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Illaoi View in 3D 975 / 24-nov-2015 Voidbringer Illaoi View in 3D 1350 / 24-nov-2015 Illaoi Rebel View in 3D 1350 / 15-mar-2018 Cosmic Summoner Illaoi View in 3D 1350 / 24-nov-2020 Cosmic Summoning Island - Chromas Amethyst citrine Emerald Obsidian Rose Quartz Ruby Turquoise Illaoi Rebelde - Chrome Aquamarine Catseye Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Tanzanite


Illaoi Classic


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Nailed to the Deep
Champion Signatures during Leap of Fe(R) Arrests
Champions who became vessels due to Trial of Spirit (E) Tentacles Summoned
Number of tentacles summoned with the prophetess of an Ancestral God (P) or Leap of Faith (R)


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