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El Herald of the Rift is a powerful neutral monster from Summoner's Rift in League of Legends. Slaying the Rift Herald summons a relic in the corner for a time that can be picked up by a member of the assassin's team, granting them the Void Glimpse of the Void buff.


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  • Rift Herald takes 35% reduced damage from ranged basic attacks.
  • After three seconds in combat, the eye on his back opens. Champion attacks against the eye deal 12% of the Herald's maximum health in bonus true damage, causing the eye to close for 3 seconds.
  • The Herald disappears permanently at 19:45, or 19:55 if in combat, then the  Baron Nashor appears in the same location at minute 20:00.
  • The Rift Herald's minimum level is 6.
  • Rift Herald's basic attacks deal bonus damage equal to 4% of the target's current health.


  • Health: 10000 - 16000 (depending on level)
  • Attack Damage: 147 - 368 (based on level)


  • El  Herald of the Rift was once a  Elusive, but has since mutated due to the Void energy emanating from the corner of the  Bar贸n.
  • The Rift Herald dances if a champion dances nearby.
    • Their dance is a reference to Im Chang-jung's "Open the door" dance.
    • The Rift Herald shares his dance with him  Blue Guardian.

Patch history


  • Statistics
    • Base health increased to 8000 from 5000.
    • Base armor increased to 60 from 40.
    • Base magic resistance increased to 50 from 20.
    • Basic attack damage increased to 105 from 95.
  • Damage from the back taken reduced to (+ 12% of maximum health) from (+ 15% of maximum health).
  • Initial build increased to 6 minutes from 4.
  • Removed: Regenerates once Killer.
  • Now has Monstrous Resistance: Effects that scale with the target's health (maximum, missing, or current) are less effective.
  • Removed: Doom's Eve Doom's Eve.
  • Now grants Glimpse of the Void Glimpse of the Void:
    • When there are no nearby allies, you gain 5% damage reduction from enemy champions and generate XY stacks of corruption per second. Upon reaching 100 stacks, your next basic attack consumes all stacks for 15.270 bonus magic damage. Works against structures, damage halved for ranged champions.
    • It lasts 20 minutes and is preserved even if the wearer is killed.


  • Now drop a soul for Thresh.


  • Base damage reduced to 95 from 105.
  • Base level changed to 6 from 2. His stats at level 6 remain the same as his current stats at level 1, but it affects how quickly he passively levels up.


  • Herald of the Rift is now classified as an Epic Monster instead of a Giant Monster.


  • Basic Attack Damage decreased to 105 from 120.
  • Current health on hit decreased to 4% from 6%


  • Added to the game.
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