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    • 2 Legacy Chest
    • 3 Rare and limited
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    hecarim View in 3D 880/17-Apr-2012 Hecarim Soul Reaper View in 3D 975/17-Apr-2012 Hecarim de Arcadia View in 3D 1350 / 21-ago-2013 Hecarim Old Sketch View in 3D 1350 / 25-nov-2015 World Devourer Hecarim View in 3D 750 / 10-nov-2016 Hecarim the Outlaw View in 3D 1350 / 10-oct-2019 Hecarim Cosmic Cavalry View in 3D 1350 / 24-nov-2020 Hecarim Cosmic Cavalry - Chromas citrine Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Tanzanite Turquoise Hecarim the Outlaw - Chromas Amethyst Emerald Nomad Obsidian Ruby

    Legacy Chest

    Hecarim Blood Knight View in 3D 975/17-Apr-2012 The Headless Hecarim View in 3D 975 / 25-oct-2012

    Rare and limited

    Hecarim Lancero Z View in 3D 10 / 16-ago-2017


    Bloody knightHecarim Soul ReaperThe Headless HecarimHecarim de Arcadia


    • series 1
    Crushing Cavalry
    Champions terrified with Avalanche of Shadows (R) Charge at Full Gallop
    Champions Hit at Top Speed ​​with Crushing Charge (E) Terrifying Healing
    Total healing received from Spirit of Terror (W)


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