How to deal with Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum?

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I will tell you about my experience. The individual queue is not really difficult, League of Legends is not a difficult game, but you have to take into account a number of things, I will go straight to the point by saying the most important: League of Legends is a game TEAM UP. Having said that, I want to focus on the following: you cannot win a game alone, so what can you do? You can direct those games generating advantage, this is the true meaning of CARRY, people who can lift their team and lead them to victory. But since not all stories are fairy tales, it must be borne in mind that there will be games that are difficult to guide, YES o YES. Not the very FAKER has been able to win all the games, there will always be games BAD and that's not why we should be discouraged. What do I recommend? I recommend PRINCIPALLY have an attitude POSITIVE. If you They are phosphorous people (they are called like that to fireworks in Venezuela), people whose provocations affect them easily, then you can use one of the main characteristics that Riot's chat gives us, the mute. Silencing people with negative attitudes is the best thing you can do, focus on playing your game and constantly giving information. If you are not positive, everything will probably go wrong for you.

禄The basics and the essential芦

First you have to take into account many things, from runes and masteries to the actions we take. I'll go from the basics to the basics, these are the main things an average player should know about this game IF YOU WANT go up from league.

Runes & Masteries, essential tools in League of Legends. I have to clarify one thing for you: Runes are YOUR MAIN TOOL, is the resistance and additional damage it will take YOUR CHAMPION at the start of the game, so it is COMPLETELY NECESSARY that you possess well-designed runes and masteries. What is the problem? It is no secret to anyone that runes are so expensive, so it is necessary that they use resources well (IP / RP) when buying their runes. YES YOU DON'T KNOW HOW TO ARM RUNES, YOU DO NOT ARM THEM, LOOK FOR GUIDES.

  • Selection and blocking, do you really know what you are doing? Champion selection and blocking is one of the most important phases of the game. First of all I tell you: if there is a broken champion, that neither you nor the team will use, BATHE IT IMMEDIATELYWho are those broken champions? most of the time.
  • What should I select?, you can and YOU SHOULD select champions who have more strengths than weaknesses, those champions who can get into TeamFight and can kill one and come out unscathed, champions who can easily take targets, more than anything CHAMPIONS YOU DOMINATE and with which you have enough confidence to say "I can start a game with him." Don't use wizards unless they're hypercarrys (like Kayle, for example).
  • Counterpick, is it really recommended? The counterpick is when you select a champion who has a partial or full advantage against another champion due to the mechanics or abilities he possesses. Is it recommended? Why? I really DO NOT I recommend doing counterpick, unless the "supposed counter" is a champion that you dominate, why? Because countering a champion does not mean that you win the game, since not only is he there, there are 4 other champions and you should always select based on a team composition.
  • TeamComp or team composition. Team composition is how a team is made up, its strengths and weaknesses. Generally a team (or better said, ideally) should be made up of: A top tank or fighter, a jungle tank or assassin, a half magician or an assassin, an adc, a support magician, utility or tank. Teams should always have at least one tank, at least one mage, and at least one AD (which are generally the Shooters).
  • Farming, the initial activity and one of the most important in the game. The "farming" is the activity that is usually carried out during ALL the phases of the game, has a very high importance since it is based on the most important objective of the game: the PUSH. Why is it important to farm well during the initial phase? Because minions are your main source of income, with the gold obtained thanks to farming you can build your champion, that is why it is important. The CS (CreepScore) for minute 10 should be at least 80 minions.
  • Lasthit, the art of the last blow. We already talked about farming, but now let's talk about one of the actions around it, yes, the Lasthit. The lasthit is when we hit the minion before dying so that it gives us gold, thus being one of the most important actions of the lines phase. It is important that you practice this mechanic, since it is based on it that you will learn the beautiful mechanic called "line control".
  • Trade. You really don't know what that is? The trade is the exchange of damage that is done in the lines phase. A trade can be successful when you hurt the enemy champion and benefit (such as sending him to base or simply lowering him a lot of life and he has to play defensively), NOT EVERY TIME YOU NEED TO TRADE, when for example you are paired against a Gnar, and you are a Trundle, the most recommended is AVOID TRADINGas he is a champion who is ranged and has a mobility skill.
  • Snowball, the well-known snowball effect. It is when a champion with one or two kills can buy one or more items that give him too much advantage, enough to send his enemy to base as many times as he wants or even kill him. Who are they? All those who buy 1 or 2 "core" items do enough damage, examples of these champions can be: Zed, Jayce, Riven, Viktor, Lucian, Draven, Lee Sin.
  • Play what you want, as long as you know how to play it. Let's remember one thing: IT'S A GAME. Neither you, nor your teammates, nor Riot herself can complain that you play an anti-meta, PLAY WHAT COMES OUT OF YOUR ... HEART as long as you know what you are doing and as long as you are playing TO SEEK VICTORY. This doesn't mean that you play support Yasuo either, but if you're good with a champion, try to come up with line changes and always try to play with a certain number of champions.
  • Master 1 or maximum 2 lines, use few champions. Ahh ... every low elo player's mistake. Yes, playing more than 2 roles is completely counterproductive and will only generate bad results. What do I recommend? I recommend you focus on a maximum of 2 roles, and take out of those 2 roles up to 4 or 5 champions that you know how to use.
  • Map Awareness, a little-used mechanic. Something you must keep in mind, dear League players, is that the map DO NOT It is for decoration. Map Awareness is everything that exists around the information thrown by the map and how the player reacts to it, it is important that people monitor the map constantly, that they know what is happening around their lane or the other lanes and act on it. In short, map awareness is the action of constantly analyzing and observing the map. There are videos on Youtube that will help you with this.
  • Use of wards. They are free, please. Let's say you have mastered Map Awareness ... Good !, but if you don't warde ... What information will you analyze on the map? Taking this into account, I will simply leave you a map where you can see the main wards.

  • Green dots: They are the basic vision sentries, the place where you must place them. You can be creative and depending on the place replace these with vision sentries (pinks).
  • Pink points: Where you should place vision sentries (pinks).
  • Yellow dots: They are generally placed in the mid / late game, they are very important since a mistake in this phase of the game can mean defeat.
  • Orange points: You generate a vision of the enemy base, you will know where they want to go.
  • What lanes do you recommend to move up the league? Well ... this is a somewhat sensitive issue (just look at the comments), so I will reform what I said above so that people do not take it to heart. My recommendation to go up in the league is that they play top, middle or jungle, why? Because it is much easier to generate advantages through these low elo positions. When do I recommend playing in the botlane? When you really know what you are doing. If you know how to warde, if you know how to peel, if you know how to move and not stay anchored in your line, if you know how to generate advantages and analyze ALL and each of the TeamFights to look for opportunities, only if you know that I OR I recommend you support. 
  • And in the case of adc?Well, if you know how to lasthite, if you know how to trade, if you know how to position yourself, if you know when you MUST go all-in, if you know how to kit, that's the only way I recommend you I OR be adc, if you don't know, don't. Why do you give that opinion about support and adc? Because running being support is complicated, because you depend on your ADCAnd why do you depend on your ADC?, because if he DO NOT generates income (gold) TU you will not be able to buildearte, and yes DO NOT you know how to roam DO NOT you will be able to contribute anything in the TeamFights since you never took gold. That is why I reaffirm: unless their main position is bot, and they can only play that position because it is their favorite, DO NOT play botlane.
  • Objective Priority, Is It Really Basic Information? Guys, guys, guys ... I know you like to chase after Teemo or Singed, I mean ... Who doesn't ?!, killing them is so much fun, but ... the time you spend chasing (the existing term for this is "chase") to an enemy, you could use it to throw a tower, take out a dragon or go for baron. You must bear in mind that objectives are the highest priority when playing a game. The priority goes like this (in my opinion): Farm> Kills Tower (Tier 1, 2, 3)> Baron, ancient dragon, dragon, farm, herald, camps, kills. Inhibitor> Tower (tier 1, 2, 3), baron, ancient dragon, dragon, farm, herald, camps, kills. Camps (enemy GM)> Farm. Baron> Ancient dragon, dragon, camps, kills. Dragon (fire)> Rook (tier 1), herald, kills. A clarification: I am not saying that they do not pay attention to the murders ... I am only saying that if you have to choose between one or the other, go for the one that generates the most impact in a game.
  • Food! ... sorry. Feeding. Good God ... there is so much going on around this topic. I accept it, many times I complain blaming Riot about the balance of the champions, when it was my fault that I died against a Garen while getting my Mastery 7 with Yasuo. Who does not happen to ?, But we must accept our mistake. Dear friend, if you federate your line, it is not the fault of the jungle, it is his fault, of course, that does not mean that if the jungle never ganks (I mean it) you do not call his attention, it is his job and everyone does. knows. Returning to the point ... Do you have a counter against you? Unfortunately you will have to stay under the tower and farm. Don't trade, don't fight, wait for an allied gank and try to take advantage of where you can. Are you a top laner? Look for the opportunity to launch teleport and get kills or assists. Are you average? HAS ROAMING, but get gold from under the plants if possible, but NO FEDEES, because it affects you (tilting) and affects others.
  • In-game attitude. Boy ... if you had a bad day don't play League of Legends, I'll tell you in advance, if you want to risk it ... play normal or a game mode and try to get a laugh. As the point is the qualifiers, I will tell you the following: Do not insult, do not be toxic and above all do not create a bad environment. We know that this game sometimes causes more than negative experiences, but do not contribute to that. Always try to be positive, do not be sarcastic and above all, only generate opinions at the end of the game, because not all people will accept criticism at the end of a play that could have gone well. An advice that Riot gives, on the loading screen says: "Players who have a positive attitude, have a higher percentage of games won" (it does not say exactly like that, but it is what it means), be positive.
  • Dear distracted... Don't stay in your line or in the jungle. It's the 35+ minute, they need to knock down towers and it's time for TeamFights. Why if you don't have Tryndamere or some champion who can only splitpush are you at the top or why are you farming in the jungle when they need you? Boy, do they need to get together, they need to punish the opponent's mistakes, 脷 J脷NTATE!, stay with your team, they need you there.
  • Dear jungles ... (jeez, did I repeat the prayer?). Dear junglers ... I want you to keep one thing in mind: federate the player who owns the champion with the most powerspike (and performance), after that, right after that, focus on the others. No this does not mean that you go and spend the flash on the enemy laner, this means that you give at least 2 kills to the player. Before the game loads, you can search a page for the player's statistics, so you will know whether or not you should do this, why do I say it? I say it because if you have a hypercarry in the bottom lane and you never feed it ... What will you reap in the mid / late game if he never took out the items that allowed him to race?
  • Alerts ?, woahh. Well ... at the last tip, above we saw the map awareness, well, let's complement the Map Awaraness with the use of notices. Your laner is gone? Well, press G and move the mouse slightly to the left, Done! You sent a warning that the enemy disappeared. Are you the jungle and you have a gap (opportunity) to gank your ally? Perfect, press G and move the mouse slightly to the right, Done! You sent a warning that you are on your way. You have to communicate! And part of that communication depends on the warning system, use it!
  • Dragon, Baron, Tower ... What do I do? I know how you feel when you see so many targets and you did an extermination. I will explain a couple of things to you, taking them by their level of difficulty and explaining them well. You should do the dragon with your jungle from the start. Are you top, did you roam mid and was successful? Go dragon with your jungle, or, Are you from the bot lane, did you fight and it went well? Ask the jungle to go dragon and do it. The dragon has very good buffs, give it importance according to which one has come out, but above all: TAKE THEM. What about the baron? Although the baron is very good, you will not need it in many games. If you have to choose between baron and two towers or tower + inhibitor, take the towers and the inhibitor, do not risk and much less if your team is not there, but when should I do them? When, for example, the enemy team does not have to the jungle or when they are in clear advantage and need to remove the enemy from their base, or otherwise, destroy their base even if they are inside. What about the towers? First of all, the towers now give "first tower blood" so if you want to give your team a great advantage, try to focus on having you or someone on your team shoot the enemy tower first, above all, you have to pay more attention to the towers than in the other objectives, because the main difference is that the towers do not respawn.

禄What if I already know this? 芦

Congratulations, you know or have just learned about the essential activities of League of Legends. With this information and good use and practice of them you should get out of Bronze and Silver easily. But this does not stop there, and many of the people who are in Gold or more know it, League is not only about these few mechanics, yes, as you just read, THERE IS SO MUCH MORE, so many, that even I and even challengers from our region know and that is only used by the experts of this video game (Koreans?). Let's look at some advanced behaviors and mechanics, necessary to climb beyond Gold and Platinum:

  • Freezing the lane. Wait to? Freeze the line ... no, I'm not talking about you grabbing Anivia and throwing her R. You freeze the line in how much the allied and enemy minions stay hitting each other in the lane, without you participating in the exchanges, which is not it would generate pressure from you. But ... Why would you freeze the line? I put you in a usual situation: You are Yasuo, you are a little federated and you do good damage, so much so that the enemy jungle does not have enough confidence to help his laner. As you are a smart Yasuo (Excuse me?) You freeze the line since roaming is difficult at this point in the game. Well, you frozen the line but ... What effects does this generate? It's simple ... if the enemy laner wants to farm it will look complicated, imagine that those minions are caaaasi close to the tower, I said almost, they are not being hit by This, the enemy laner is a Lux mastery 7 that only wants to farm to try to get an item and be useful. When approaching a minion and trying to lasthite it, the intelligent Yasuo threw an E, approached and punished Lux 鈥嬧媤ith a basic and an E, so Lux has to go back because he knows that he does not have enough damage to counteract the trade, nor does he he must stay fighting because he will die. Voalah, you frozen line and reduced the enemy's chance to lasthit.
  • The Art of ... Running away? (dodge). There will be games where it is better to dodge than to go to the game. I will tell you something, as this world is not perfect or wonderful, sometimes you will find games where the composition of your team is so, but sooo garbage, that the chances of winning would be nil, even more so if the enemy team is full of champions. goal or with a very high winrate. If they see that a game is definitely not winnable by the time champion selection is over, dodgeen (EYE; I mean to abandon the champion selection, DO NOT to go AFK).
  • roaming. Roaming is when you decide to leave your line to go to another. It is similar to gank, but they are not the same. A roaming is usually done when you have an advantage (I mean, when you have the enemy champion under a tower or when you sent him to base / he went to base), romear is important, especially with champions with good mobility and / or who do snowball. Friend support, this also goes with you, if you play supports with CC roam to mid lane when your adc has the advantage, obviously let him know before so the one-armed doesn't die alone and be attentive to his line.
  • Read the patch notes. You should be aware, at all times, about the changes made every 2 weeks by Riot. Read, read and read!
  • Be aware of what you do. Don't jump! Analyze, observe, What could go well? What could go wrong? It is no excuse to throw yourself forward and say "I didn't know I was federated ...".
  • Not all of them can be won. Similar to what I will say below. Guys, not every game is winnable. I know, they were so excited enjoying their Vayne 23/4/35, with a level sooo, but sooo high, that not even Uzi could overcome, but they lost because a bad decision in the late game led to them throwing their nexus. I understand, it is frustrating, but it is part of life, there are 9 other people on the enemy team, I assure you that they cannot always win, it only remains to learn from that.
  • Persevering is what it takes, maybe that's the secret. Guys, I already told you at the beginning, playing League of Legends is not difficult, but please don't tell me that you. they do not move up from leagues when they play ranked 1 time per millennium. If you really want to go up in the league, you want it with all your soul, play constantly ranked, if you really want to improve in this game, either because you want to go competitive and feel what the great players feel, then PLAY RANKEDS CONSTANTLY, Learn from your mistakes !, Download the games you have played (You have no excuse! The new client saves them), see your repetitions and seriously consider: I want to TO GET BETTER. Professional Players JUEGAN MORE THAN 12 HOURS A DAY, that's why they're up there, I'm not telling you to play 12 hours a day, but if your dream is to face Faker ... then prove it.

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