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    • Kayn is voiced by Eduardo Garza in LATAM and by Javier Lorca in EUW.
    • Rhaast is voiced by Germán Fabregat in LATAM and by Miguel Ángel Del Hoyo in EUW.
    • Kayn is one of 22 champions without a single Ability Power ratio on any skill: aatrox, Akshan, Camille, Darius, Dr. World, trot, We are, Kalista, kayn, Kindred, Kled, Olaf, Pyke, Riven, Samira, Set, Talon, Urgot, Vayne, Xayah, But, Zed.
    • He is the seventh dark-themed Ionia-affiliated champion - (albeit Noxian by birth), after Shen, Varus, Syndra, Zed, Xayah and Jhin; as well as the second known member of the Order of Shadows.
    • His Christian name Shieda is pronounced / ˈʃi: da /, and is of Ionic origin. [1]
      • By coincidence, her surname Kayn looks like:
        • The biblical Cain, of Semitic roots qyn "blacksmith" [2] <"spear" <"reed" * qanay. [3]
        • The Irish surname Kane, in Gaelic English Ó Catháin, from Proto-Celtic * katus "fight, battle". [4]
    • His period as a child soldier refers to the recruitment of children;
      • Not all Noxian commanders tolerate the callousness of their colleagues, although at least they turn a blind eye.
    • While in Darkin form, Kayn's skill tooltip changes to read "Rhaast" instead of "Kayn".
    • His dance references the Rebook dance.
    • If tied in orbs for The Darkin Scythe, its default value will be Roast. [5]


    • The blood splatters from Kayn's weapon started as water splashes in the showers on the Riot campus. [6]
    • During development, he was called Nemesis. [7]
      • It was originally supposed to be the Nemesis of Xayah and Rakan


    • Kayn is in her 20s.
      • I was not more than 10 years old when Zed had taken him to the Order of the Shadows.
    • Rhaast is between 3496 and 4396 years old.
    • The blue streak in Kayn's hair is the result of using Rhaast. [8]


    • Rhaast: "Zed is dead baby, Zed is dead". quotes Pulp Fiction.


    • His appearance was inspired by Amon from the anime and manga series Devilman.
      • The method in which Darkin possesses human bodies is similar to how demons possess humans in Devilman. Humans in both cases can also dominate the demon / darkin and use its power as their own.
    • His appearance pays tribute to both Dante and Virgilio from Devil May Cry, with the color scheme Virgil's bluish color and Dante's casual and confident attitude that he can subdue any demonic weapon at will.
      • Meanwhile Rhaast resembles Dante's reddish Devil Trigger forms.
      • Other influences are various scythe-wielders in video games.
    • Kayn may be a possible reference to Ling Yao, a character from the Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood anime. Both characters share similarities in that a superhuman entity resides within them that competes for control of their bodies (Rhaast, a Darkin within Kayn and Greed, a Homunculus within Ling Yao). Additionally, Kayn shares many similarities in character design with Ling Yao.
    • Kayn could also be similar to Masane Amaha, a character from the anime Witchblade (A comic book adaptation of the same name). They both wield weapons that are sentient in nature and try to take control of their bodies (Kayn's scythe contains Rhaast, and Masane's gauntlet contains a nameless entity), and both possess supernatural powers.
    Soul Hunter Kayn
    • This skin shares the 'Soul Hunters' theme with:
      • Vayne Robaalmas
      • Vladimir Robaalmas
    • The Shadow Assassin form appears to refer to the Abyss Watchers from Dark Souls 3.
    • Alternatively, the long white hair, the red cape with a tricorn hat, and the spell book strapped to his waist could serve as a reference for the Red Mage from Final Fantasy.
    • In the Russian localization, he is called 'Shower Hunter Kayn' due to a naming mistake. [9]
    Kayn Odisia
    Chromas: Emerald, Merc, Pearl, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Odyssey theme with:
      • Zed Galactic Terminator
      • Aatrox Odyssey
      • Jinx Odyssey
      • Karma Odyssey
      • Kha'Zix Odyssey
      • Malphite Odyssey
      • Sivir Odyssey
      • Sona Odyssey
      • Twisted Fate Odisea
      • Yasuo Odyssey
      • Ziggs Odisea
    • Kayn is a huge fan of the music of Ahri K / DA. [10]
    • The hairstyle resembles the villain Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg in The Fifth Element, and his face resembles Kela De Thaym in Warframe.
      • Both he and Sona, they have the same yellow eyes and body markings due to the link of Pray in your body. They refer respectively to Prince Nuada and Princess Nuala from the movie Hellboy II: The Golden Army.
    • Skin is the boss for the Odyssey: Extraction game mode.
    • The music played during their dance is a remix of Mass Effect's Uncharted Worlds.
    • Rhaast Dark Star, who currently resides in the Odyssey universe, originally hails from the Event Horizon universe.
      • This skin shares the Event Horizon theme with:
      • Ashe Cosmic Queen
      • Cho'Gath Dark Estrella
      • Jarvan IV Dark Star
      • Jhin Cosmic Darkness
      • Dark Star Karma
      • Kassadin Cosmic Reaper
      • Kha'Zix Dark Star
      • Lux Cosmic
      • Lux Cosmic Darkness
      • Dark Star Malphite
      • Master Yi Cosmic Sword
      • Dark Star Mordekaiser
      • Orianna Dark Star
      • Rakan Cosmic Dawn
      • Shaco Dark Star
      • Dark Star Thresh
      • Dark Star Varus
      • Xayah Cosmic Twilight
      • Xerath Dark Star
      • Xin Zhao Cosmic Defender
      • Malphite Dark Star Prestigious Edition
        • Darkstar Rhaast wants to collect Ora to reopen the Ora Gate. Then he can return to his world. [eleven]
        • If it beats Rhaast, Kayn can absorb her Pray and obtain powers similar to those of a cosmic entity from the Event Horizon universe.


    • Kayn was raised by Zed in the Order of Shadows after Zed and the other members of the order ran into Kayn during the Noxian invasion of Ionia.
      • He is also Zed's favorite student.


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