)Worlds 2018 Cloud9 (Gold)Worlds 2018 Dire Wolves (Gold)Worlds 2018 DetonatioN FocusMe (Gold)Worlds 2018 EDward Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Flash Wolves (Gold)Worlds 2018 Fnatic (Gold)Worlds 2018 G-Rex (Gold)Worlds 2018 G2 Esports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Gambit Esports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Generation Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Infinity eSports CR (Gold)Worlds 2018 Invitctus Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 KaBum! e-Sports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Kaos Latin Gamers (Gold)Worlds 2018 KT Rolsters (Gold)Worlds 2018 MAD Team (Gold)Worlds 2018 Phong Vu Buffalo (Gold)Worlds 2018 Royal Never Give Up (Gold)Worlds 2018 Team Liquid (Gold)Worlds 2018 Team Vitality (Gold) Expect from the common 2018 Championship Emote, all eSports Emotes have been bundle exclusive. The golden eSports Emotes have been bundle exclusive for the Gold Supporter Bundle.

    Unknown availability

    The availability of these Emotes is currently unknown.

    Poro LuvNeener KittyNotice Me PenguOh Snap PoroNo RetreatUnlucky BunnyTeary EyesTeamwork!oopsChina Masters ChallengeMaster's Challenge Season 3GOlafMaster's Challenger Season 4 Emote.pngMaster's Challenger Season 4

    Mission rewards not released

    Only the winning faction got their Emotes released on the Live Server.

    The Golden CouncilThe Golden FacelessThe Golden Warband

    The Golden Council Emote.png|The Golden Council

    Unreleased eSport emotes

    Only qualified teams from the events got their Emotes on Live's server.

    • Worlds 2017
    • MSI 2018
    • Worlds 2018

    Worlds 2017 Afreeca FreecsWorlds 2017 Avant GamingWorlds 2017 Chiefs eSports ClubWorlds 2017 Counter Logic GamingWorlds 2017 FlyQuestWorlds 2017 H2k-GamingWorlds 2017 Infinity eSportsWorlds 2017 Invictus GamingWorlds 2017 KT RollerWorlds 2017 Kuala Lumpur HuntersWorlds 2017 Legacy SportsWorlds 2017 M19Worlds 2017 NewbeeWorlds 2017 Oh My GodWorlds 2017 paiN GamingWorlds 2017 Snake SportsWorlds 2017 SplyceWorlds 2017 Suning GamingWorlds 2017 Team DignitasWorlds 2017 Unicorns of Love

    MSI 2018 100 ThievesMSI 2018 1907 FenerbahceMSI 2018 6SenseMSI 2018 Afreeca FreecsMSI 2018 Bilibili GamingMSI 2018 Dark PassageMSI 2018 DetonatioN FocusMeMSI 2018 EDward GamingMSI 2018 FunPlus PhoenixMSI 2018 G-RexMSI 2018 G2 SportsMSI 2018 Gaming GamingMSI 2018 GIGABYTE MarinesMSI 2018 Infinity eSportsMSI 2018 Invictus GamingMSI 2018 JD GamingMSI 2018 Keyd StarsMSI 2018 KT RollerMSI 2018 Machi E-SportsMSI 2018 MAD TeamMSI 2018 Oh My GodMSI 2018 Rebirth eSportsMSI 2018 Rogue WarriorsMSI 2018 Riyak BanditsMSI 2018 Snake SportsMSI 2018 Suning Gaming EmoteMSI 2018 Team AURORAMSI 2018 Team WEMSI 2018 Unsold Stuff GamingMSI 2018 YouthCrew Sports

    Worlds 2018 Clutch GamingWorlds 2018 Cube AdonisWorlds 2018 Dash9 GamingWorlds 2018 Echo FoxWorlds 2018 EVOS SportsWorlds 2018 FC Schalke 04 SportsWorlds 2018 Flamengo eSportsWorlds 2018 Friends Forever QTV GamingWorlds 2018 GriffinWorlds 2018 Hong Kong AttitudeWorlds 2018 J TeamWorlds 2018 JD GamingWorlds 2018 Kingzone DragonXWorlds 2018 Machi E-SportsWorlds 2018 Misfits GamingWorlds 2018 PENTAGRAMWorlds 2018 Rebirth eSportsWorlds 2018 Rogue WarriorsWorlds 2018 Royal BanditsWorlds 2018 SK Telecon T1Worlds 2018 SplyceWorlds 2018 Team SoloMidWorlds 2018 Unsold Stuff GamingWorlds 2018 Clutch Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Cube Adonis (Gold)Worlds 2018 Dash9 Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Echo Fox (Gold)Worlds 2018 EVOS Sports (Gold)Worlds 2018 FC Schalke 04 Esports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Flamengo eSports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Friends Forever GTV Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Griffin (Gold)Worlds 2018 Hong Kong Attitude (Gold)Worlds 2018 J Team (Gold)Worlds 2018 JD Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 Kingzone DragonX (Gold)Worlds 2018 Machi E-Sports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Misfits Gaming (Gold)Worlds 2018 PENTAGRAM (Gold)Worlds 2018 Rebirth eSports (Gold)Worlds 2018 Rogue Warrior (Gold)Worlds 2018 Royal Bandits (Gold)Worlds 2018 SK Telecom T1 (Gold)Worlds 2018 Splyce(Gold)Worlds 2018 Team SoloMid (Gold)Worlds 2018 Unsold Stuff Gaming (Gold)

    Chinese Server Exclusive Emotes

    So LameWahahaAww YissI will destroy youOMG I love itHaha you fell!Poro RideAll According To PlanUnworthyAre You Kidding?OinkSqueal!Blep KenchHappy LandingsHow Delicious

    Old system

    The following Emotes were released prior to the implementation of the Emote system (described above). These icons were tied to having specific Summoner icons equipped, their use was limited to the duration of the event in which they were featured and replaced the Champion Mastery flash. Should these Emotes return in the future, they will be incorporated into the new system and will be freely awarded to players who have previously earned them. Patch 7.24 reintroduced six of these old Emotes to the new system.

    emote Icon Reintroduced Old Requirement New Requirement
    All-Star Fire 2016 No Bought the All-Star Fire Icon 2016 N/A
    All-Star Ice 2016 No Bought the All-Star Ice Icon 2016 N/A
    N/A No April Fools Day 2016 N/A
    Poro Snax Lover 2016 Yes Crafted with 36 Snowdown Sweets during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 2 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
    Re-Gifted Amumu 2016 Yes Crafted with 24 Snowdown Sweets during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 1 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
    Snowbells 2016 Yes Bought a 10 Winter Chest Bundle during the Snowdown Event 2016 Own the Icon or crafted with 1 Gemstone during the Snowdown Event 2017
    90px Chaos 2017 Yes Crafted with 100 Chaos Token during the Vs. Event 2017 Own the Icon or purchase the Emote during the Vs. Event 2018
    90px Order 2017 Yes Crafted with 100 Order Token during the Vs. Event 2017 Own the Icon or purchase the Emote during the Vs. Event 2018
    Battle Boss Baron 2017 Yes Crafted with 80 Tickets during the Boss World Event 2017 Own the Icon
    N/A No China Masters League 2017 N/A

    Social Media Emotes

    Emotes de Facebook

    These were released as chat emotes for Facebook and as such are primarily used on that site.

    League of Legends Boards Emotes
    • Classic
    • Harrowing
    • Star Guardian

    These emotes were released for use in League of Legends community councils and are primarily used on that site.

    These emotes were released for use in League of Legends Community Councils for the Harrowing 2016 event and are primarily used on that site.

    These emotes were released for use in League of Legends community councils for the Star Guardian 2017 event and are primarily used on that site.


    These icons were made specifically to celebrate the 2015 and 2016 Masquerade event, an event held on the Latin American and Brazilian servers. These icons are available to download through this link and this.

    Definetly Not Blitzcrank Poro Icon.png


    • Gallery

    • Essence Emporium Emote Concept 1 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Essence Emporium Emote Concept 2 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Essence Emporium Emote Concept 3 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Essence Emporium Emote Concept 4 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Prestige Emote Concept (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Snowdown 2017 Emote concept 01.jpg Snowdown 2017 Emote Concept 1 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Snowdown 2017 Emote concept 02.jpg Snowdown 2017 Emote Concept 2 (by Riot Artist Servando Lupini)
    • Neeko Emote Concepts 1 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Neeko Emote Concepts 2 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Neeko Emote Concepts 3 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Neeko Emote Concepts 4 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Sylas Emotes Concept (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Yuumi Emotes Concept 1 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Yuumi Emotes Concept 2 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Yuumi Emotes Concept 3 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)
    • Yuumi Emotes Concept 4 (by Riot Artist Oussama Agazzoum)


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