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    • Kayle is voiced by Rebeca G贸mez in LATAM and by Conchi L贸pez in EUW, who is also voiced by Annie, Tristana and the voice of the tutorial.
    Kayle the Justice
    • Kayle usually has two versions of her portraits, her standard illustrations and a version for when she rises with Divine Ascent.
    • Her dancing references Elaine Benes' dance from Seinfeld.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    Kayle original
    • Kayle was the first to change her dance after launch, (followed by Veigar), the first to restructure her skills three times since launch, (followed by Ryze) and the first to use Chinese illustrations outside of Asian servers.
    • During the Alpha Test, she was simply called 'Justice' and at one point was incorrectly listed as  tank.
    • Her dance references Will Smith's "Jump Over It" dance from The Prince of Bel-Air.
      • You can see a parallel comparison here.
      • She shared this dance with Singed.


    • Kayle y Morgana are the daughters of the Aspect of Justice because Riot wanted to explore the idea of 鈥嬧媡he sons of the Aspects. [1]
    • Riot moved away from the Kayle and Morgana narrative derived from a race of angels due to angels having certain cultural connotations that would be more difficult to expand on as Riot progresses the narrative. [2]
    • Kayle's established playing hook was her evolution to a carry throughout the game, reflecting her previous playing pattern. [3]
    • Discarded abilities tested on Kayle include: [4]
      • An iteration of passive that would grant him his true flight upon ascending and allow him to fly off the map.
      • A version of his E where he could launch himself and gain a lot of attack speed.
      • A version of his ultimate ability where he would fly into the sky and become unreachable and launch a meteor at enemies.
    • The gameplay elements Riot wanted to preserve in Kayle were melee difference and range, her role as a late-game hypercarry, and the usefulness of her support items. [5]
    • The reason Kayle upgraded to lighter armor was that Riot wanted to be read as a fragile target. [6]


    • Kayle's name is the modernized and more revised version of her father, Kilam.
      • Both Kilam and Kayle could come from Classical Latin caelum [藞Kae摊.色农] "heaven, paradise, whole", from the noun PIE * keh鈧俰lom; [7]
      • Typically, caelum produces the Roman name Caelia [藞kae摊.色i.a] and then the name Cela.
    • His parents were from one of the tribes of the  Mount Targon, an earlier version of the Rakkor. [8]
    • Kayle y Morgana are fraternal twins. [9]
    • She was born over 1000 years ago at the height of the Runic Wars. How long he has experienced in the celestial realm is unknown.
    • Kayle y Morgana are ascended Targonians but are not technically hosts of the Aspect of Justice. They retained and shared the power of the aspect due to their mother, who was the former ascended hostess of the aspect, became pregnant with them during their ascension, which also makes them half-mortal. [10]
      • Kayle y Morgana currently has less celestial power than the other Aspects due to being children of one Aspect, but they have free will and a more unified identity. [eleven]
        • After his ascension, Kayle is fully established as the next Aspect of Justice (so comparable to Diana / Leona). [12]
      • Kayle y Morgana ascended when her wings materialized shortly after her mother's swords fell from the sky. [13]
      • Divine Ascent is a condensed version of what happened to Kayle in the course of her life; as she suppresses her humanity to make herself more powerful. [14]
      • Divine Judgment of Kayle y Black Shield of Morgana come from the same source, but are interpreted in different ways due to their opposing views. [15]
      • Divine Judgment depicts Kayle calling upon the former Aspects of Justice to use their swords to rain truth and justice upon the world to protect the innocent. [16]
    • Kayle is currently on a quest to find out what happened to her mother, the former Aspect of Justice, and has managed to go to the land beyond Targon Prime. [17]
    • Kayle's opinion on justice is based on the law, she believes that every crime deserves a punishment proportional to its scale and that it is redeemed after being punished. [18]
      • Kayle would believe that Demacians have twisted many of the original ideals that made them great and taken them to the extreme. I would also be at odds with the recent anarchy and chaos in Demacia with the escape of Sylas. [19]
    • Kayle's form Transcendent is her current appearance over the last 100 years as she strives to be as close to her mother as possible, the former Aspect of Justice. [18]
    • Kayle suppresses the feelings of her mistakes because she fears that she is wrong and is turning into a monster. [18]
    • Kayle's worst flaw is her self-righteousness and her ability to blind herself to her own flaws and mistakes. His best quality is his idealistic desire to do good in the world and protect the innocent. [twenty]
    • Kayle's favorite food is kale. [twenty-one]
    • Most Demacians don't necessarily know that The Winged Protectors were women. [22] For most of today, The Winged Protectors are more myths / legends, similar to saints with forgotten names. [23. XNUMX]
    • Kayle's current lore and Morgana represents the interaction between two approaches to justice: retributive and restorative, respectively; Both sisters are not seen as mutual enemies who fight each other, but are composed of a Yang and Yin force that fights against evil.
      • They were the first pair of brother champions (the others were We are - Lux, Nasus - Renekton, Darius - Draven, y Katarina - Cassiopeia and Yasuo- Yone)
        • Although it is not a pair, Anivia, Ornn y Volibear are also brothers.
      • His old lore resembles the fight between Michael and Satan, dating back to early Christianity. [24]
    • Kayle's sword is depicted as the sword stone in Tellstones: King's Gambit.
    • Kayle's right hand appears to be more dominant (unlike her pre-design that appears to be left-handed) while holding her sword with her right hand, rather than Morgana whose left hand seems to be more dominant. This probably refers to the fact that historically the right hand is associated with beneficence,


    • The visual appearance of his armor matches that of Galio.
    • She shares her illustration with Morgana.
      • Her illustration shows Kayle in her form. Resplendent.
      • Her default appearance represents a younger version of her. its Transcendent form represents your current form for the last 100 years. [25]
    • Kayle original
      • The scene represents her using Intervention Intervention on herself.
      • La Chinese version of his second illustration used to have rocks around Kayle that have since been edited.
        • The reason for this edit was to avoid suspicion of art plagiarism from an image of Iona, Shield of Emeria, a Magic: The Gathering letter from a warrior angel. Not only are Kayle and Iona's poses very similar, but the rocks around them are identical as well. [26]
          • An overlay of the two pieces of art can be seen here.
    Kayle de Plata
    • This skin shares the Collector's Edition theme with:
      • enlist black
      • Purely Young
    • As one of the four Collector's Edition skins, it was only obtainable through Collector's Edition retail or digital packs. [27]
      • She was obtainable herself through the Retail Collector's Edition pack.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Resplendent.
      • The others are:
        • Enlist Black (Pre-ordering the Digital Collector's Pack)
        • Goth Annie (Pre-ordering the Digital Collector's Pack)
        • Young Ryze (Pre-ordering the Retail Collector's Edition)
    Kayle de Viridi谩n
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz
    • This skin shares the Albion theme with:
      • Morgana Blackthorn
      • Ezreal de Nottingham
      • Ashe Sherwood Forest
    • While you do not directly share an illustration with Morgana Espina Negra, your illustrations can be put together to create a larger image.
      • His illustration shows it in its form Transcendent.
    • Her redesigned head design (especially the crown and hair) takes ideas from Princess Zelda from the Nintendo game series "The Legend Of Zelda."
    Kayle Transcended
    • This skin represents Kayle as she would be if she fully became the Aspect of Justice like her mother.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Illuminated.
    • His sword references Tyrael from the Diablo 2 franchise.
    • Kayle Unmasked
      • This aspect represented Original Kayle without her helmet.
      • This is also the third aspect to be completely renamed, the second is Crimson Akali.
    Kayle Justiciera
    • It was unlocked for free by those who played a certain number of games at the end of the 2011 season.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Fervent.
    Kayle Born for Battle
    • She shares her illustration with Morgana Exile.
      • His illustration shows it in its form Illuminated.
    • She was seen at the 'Art Presentation' of Brand como 'Gunmetal'.
    • Its visual appearance resembles that of a Norse Valkyrie.
    Kayle Ethereal Wings
    • Her dance references Night of Fire by Dream.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • He looks a lot like Uriel from Darksiders.
    • Over the course of the game, Kayle's exosuit will grow in power, override her human emotions, and drive her crazy with power. [28]
    • His illustration shows it in its form Fervent.
    • Kayle Ethereal Wings
      • Her dance referenced Night of Fire by Dream.
        • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    Riot Kayle
    • This skin shares the Riot theme with:
      • Riot Blitzcrank
      • Riot Graves
      • Tristana Chica Riot
      • Riot Nasus K-9
      • Singed of the Riot Squad
    • Riot Blitzcrank y Riot Graves can be seen in the background.
    • Along with the other Riot skins, it was obtainable by either meeting a Rioter, attending an official Riot event, or by purchasing from the store during events in the launch year. [29]
      • For her in particular, it was only obtainable from events in 2014.
        • It was also awarded to players on the 10-year anniversary of Riot Games Inc. and League of Legends.
    • He wears a riot helmet and his sword is replaced by an electroshock weapon. When retires, she sends unmanned aerial vehicles. All of these used for riot control.
      • Its wings are also replaced with helicopter rotors.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Resplendent, but without his helmet.
    Kayle the Iron Inquisitor
    • This skin was released along with:
      • Nocturne The Cursed Revenant
      • Singed the Black Plague
        • These skins appeared when Dark Souls III was released, as their appearance is somewhat similar to that of the characters in the Dark Souls franchise.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Fervent.
    Kayle Pentakill
    • This skin shares the Pentakill theme with:
      • Viego Dissonance by Pentakill
      • Karthus Pentakill
      • Mordekaiser Pentakill
      • Olaf Pentakill
      • Sona Pentakill
      • Yorick Pentakill
      • Karthus Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
      • Kayle Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
      • Mordekaiser Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
      • Olaf Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
      • Sona Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
      • Yorick Pentakill III: Lost Chapter
    • The other members of the band can be seen in the background.
    • She is the lead singer of Pentakill.
    • His illustration shows it in its form Lit, but missing a pair of its wings.
    Kayle PsyOps
    Chromas: Emerald, Hunter, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sandstone, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the PsyOps theme with:
      • Gragas Operation Arctic
      • Kennen Arctic Operation
      • Varus Arctic Operation
      • Caitlyn Arctic Wars
      • Swain Nordic Front
      • Volibear Storm del Norte
      • Ezreal PsyOps Prestigious Edition
      • Ezreal PsyOps
      • Maestro Yi PsyOps
      • Pyke PsyOps
      • Samira PsyOps
      • Shen PsyOps
      • Sona PsyOps
      • We PsyOps
      • Viktor PsyOps
      • Zed PsyOps
    Kayle Matadragones
    Chromas: Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Dragon World theme with:
      • Draconic Guardian Galio
      • Mordekaiser Dragon Knight
      • Dragon Master Swain
      • Udyr Oracle Dragon
      • Dragon Sorceress Zyra
      • Heimerdinger Dragon Trainer
      • Dragon Trainer Lulu
      • Dragon Trainer Tristana
      • Braum Matadragones
      • Diana Dragon Slayer
      • Jarvan IV Matadragones
      • Olaf Matadragones
      • Pantheon Matadragones
      • Trundle Matadragones
      • Twitch Matadragones
      • Vayne Matadragones
      • Xin Zhao Matadragones


    • Both Kayle and Morgana are twin sisters, Kayle being the older of the two. Their relationship soured after the event that led to the death of their father.
    • Sylas knows certain truths about the sisters and calls out their power during the events of Lux's comic.


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