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    • Jinx is voiced by Karla Falcón in LATAM and by Isacha Mengíbar in EUW.
    • Jinx directly means "bad omen", from the pre-Greek noun ἴυγξ iynx "Eurasian twist", a bird that is often used as an incantation. [1]
    • Jinx's dance references Jake's dance from Adventure Time.
    • C, X and VI are Roman numerals that coincidentally form CXVI (116) the 'launch number' of Jinx.
    • The blast radius of Super Mega Mortal Rocket !! shows a smiling face upon impact.
      • Get excited! also shows a smiling face on Jinx upon activation.
    • Jinx is the first champion whose laugh animation repeats automatically and the only one who currently has a login screen for all her no-cast skins.
    • Jinx's hair (or scarf on Jinx Crime City) forms a heart when he dies.
    • As long as Jinx is on the opposing team, I saw and / or Caitlyn each gain cosmetic debuff Catch Me If You Can!.
    • As of August 21, 2018, women have statistically credited Jinx as "The Most Visually Attractive Champion in the League." [2]
    • Jinx is the third champion to have a skin for each of the three major annual events of the year: Lunar Revel, Harrowing, and Snow War Showdown. His latest appearance is Ambitious Elf Jinx in 2017.
      • The first two are Katarina and Nidalee with their Warring Kingdoms skins in 2015.
      • Annie finishes her last look ( Annie Bear Panda skin in 2013. But her skin Frostfire Annie was not cast during the Snow War Showdown event.


    • Jinx's production name was "Psycho Arsenal". [3]
    • Before his reveal Robert 'Ransom' described Jinx's personality as' unique 'and her hair color as' one that only has one just champion. '
    • Katie 'TeaTime' De Sousa stated that Jinx was inspired by the Joker, Gollum from The Lord of the Rings, and Helena Bonham Carter. [4]
    • Jinx first appeared during Summer 2013 (her head can barely be seen next to Renekton Summertime in the illustration of Summertime Graves, and the corresponding login screen at the time was pulled from his first-person view.)


    • Jinx is a Zaunite criminal who is wreaking havoc in Piltover 'for fun' and to provoke Saw.
    • Jinx is 21 years old.


    • "Say hi to my friends of different sizes!" reference to Tony Montana from Scarface.
    • His lines of ¡¡Supermegacohete Requetemortal!! referencian a Worms.
    • "I'm bringing weapons into the fight with knives! Hehe" reference to The Untouchables ("Isn't that like a wop? Bring a knife for a shootout").
    • "She is a loser, always ready to cry! Ttt-ta!" It refers to the subject of Saw.
    • "Jinx? It means Jinx! Durr" reference to "Vi? It means violence / vice / vicious" ..
    • "Three guns means never having to apologize" references Love Story.
    • "Let's behave ... said nobody, ever" references the eponymous meme.


    • The background is the same as that of I saw but in ruins.
    • In the early stages, Mini pistol was called Mr. Pum-Pum and it had a cat's face painted on its barrel.
    Jinx Crime City
    • This skin shares the Crime City theme with:
      • Braum Crime City
      • Graves Crime City
      • Miss Fortune Crime City
      • Crime City Twitch
      • Shaco Nightmare in Crime City
      • Don Gragas
      • Lee Sin KO
        • Miss Fortune City of Crime and Twitch Crime City can be seen in the background along with Urgot and the Blue Letters of Twisted Fate .
    • She is dressed as a flapper.
    • Pum-Pum hidden in a violin case reference to Film noir.
    • Her dance references the Charleston dance while the phonograph next to her plays the 20s style of 'Get Jinxed'.
    • She is the second non-legendary skin to have special voice lines (the others are Jaximus Kha'Zix Mecha, Karthus Pentakill, y Vel'Koz Armor of War).
    Explosive Jinx
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz
    • This skin shares the Lunar Revel: Explosive theme with:
      • Corki Dragon Wing
      • Sejuani Explosiva
      • Vayne Explosive
      • Kog'Maw Lion Dance
      • Annie Osito Panda
      • Vayne Explosive Prestigious Edition
    • She was released in celebration of the 2015 Lunar Revel (Year of the Goat) along with:
      • Katarina Kingdoms at War
      • Nidalee Kingdoms at War
    • This skin was inspired by a concept sketch created by a fan by Anti-Pioneer and released 9 days before Chinese New Year 2015.
    • His Chroma pack was the first released in Season 7.
    Executor Jinx
    • This skin shares the Zombies vs. Executors with:
      • Zombi Brand
      • Nunu y Willump Zombie
      • Zombie Ryze
      • Executioner Pantheon
    • Zombi Brand, Nunu and Willump Zombie and Pantheon Executor can be seen in the background.
    • She was released in celebration of Harrowing 2015 along with:
      • Nunu y Willump Zombie
      • Executioner Pantheon
    • Before the full relaunch of Pantheon, this mask was called "Executor Jinx".
    • The original concept for a zombie killer Jinx was a real-world zombie apocalypse survivor. However, the designers decided to change the idea to zombie killer as it would better fit her personality.
      • When speaking on the subject of killing zombies, Jinx was the first champion thought for the concept.
    • She uses homemade weaponry: a V-twin motorcycle engine Minigun, a Launcher for molotov cocktails and Propane tank launcher, a taser Launchable and Some 'severed head chewers'.
    Star Guardian Jinx
    • This skin shares the Star Guardians theme with:
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Neeko Star Guardian Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Soraka Prestigious Edition
      • Star Guardian Ahri
      • Star Guardian Ezreal
      • Star Guardian Janna
      • Star Guardian Lulu
      • Star Guardian Lux
      • Star Guardian Miss Fortune
      • Star Guardian Neeko
      • Star Guardian Poppy
      • Star Guardian Rakan
      • Star Guardian Soraka
      • Star Guardian Syndra
      • Star Guardian Xayah
      • Star Guardian Zoe
    • She references the Magical Girl genre of anime.
      • Her tattooed wings on her back and star effects reference Sakura Kinomoto from Cardcaptor Sakura. As he casts his ultimate, two black and white wings grow out of his tattoos that reference The Fly from the Sakura anime.
      • Her hairstyle references Black Lady from Sailor Moon and Kyoko Sakura from Puella Magi Madoka Magica.
    • Your new pets, Shiro and Kuro, respectively, replace Pum-Pum and Fishface.
      • They are the embodiment of Jinx's fierce and troublesome split personality.
      • In Japanese, shiro (白) means 'white' and kuro (黒) means 'black'.
      • They are fused in their Super Mega Death Rocket and their faces appear in the explosion.
    • His dance animation was based on "Ievan Polkka Dance". [5]
    • "What do you think? Mercy or chaos?" refers to a common moral choice in video games with divergent stories.
    • When he dies, Jinx yells, "The horror! The horror!" This is a direct reference to Mr. Kurtz's last words in Joseph Conrad's novel The Heart of Darkness.
    • This skin was inspired by a fan-created skin concept by Selin Aydin.
    Ambitious Elf Jinx
    • This skin shares the Snow War theme with:
      • Veigar Santa Malo
      • Candy Miss Fortune
      • Good Elf Tristana
      • Festive Maokai
      • Irelia Ice Blades
      • Frostfire Annie
      • Ice Prince World
      • Happy Elf Teemo
      • Ice King Twitch
      • LeBlanc Mistletoe
      • The Shascanueces
      • Viejito Zilean Pascuero
      • Sejuani Rider of Poros
      • Amumu Recycled Gift
      • Kog'Maw Reno
      • Braum Santa
      • Draven Santa
      • Gragas Santa Claus
      • Sona Silent Night
      • Katarina Deadly Beauty
      • Nidalee Winter Bunny
      • Snow Day Bard
      • Gnar Snowy Day
      • Graves Snowy Day
      • Malzahar Snow Day
      • Singed Snow Day
      • Syndra Snow Day
      • Snowy Day Ziggs
      • Poppy Reindeer Baby
      • Yi Snowman
      • Nieverdinger
      • Sivir Snowstorm
      • Winter Wonder Karma
      • Lulu Winter Wonder
      • Neeko Winter Wonder
      • Orianna Winter Wonder
      • Soraka Winter Wonder
      • Nunu and Willump from Santa's Workshop
    • She was released in celebration of the 2017 Snow War Duel along with:
      • Draven Santa
      • Poppy Reindeer Baby
    • Their Fire Cheeks are a Christmas version of the Get Jinxed monkey toy.
    • Your illustration shows your animations in the game of Recovery: Jinx riding a toy train.
    Jinx Odyssey
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Odyssey theme with:
      • Zed Galactic Terminator
      • Aatrox Odyssey
      • Karma Odyssey
      • Kayn Odisia
      • Kha'Zix Odyssey
      • Malphite Odyssey
      • Sivir Odyssey
      • Sona Odyssey
      • Twisted Fate Odisea
      • Yasuo Odyssey
      • Ziggs Odisea
    • An Orb of Ora can be found in his Pitcher.
    • Their Firebreakers resemble the face of Malphite Odisea.
    • Instead of shooting Super Mega Mortal Rocket !! From their weapons, create a portal and shoot a meteorite.
    PROJECT: Jinx
    • This aspect shares the PROJECT theme with:
      • iBlitzcrank
      • PROJECT: Irelia Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Sylas Prestigious Edition
      • PROJECT: Zed Prestigious Edition
      • Camille Program
      • Programa LeBlanc
      • Programa Lissandra
      • Programa Nami
      • Programa Soraka
      • PROJECT: Akali
      • PROJECT: Ashe
      • PROJECT: Ekko
      • PROJECT: Fiora
      • PROJECT: Irelia
      • PROYECTO: Jhin
      • PROJECT: Katarina
      • PROJECT: Leona
      • PROJECT: Lucian
      • PROJECT: Mordekaiser
      • PROJECT: Pyke
      • PROJECT: Renekton
      • PROJECT: Sejuani
      • PROJECT: Senna
      • PROJECT: Sylas
      • PROJECT: Varus
      • PROJECT: Vayne
      • PROJECT: Vi
      • PROJECT: Warwick
      • PROJECT: Yasuo
      • PROJECT: Zed
      • PROJECT: Yi
    • PROJECT: Akali can be seen in the background of her illustration.
    Jinx Buscacorazones
    Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Pearl, Rainbow, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Heartbreaker theme with:
      • I saw Heartbreaker
      • Heartbreaker Fiora
      • Ashe Heartseeker
      • Lucian Heartseeker
      • Orianna Buscacorazones
      • Quinn Heartseeker
      • Heartseeker Varus
      • Vayne Buscacorazones
      • Yuumi Heartseeker
      • Sweetheart Annie
      • Rakan Cariñosito
      • Sweetheart Sona
      • Sweetheart Xayah
    • She shares her illustration with Yuumi Heartseeker. Sweetheart Annie and Orianna Heartseeker can be seen in the background of her illustration.


    • Jinx and I saw they are often shipped by the community as sisters. The reference to this in Jinx's release was his quote, "Do you think Am I crazy? You should see my sister. "There was never any implication that the sister was Vi, the players equated Vi and Jinx's antagonization specifically as "sister bonding".
      • Incidentally, Jinx only faced Vi specifically on the English-speaking servers. Other servers showed him to antagonize other champions, such as Lucian.
      • The grocer Lyte then tells Vi, "You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that ...". This could be a confirmation that Vi has a sister, but it could also be an example of Lyte repeating rumors she's heard from players (like the rumor she heard from players that Lux and Ezreal were dating, that Lux herself later denied after hearing the rumor for herself).
      • In an interview with Ghostcrawler, he mentioned that Jinx and Vi are "sisters", but later confirmed that he was simply saying what he thought to be true, and that the narrative team said otherwise.
        • With the release of the Arcane trailer, it has been confirmed that Vi and Jinx are sisters. It is unclear if they are sisters related by blood.
    • Ekko remembers Jinx from before she went crazy ("I I had a love ... until he started talking with the gun ")
    • Jinx constantly wants to hug Ziggs but he's quite terrified of her.
      • Jinx believes that he is a figment of his imagination, more specifically, his conscience.


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