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Use of Skills

  • Against enemy magicians, the Null Sphere is an effective form of harassment that is unblockable by waves of minions. The shield can be used to absorb spells used against you.
    • La Null Sphere is quite expensive at first levels. Its mana cost is reduced quite well per level. Only max it out if you plan to harass your enemy in lane and not finish off minions with it.
    • You can use the Null Sphere on a minion to mitigate impossible-to-dodge magic damage like   H-28G Evolutionary Turret,   Requiem or Sinister Wind Sinister Wind).
  • La Infernal Blade and Rupture in the Path can be used together for fast and efficient minion clearing.
  • Kassadin is relatively easy to assassinate if you can't use Break in the Road to escape. When starting on an enemy, consider whether it is appropriate to use the   Break in the Path to enter, cast your spells and walk away or the reverse path. 
  • The skills of Kassadin's has a large scale with low Ability Power (AP) and cooldowns, so a high amount of AP allows it to deal immense amounts of damage in short intervals. 
  • Being a murderer  Kassadin glows when ambushing. It is also one of the best to destroy isolated, fragile or injured targets. With all this in mind  Kassadin performs best when entering a team fight already underway, either to assassinate a major target or to pounce to hunt down retreating enemies.
  • Unless it is urgent, when moving around the map with Break in the Road, wait for the last counter of Rupture in the Path expired before being thrown back, since increasing the charges of  Breaking the Path makes your mana quickly disappear.
  • La Break in the Road can be used to jump over walls and terrain, essentially it works the same as a Flash.
    • In Twisted Treeline, you can use Break in the Path to jump from the wall behind the nexus to the nearest altar and vice-versa. This is very useful for escaping after getting an altar.
  • Kassadin is very good in the lane against or with champions with low cooldown spells like  Karthus y Cassiopeia since they assure that the   Force Pulse is always charged.
  • Kassadin is also extremely good in the lane with Soraka for several reasons:
    • Star Summon is a very low cooldown spell that can quickly charge your  Pulse Force.
    • Kassadin is a short-ranged wizard champion. In other words, you have to get really close to do the majority of your damage. The increased armor and healing that Astral Blessing gives Astral Blessing can help Kassadin exceedingly.
  • When going to ambush other lanes, you can charge the  Force Pulse without expending mana by repeatedly activating the   Infernal Blade.
  • A risky way to inflict massive damage on your enemies is to constantly launch the  Break in the Path at the source of the summoner. This will charge the damage of  Break in the Path while the fountain regenerates your mana. Use this method combined with the summoner spell  Teleport can deal devastating damage. 

Use of Objects

  • Kassadin can be armed as a highly mobile mage or ambush assassin, and his main stats are ability power and mana (since the damage of ( Break on the Path and mana recovery from Hellblade scale in mana).
    • In a similar way to Ryze, Kassadin can be efficiently armed like a tank as most mana granting items also give defensive stats like health and armor. Actually assembling these items is to Kassadin's benefit as he needs to get close to take out enemies.
  • Since a Kassadin scales well with AP and has good base AD damage, coupled with its shortening and low cooldown methods, buy Curse of the Liche is very useful offensively. It also provides Kassadin increased movement speed and mana in addition to increased damage.
    • If your team is lacking some strong form of crowd control, it is also a good idea to purchase the Gauntlet of the Iceborn, as this item provides mana, cooldown reduction, and defensive stats. What's more, Kassadin can cause a strong slow with his auto attacks after using Break in the Road or Infernal Blade.
  • El Zhonya's Hourglass can be used to cause your enemies to spend various valuable spells on   Kassadin after using   Break on the Road to get into a fight. It is also an excellent target against natural counters of Kassadin como  Zed y Talon.
    • With 3 points in Break in the Path, you can jump into enemies, take out a single enemy with all your combo, use the asset of the Zhonya's Hourglass to later use Break on the Path immediately to escape without taking much damage.
  • using the Fiery Death Claw,  Kassadin can use Break on the Road through the enemy team and destroy a carrier with Fiery Death Claw -> Infernal Blade-> Pulse Force-> Null Sphere-> Ignite. and by adding the Zhonya's Hourglass allows him to escape without damage later.
  • With the passive and active of Infernal Blade, it is possible to arm Kassadin as a damage-per-second mage with Nashor's Tooth or Edge of Madness Edge of Madness, although given the rarity of these items and the lack of evidence, their effectiveness is questionable.
    • If you try to use these items, it is necessary to have Arcane Cleaver Arcane Cleaver and high PH, as well as being a bit of a tank.
  • La Tear of the Goddess can help Kassadin to face his high mana costs.
    • Although Muramana seems like a choice, its passive effect will not benefit from Pulse Force or Break in the Path, making this item better for HP or Hybrid characters. A Staff of the Archangel is a better option since it provides AP based on your mana and also gives a shield that expands by the percentage of mana once improved to the Embrace of the Seraph, which has good synergy with the Null sphere.
  • Un   Ice Heart is a good item to buy with  Kassadin thanks to the large amount of mana it grants, the cooldown reduction, and the large amount of armor. It also allows you to   Kassadin play more offensively and is very useful in team fights due to the attack speed slowdown it provides.
  • A Rod of Ages and / or a Rylai's Crystal Scepter is given to Kassadin the survivability you need when entering a group of enemies with Break in the Road.
  • When armed as an anti-wizard with magic resistance, Veil of the Banshee is vital.
  • Get a Chalice of Harmony greatly increases mana regeneration. Magic resist is also an interesting addition, considering his passive and assassin role.
  • Break in the Road and / or Flash along with Cleanse y/o Mercury Sash will allow you to escape the most lethal ambushes.
  • Like most PH carriers, the  Rabadon's Death Hat along with the Void Staff are essential to progress your damage in the late game.
  • When playing with an anti-mage, the Abyssal Scepter Abyssal Scepter is an excellent choice since all the abilities of Kassadin come within the range of his passive.

Recommended Items

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Vs Kassadin

  • Kassadin is a fearsome anti-wizard due to his  Void Stone and Null sphere. Since he specializes in fighting AP champions, an AD champion is a good counter to his lane phase.
  • Kassadin deals mostly magic damage, so buying magic resistance will mitigate its damage.
  • Buy Magic Penetration Against Kassadin is not recommending, as his passive does not give him magic resistance; The way that Void Stone works by reducing 15% of the magic damage received after resistances are applied, so magic penetration will only affect it slightly.
  • El Force Pulse can only be active when it has enough charges. Starting against him when he has no charges can be a good way to kill him quickly.
  • In the lane phase, especially on a single lane, it can be very difficult Kassadin keep your loads of Force Pulse, so casting fewer spells can reduce their damage. Manually detonate a two-part spell like Brilliant Singularity or Death's Caress Death's Caress adds an extra charge to Force Pulse, so it can be beneficial to let these spells expire on their own.
  • Kassadin has trouble clearing waves of minions early in the game, as the Force Pulse is not always available, leaving only his melee auto attacks and his Long-chill Null Sphere to clean. Playing with a champion with strong spells in AoE allows you to push your minions towards the tower of Kassadin, which will force him to lose gold to his tower or stay in close range with your minions, leaving him vulnerable to spells or attacks from outside his tower's range.
    • Mordekaiser can fight very efficiently against spells of Kassadin due to his high natural magic resistance, minion cleansing potential, and the shield that Iron Man Iron Man provides him with. The AoE damage produced by Siphon of Destruction Siphon of Destruction and Mace of Spades Mace of Spades is perfect for clearing minions quickly allowing you to deny Kassadin the ability to leave the line to ambush other lines, at the risk of losing his tower.
  • Kassadin must stay close to your subjects to use his  Infernal Blade. Forcing him out of this range will cause him to lose mana quickly.
  • Predict the Rupture in the Path of Kassadin is an effective way to counter him, as the damage from his combo is produced thanks to being able to use Break in the Path to enter range and then cast the Null sphere.
    • Eg  Brand, when launching Pillar of Fire and Scorch with good aim, can damage and stun Kassadin in the middle of his attempt to stalk.
    •  Be careful with the shield  Null Sphere, it is immediate and does not depend on the missile hitting it.
    • Like a short range assassin Kassadin must shorten the distance to start fighting and, more importantly, he must start the fight to do all his damage. With this in mind, getting close before he does or connecting with crowd control is going to improve your chances of assassinating him or at least bringing him down with you.
  • Do not use Flash to get away from Kassadin since his  Rupture on the Path has a 7 second cooldown at Rank 1.
  • Due to the mobility it offers Break in the Road, it is crucial that your jungle ambush   Kassadin before he reaches level 6. Pursue  Kassadin when he has  Breaking the road is not very practical.
  • Pantheon is known for dominating Kassadin in the early game due to the constant pressure Spear Shot Spear Shot and potential for assassination. In addition, Aegis of Zeonia Aegis of Zeonia can be used to restrain Kassadin and assist in jungle ambushes.
  • Jayce can use his Transform: Mercury Cannon Transform: Mercury Cannon to harass and annoy Kassadin in the early game. Most ranged DA champions can harass Kassadin to get out of line, since Void Stone only protects it from magic damage.
  • Although unconventional, using a 2v1 line can be very detrimental to a Kassadin, especially if you plan to buy Tear of the Goddess more Catalyst Protector, items that work better in the late game.

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