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    • Gnar is voiced by Susana Moreno in LATAM and by Ana Esther Alborg in EUW, who is also voiced by Katarina and Know.
    • Gnar, Elise, Jayce, Kayle y Nidalee are the only champions to be  remotely and  body to body.
    • Gnar's concept is based on monstrous transformations in fiction along with the Fish out of Water trope.
      • Inspirations include The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson, Gremlins and the Hulk by Marvel Comics.
      • Paleontologically speaking, Gnar is not a missing link, that is, a transitional sample, but belongs to the Yordle population ancestral to the modern ones; Colloquially speaking, he is the great-great ... grandfather of all living Yordles.
    • In the Brazilian localization, Gnar's title was changed to O Yordle Pré-historico ('the prehistoric Yordle') to avoid jokes / harassment associated with the classification of pairings derived from O Elo Perdido ('the Lost Link').
    • Gnar is the second champion to have two champion portraits ( Mini Gnar and Mega Gnar) being the first Quinn y Value .
      • He is also the third to have more than one chat name, the first is Anivia and Eggnivia and the second is someone polymorphized by Lulu ( Squill).
        • Besides the seventh champion who has more than four abilities, the others are Elise, Heimerdinger, Jayce, Karma, Nidalee, Read without, Rek'Sai and Yorick.
    • Mini Gnar has the fewest active abilities of any ranged champion ( Hyper and GNAR! are totally passive effects) and the lowest health at Level 18 (1645).
    • Mega Gnar has its own separate Mini Gnar gestures.
      • His dance references Donkey Kong.
        • The projectile of Pedrada is shaped like the Riot Games Inc logo.
    • Mega Gnar has the attack damage basis highest to experience (157).


    • Mega Gnar is voiced by Lucien Dodge.
    • During development, he was called the Yordle Hulk. [1]
    • Gnar was leaked by Redditor 'WhyRenektonWhy' (which also leaked Ultra Rapid Fire, Yasuo, and Kalista, and whose account has since been terminated).
      • Gnar can have more than one source:
        • Proto-Germanic onomatopoeic verb * gnarrojanan "to grunt, grunt"; [2]
        • The last four letters, spelled backwards, from Boomerank, from an extinct dialect of the Dharug language.
      • Mega Gnar could be referencing the Gnaar from Serious Sam.
    • Gnar's skull headdress could be referencing Tabu the voodoo shaman, a canceled champion whose staff was crowned by the same skull.
    • The placeholder model of Mini Gnar during production was a small Golden nautilus  at a distance, whose animations were drastically sped up. [3]
      • His basic attacks used the same particles as Syndra.
      • Boomerang used the boomerang of Sivir Huntress.
      • Hyper was an active called "Hyperactivity / Fury". His movement speed buff was represented by the speed lines of Unstoppable of Master Yi, while the particles of accumulation were modified from Silver Shells of Vayne.
      • I jump made him let out the excited cry that Ziggs does when wearing Concentrated load.
      • By getting the maximum Rage was displaying a 'Warning' message.
        • These effects can be seen here.
    • The placeholder model of Mega Gnar during production was a Warwick Hyena a little redder before redesign.
      • Pedrada used the first half of the death animation of Warwick Hiena.
      • Smash was both a  stun as a basic attack chaining effect, while using the visual effects of Tiamat.
      • Bestial Leap had a  lifting while using the impact visuals and audio from Rocket jump Tristana. It also made the roar that Udyr does when activating Bear position.
      • Instead of GNAR !, his maximum ability was an ability similar to Devour that left a puddle of Oozing Void at the location of Regurgitate while making the noises that Cho'Gath produces when using Feast.
        • These effects can be seen here.


    • Gnar is about four human years old.
    • He is not aware that he is transforming, but that may change when he grows up.
      • He retains his personality as a Mega Gnar.
    • The tribal paintings in 'Discovering the Link' depict Gnar and his family living in peace down to a one-eyed entity with two horns / tentacles (speculated to be an Ice Watcher or one of the Void species of Vel'Koz) attacked them. Drag down the family of Gnar, causing their Gen of Fury thus turning to Mega and quickly fighting the entity with unknown success.
      • Apparently a defeated Anivia locks Gnar for centuries in Pure Ice to preserve him and finally awakens him again to fight the Ice Watchers on the brink of their return. [4]
        • Immediately after his escape, he is rampaging through the forest as Mega Gnar, with Rengar hunting it to take it as a reward.
    • Gnar learned to use a boomerang and designed his after his father's.
      • The boomerang is hidden in Mega Gnar's fur when he transforms. [5]
    • Gnar is the only Yordle in modern times that has a tail due to its age.


    • What appears to be childish babbling is actually Gnar's native language.
      • When making fun of certain champions, he tries to repeat what they say but with some difficulty ( Tibbers, Shark, Demacia, Darkness, OK)
        • One of his taunts references a Riot Games Inc. sound designer named Jay Watford.


    • It references Stitch from Lilo & Stitch down to the way it pokes fun at people.
    • It resembles Cubone and Marowak from Pokémon that also have a boomerang attack.
    • Helmet Bro's helmet can be seen on the left.
    • He has a bloodstain on his left cheek, probably from fighting Rengar as Mega Gnar.
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Astral, Catseye, Pearl, Peridot, Rose Quartz, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Toy Box theme with:
      • Nunu and Grumpy Willump
      • Alistar Vaquita Mu
      • Pug'Maw
      • Poppy Rag Doll
      • Renekton Action Figure
      • Orianna Costura of Chaos
      • SuperKennen
      • Gangplank Toy Soldier
    • It also shares the theme 'Costumes' with:
      • Alistar Vaquita Mu
      • Annie Upside Down
      • Corki MontaUrfs
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Kikiri Gallio
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miaukai
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Urf el Namiti
      • Nunu and Grumpy Willump
      • Rengar Kitten Meow
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Urf Kench
      • Tristana Cosplay Pengu
      • This is not Udyr
      • Urgot Cosplay Star Pajamas
      • Veigar Cosplay Furicuerno
      • Urf the Manatee
      • Urfwick
      • Miaurick
    • He is living his fantasy of being a dinosaur.
    • Its Rose Quartz chroma may have been inspired by the Care Bears.
    • When he reaches more than 50 Rage, he moves on all fours and the costume gradually turns red as the hood covers his face.
    • It could have been inspired by Boo from Monsters, Inc. and Reptar from Rugrats.
    • He resembles Dino-Rang from Skylanders down to the use of a boomerang.
      • Mega Gnar looks like and references Lizzie from Rampage throwing parts of a building with Stone.
    • Your illustration could be referencing a scene from Lilo & Stitch.
      • The figures of Garen and Katarina can be seen in the foreground.
    • When retires will play with toy blocks that spell 'LOL' (League of Legends)
      • Mega Gnar will crush a helicopter and eat it referencing Godzilla.
    • He wears a dinosaur jumpsuit.
    Fine Little Knight Gnar
    • This skin shares the High Society theme with:
      • Archduke Nasus
      • Vayne Aristocrat
      • Finest Knight Cho'Gath
      • Marked Vladimir
    • Refers to Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde by Robert Louis Stevenson.
    Gnar Snowy Day
    • This skin shares the Snow War theme with:
      • Ambitious Elf Jinx
      • Veigar Santa Malo
      • Candy Miss Fortune
      • Good Elf Tristana
      • Festive Maokai
      • Irelia Ice Blades
      • Frostfire Annie
      • Ice Prince World
      • Happy Elf Teemo
      • Ice King Twitch
      • LeBlanc Mistletoe
      • The Shascanueces
      • Viejito Zilean Pascuero
      • Sejuani Rider of Poros
      • Amumu Recycled Gift
      • Kog'Maw Reno
      • Braum Santa
      • Draven Santa
      • Gragas Santa Claus
      • Sona Silent Night
      • Katarina Deadly Beauty
      • Nidalee Winter Bunny
      • Snow Day Bard
      • Graves Snowy Day
      • Malzahar Snow Day
      • Singed Snow Day
      • Syndra Snow Day
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
      • Poppy Reindeer Baby
      • Yi Snowman
      • Nieverdinger
      • Sivir Snowstorm
      • Winter Wonder Karma
      • Lulu Winter Wonder
      • Neeko Winter Wonder
      • Orianna Winter Wonder
      • Soraka Winter Wonder
      • Nunu and Willump from Santa's Workshop
    • The Teamfight Tactics 20px Mittens item is based on one of his mittens in his illustration.
    • He was released in celebration of the 2015 Snow War Duel along with:
      • Snow Day Bard
      • Syndra Snow Day
    • It was inspired by the Siberian Husky dog ​​breed.
    The Lion Gnar
    • This skin shares the Fighter theme with:
      • The Macho World
      • The Volibear Lightning
      • The Braum Tiger
    • It refers to wrestling.
        • The Braum Tiger can also be seen in the background.
    Gnar Supergaláctico
    • This skin shares the Supergalactic theme with:
      • Annie Supergalactica
      • Elise Supergaláctica
      • Fizz Supergaláctico
      • Kindred Supergalácticos
      • Nidalee Supergalactica
      • Rumble Supergaláctico
      • Shyvana Supergalactica
    Gnar SSG
    • This skin shares the World Champions: SSG theme with:
      • Ezreal SSG
      • Jarvan IV SSG
      • SSG friend
      • Taliyah SSG
      • Xayah SSG
    • He was released in celebration of SSG's victory at the 2017 World Championships along with:
      • Ezreal SSG
      • Jarvan IV SSG
      • SSG friend
      • Taliyah SSG
      • Xayah SSG
    • Represents CuVee.
      • The idea of ​​both animations of Recovery was thought by CuVee himself and shows his signature.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
          • Mega Gnar eats noodles from a Summoner's Cup in his recovery animation.
    • He is a reference to a white tiger that has a lot of cultural significance in Korean culture from which this aspect is heavily inspired. [6]
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Catseye, Chrono, Granite, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Astronauts theme with:
      • AstroBardo
      • AstroCorki
      • AstroMaokai
      • AstroPoppy
      • AstroRammus
      • AstroTeemo
      • AstroVeigar
      • AstroNautilus
    • Share the illustration with AstroPoppy.
      • You can see snowdrops AstroBardo throughout the illustration.
        • AstroBardo can also be seen floating in the background.
      • A doll of Jinx Odyssey can be seen in the background of his illustration.


    • Gnar will befriend almost everyone who is nice and plays with him.
      • Possible candidates include Lulu, Pix, Annie, Lux and Poros Poros.
    • Gnar has a strained relationship with Rengar for chasing him without knowing the true identity of the creature he wanted as a prize.
      • The Missing Link does not dislike Lurking Pride and has apparently forgave it from their encounter.
    • Heimerdinger is very interested in Gnar because of the evolutionary insights it could provide about the Yordle species.


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