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    • Kalista is voiced by Laura Torres in LATAM, who is also voiced by Kennen, and by Rosa Sánchez in EUW.
    • Kalista is one of 22 champions without a single Ability Power ratio on any skill: aatrox, Akshan, Camille, Darius, Dr. World, trot, We are, Kalista, kayn, Kindred, Kled, Olaf, Pyke, Riven, Samira, Set, Talon, Urgot, Vayne, Xayah, But, Zed.
    • Un Fully Stacked Rend has the highest AD ratio in the game (5120 / 5752.5 / 6385 / 7017.5 / 7650% AD).
    • Kalista's Dance references Oberyn Martell's Spear Dance from Game of Thrones.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Kalista's 'Champion Preview' was the first to feature the updated Summoner's Rift map.
    • The Darkspear is the third champion unique item, the first being Hex Core Prototype (from Viktor) and the second is Bonetooth Necklace Bonetooth Necklace (from Rengar before merging with Invisible Predator).
    • Her way of referring to herself in the third person, as well as the echo in her voice, resembles Ermac from Mortal Kombat.


    • "Fabulista" was a name that kept popping up during the "Black Mist" promotional event for the Harrowing of the 2014 season that was used to promote the release of Kalista.
      • Fabulista remained in the forums after posting his message; answering the questions of the "voices in his head" (The players).
      • After a while, Fabulista began to refer to himself in plural pronouns; "We are the fallen", "We do not recognize the named", and "We will ruin those who are against us."
    • During development, she was called the Spectral Legionnaire. [1]
    • Over a year ago a 'prototype' of who would later become Kalista appeared on Reddit.
    • Kalista was leaked by Redditor 'WhyRenektonWhy' (which also leaked Ultra Rapid Fire, Yasuo, and Gnar, and whose account has been terminated) a few weeks before his reveal.
    • Kalista could come from a fusion of several inspirations, all from Greek mythology:
      • The goddess of the hunt Artemis (her preferred weapon is spears) and Callisto, originally the epithet of Artemis "the most beautiful", then her devotee deceived by Zeus;
      • The goddesses of revenge, the Erinyes;
      • And the siege weapon of the ancient Greeks Ballista;


    • Kalista is between 1050 and 1100 years old, born sometime before the ruin of the Blessed Islands.
    • Kalista marked many traitors for execution during the Harrowing of 2014.
      1. Cassiopeia for backstabbing Sivir.
      2. Hecarim for his betrayal of her in the Blessed Isles.
      3. LeBlanc for helping the barbarian invaders against Mordekaiser and betray many others.
      4. Lissandra for murdering Avarosa for leading the rebellion against the Ice Watchers.
      5. Twisted Fate por abandonar a Graves to be imprisoned in the Cajon (Kalista is trying to convince the outlaw to surrender to his hatred despite being told by the Card Master that he and his crew tried to get him out, reconciling their differences and resolving the dispute)
      6. Xerath for conspiring against Azir and destroy ancient Shurima.
      7. Zed for murdering Kusho, the father of Shen, massacre the Kinkou Order, and found the Order of Shadows on the remains of their monastery.
    • 'The Spirit of Vengeance' (the specter Kalista became after the Ruin) is a multitude of betrayed souls (hence she refers to herself as 'us'), while Kalista herself is buried deep beneath them all, with each new soul burying her deeper and deeper within the entity at that she has become.


    • "You play with powers that you do not understand, Singer of Death "could be referencing Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (" You're meddling with powers you can't understand ")
    • "We had a name, once" and "Kalista ... yes, that was our name" refer to Gollum from The Lord of the Rings
    • "Give in to your hatred, Graves "could be referring to Palpatine from Star Wars (" Give in to your anger ")
    • The " Snakes are creatures of treachery "could be referencing snakes' real-life association with cunning and treachery, as snakes often lurk stealthily and suddenly bite into large prey or even threats.
    • Kalista and Kled share the quote "Die".


    Kalista Blood Moon
    • This skin shares the Blood Moon theme with:
      • Blood Moon Aatrox
      • Akali Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Diana
      • Elise Blood Moon
      • Evelynn Blood Moon
      • Jhin Blood Moon
      • Katarina Luna de Sangre
      • Blood Moon Kennen
      • Master Yi Blood Moon
      • Blood Moon Pyke
      • Blood Moon Shen
      • Blood Moon Sivir
      • Blood Moon Talon
      • Thresh Blood Moon
      • Tryndamere Blood Moon
      • Twisted Fate Blood Moon
      • Yasuo Blood Moon
      • Zilean Blood Moon
      • Aatrox Blood Moon Prestigious Edition
    Championship Kalista
    Chrome: Golden
    • This skin shares the World Championship theme with:
      • Challenging Ahri
      • Challenger Nidalee
      • Championship Ashe
      • Championship Kha'Zix
      • Championship LeBlanc
      • Championship Riven
      • Championship Ryze
      • Championship Shyvana
      • Championship Thresh
      • Championship Zed
      • Championship Riven 2016
      • Enlist Conqueror
      • Conqueror Jax
      • Conquering Karma
      • Nautilus Conquistador
      • Conqueror Varus
      • Jax Conqueror Prestigious Edition
      • Jarvan IV Worlds 2021
    • She was released in celebration of the 2015 Season World Championship.
    Kalista SKT T1
    • This skin shares the World Champions: SKT T1 theme with:
      • Alistar SKT T1
      • Azir SKT T1
      • Echo SKT T1
      • Elise SKT T1
      • Jax SKT T1
      • Jhin SKT T1
      • Lee Sin SKT T1
      • Nami SKT T1
      • Olaf SKT T1
      • Renekton SKT T1
      • Ryze SKT T1
      • Syndra SKT T1
      • Vayne SKT T1
      • Zac SKT T1
      • Zed SKT T1
      • Office SKT T1
    • She was released in celebration of SKT T1's victory at the 2015 World Championship along with:
      • Alistar SKT T1
      • Azir SKT T1
      • Elise SKT T1
      • Renekton SKT T1
      • Ryze SKT T1
    • She represents Bang and is the first World Championship victory skin for him.
      • This aspect was the one that was originally made for Sivir, but Bang requested to be swapped for Kalista after the entire set was pulled from the PBE in V6.8 to be updated.
      • Was succeeded by Jhin SKT T1.
    Callista Merodeadora
    Chromas: Amethyst, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Marauders Versus Protectors theme with:
      • Marauder Enlist
      • Ashe Merodeadora
      • Marauder Kled
      • Olaf Merodeador
      • Warwick Merodeador
      • Xin Zhao Merodeador
      • Gragas Protector
      • Jax Protector
      • Protective Karma
      • Nautilus Protector
      • Protective Quinn
      • Sivir Protector


    • Kalista is the niece of Ruined King (making her a member of royalty) and was one of his generals in life.
    • El 9 Commander Ledros was her lover in life and is trying to free her soul.
      • Thresh tried to persuade him to stop trying to free Kalista and has thus far managed to obtain his silver pendant that Ledros can wear to remind Kalista of his humanity, but Ledros has instead attempted to lift the curse of Ruin himself.
    • Hecarim and his Iron Order betrayed and killed Kalista and are now relentlessly hunted and "killed" by her, but they always return because of the Black Mist.
    • Vladimir was marked by Kalista, but was able to banish her with the help of a magical artifact.
    • Kalista occasionally comes for Tahm Kench; however, he is safe from her due to his contracts with the victims.


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