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    There are LoL terms that are used both in and out of the game, and others that are used to simplify game communication. Below is a list of some of those terms.

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    1v1 A custom match between 2 players. It is usually armed in Howling Abyss but occasionally occurs in Summoner's Rift in the middle lane. Generally, the winner of that game is the one who achieves the first blood (eliminating his enemy), farms 100 minions or destroys the tower of the lane in which he fights. 3's The Twisted Treeline. It refers to the map where by default two teams of 3 members each face each other. Summoner's Rift. It refers to the map where by default two teams of 5 members each face off.


    AAAuto AttackAuto Attack: The basic attack executed by a champion when right-clicking on an enemy. ABAMAll Blind All Mid A custom match where players choose champions in Blind Pick mode to fight only in the middle lane. Ace When all members of a team are eliminated. Active Skills possessed by champions and some items, which require to be activated (by clicking or pressing a key) to function, as opposed to skills with "Passive". ADAttack Damage Attack Damage: Refers to physical attack. ADAMAll Draft All MidA custom match where players choose champions in Draft Pick mode to fight only in the middle lane. ADC (Attack Damage Carry) Champion that bases its damage on auto-attacks. For this reason, they are usually equipped with objects that grant physical damage, attack speed and critical attack probability. AFKAway From KeyboardFar From Keyboard: Player who does not control his champion in the game. It is also used to signal disconnected players while the game is in progress. Aggro The priority target of an AI controlled agent (minion, turret, monster, etc). Ali Alistar. AniAniv Anivia. AoE (Area of ​​Effect)) Area of ​​Effect: Skills that deal damage in area and not just to a specific champion. AP (Ability Power) Ability Power. ARAB (All Random All Bottom): Custom game played in the bottom lane of the Crystal Scar. ARAM (All Random All Mid): Custom game where players randomly choose champions to fight only in the middle lane. The Howling Abyss because all battles take place under this mode. ArPArPenArmor Penetration Armor Penetration. ASATSASPDAttack Speed ​​Attack Speed. Assassin Champion who has the ability to quickly ambush and eliminate enemies. Their abilities often include concealment (momentary invisibility) or a heavy lunge. Support Help an ally eliminate an enemy champion. Aura: A passive ability that allied champions within range of the object or champion can benefit from. Aura PlatformAura Bot A champion who equips himself with various "Passive: Aura" items to assist his teammates.


    BBack: Retreat in the direction of the friendly base or looking to get away from the enemy. Return to the base, pressing the key Template: Skill icon (default setting) Babysit (Nanny) Champion who continuously assists a given ally Champion (usually the jungle ) that covers a lane to prevent both minions and enemy champions from destroying a tower on their team, when allies are temporarily out of their lane. Bait (Bait) Offering a decoy to lure the enemy into a trap. Banana self attack Soraka Baron Refers to both the neutral monster Baron Nashor Baron Nashor and the buff it grants. Base The protected area where the Store, Nexus and Inhibitors are located. Bear) Volibear. Summon: Tibbers. BC The Black Cleaver - The Dark Blade. BDBackdoor Attack the enemy nexus without the same enemy being in your base and without the support of allied minions. BFBFSBig Freaking Sword Greatsword. BGBad GameMal game. Bird Anivia.Sometimes, it refers to the Dark Wind Dark Wind ravens. BlindBlind Blindness: A Crowd Control ability that causes the target to miss all auto-attacks for the duration of the ability's effect. Blind pick - A type of match where all participants select their champions simultaneously. Neither team can see the enemy team until the loading screen appears. The same champion can be chosen by an ally and an enemy in the same game. Blitz Blitzcrank. BlueBlue Buff: Crest of the Ancient Golem. Refers to the buff granted by the neutral monster Ancestral Golem Ancestral Golem Blue Team: The group of players who start playing in the lower left sector of Summoner's Rift or Howling Abyss, or on the left side of Twisted Treeline and The Crystal Scar. This team is always the first to ban (lock characters to prevent their use on the enemy team) during champion pick in Ranked and Normal Dratf Pick modes Glyph, a type of BotRK rune Blade of the Ruined King - Sword of the Ruined King. BotBottom lane. Bottom lane: An AI-controlled champion Bot gameCo-op vs. AI: Custom game where players fight against opponents managed by Artificial Intelligence. BRBBe right back "I'll be right back" or "I'll be right back." Expression used to warn the team that it is returning to base. Broken When an element in the game is out of balance or malfunctions (can be a champion, item, spell, etc.) BanBanClock characters during Ranked and Normal Draft Pick modes to prevent them from being used by the enemy team. Only three characters can be blocked per team. Bruiser: Champion who deals massive (physical) damage through combos with his abilities. BrushBush Bushes scattered across maps, where champions can hide. BT The Bloodthirster - La Sanguinaria. Buff A positive effect that is applied to a champion. An official modification (through patches that require installation) of the game mechanics or of a champion / item, seeking to make it more powerful. It is the opposite of "Nerf" Build. Set of objects acquired by a champion during the game. Set of objects recommended for a champion given certain game conditions, such as the nature of the lane opponent, the composition of each team, if he is losing or winning in the amount of gold obtained by each team, etc. Bug An unintentional flaw in the game's mechanics. Burst - A large amount of damage dealt in a very short time. Usually that damage is dealt to a single champion.


    Cait Caitlyn. Cap Capture a tower in Dominion. When a parameter has reached its limit and will no longer continue to increase (for example, attack speed reaches its limit when it reaches 2.5 attacks per second) Be careful against possible gank or some other type of danger. Carry A champion who generally starts out weaker than other champions, but becomes more powerful as the game progresses. The action of becoming ultimately responsible for winning a match. Cass / Cassio Cassiopeia. Caster - A champion whose main source of damage is his abilities. The damage can be magic or physical, and can scale with AP (ability power) or AD (attack damage). Cat Nidalee. Rengar. CCCrowd control - Crowd Control: A category of negative effects that prevent the normal performance of the champion, either affecting his movement or his actions. CDCooldown. Cooldown Countdown of an already cast ability so that it can be used again. CDRCooldown reduction. Cooling reduction. Chain CCUse multiple Crowd Control abilities consecutively on the same enemy champion. ChampCampeón: character that the player selects ("Summons") to use in the game. Channeling Cast times that require some skills to be used. These types of spells can be interrupted by any ability that has a hard CC (such as Stun). Chase Harass an enemy to retreat. Cho Cho'Gath. Collapsing: When allied players coordinate with each other to converge and overwhelm the enemy team. CommitNo withdraw. Stay in the fight until the battle ends or your champion is eliminated. Counter Gank - Fixing an ambush as an immediate response to another enemy ambush, with the intention of denying or thwarting the advantage they might have gained from that first attack. Counter Jungle / Contra Jungla - Kill neutral monsters in the enemy team's jungle, depriving them of upgrades, gold and experience. Counter Pick - Pick a particular champion during the pick phase to counter a specific enemy champion. CoverA player requires the help of another partner to freeze the line while he is not there (For more information, see "babysit" and "hold.") Cow Enlist. CreepsMonsters and minions. CS In English, Creeps Slain or Creep Score, number of minions and monsters killed. It is a term adapted from DotA. CustomCustom game - Custom Game: Game created by a player, who decides the factors of the game, either number of allies and enemies, map, if there will be any champion controlled by the AI ​​and can even put a password to the meeting to block access to players looking for games publicly.


    D / DefDefender: protect the turret or base without attacking aggressively. DFGDeathfire Grasp - Igneous Death Claw DCDisconnected - Disconnected, synonymous with AFK. DDDirect damage - Direct damage Double damage - Double damage. DebuffA debuff applied to a champion; the opposite of enhancement or buff. Deny: Eliminate allied minions to prevent the rival from earning gold and experience. Synonym of "Zonear" Di Diana. Disable A Crowd Control mode that prevents the enemy from executing particular actions. Dive - Harass a given target in a highly dangerous area, typically around the enemy turret. Dodge Queue dodge. Exit a selection of champions before the loading screen begins. Percentage ability to evade an enemy auto attack. Dog Nasus. Donger Heimerdinger. DoTEeffect of damage over time ('Damage over Time'). Double Kill / Double Kill Eliminate two enemies in no time. DPS Damage per second (for example attack speed). A champion who specializes in dealing constant sustained damage. DraftDraft Pick: A type of champion selection where participants must first go through the banning process, they can see what the enemy chooses and it is not possible to repeat the same champion on both sides. Drag / DrakeDragon Dragon. Duellist - A champion who excels at battling enemy champions one at a time. (ex. Fiora, Jax).


    The third champion ability, located on the "E" key (default setting) Egg Rebirth de Anivia Elo A mathematical rating that specifies the relative ability of the player. Elo hell A level of Elo from which it is difficult for the player to get out. Eve Evelynn Executed (Executed) Death produced by an external element to the enemy champion (it can be by neutral monsters, minions or turrets). This type of death does not grant gold or experience to the opposing team. Exp Points of Experience. Ez EzrealEasy (easy).


    Face check A champion who walks into a bush to see if an enemy is hiding there. It can be quite a dangerous action. Fail flash: When the player uses his Flash spell in the wrong way or when in the middle of a flight, he fails when trying to go through a wall with the same spell. Farm Eliminate minions to get gold and experience. FBFirst Blood - First Blood: First death of the game. Fear A debuff that causes the target to wander uncontrollably. Feeded A champion who becomes very powerful after getting multiple kills on enemy champions. Feedear Die repeatedly before the enemy team, giving them gold and experience. A player who does this is a feeder. FF Refers to / FF or "forfeit", synonymous with Surrender FFSFor fuck's sake. An expression of anger and frustration. Fid / Fiddle Fiddlesticks Fighter A hybrid champion between "Tank" and "Damage". This group includes the Bruisers. Fish Fizz Flash - Flash A summoner spell that, when activated, transports the champion a short distance in the direction of the cursor (mouse arrow). Focus Direct a team's efforts toward assassinating a specific target, usually one of high strategic value like the enemy carry. Fog / Fow / Fog of War Shaded areas on the map, out of sight range from allied champions, minions, and structures. Forced teamfight: When a team tries to take an objective at any cost, forcing the enemy to force a battle to stop them. Fountain Stone platform located at each base, where champions resurface after death, regenerate health and mana, and can purchase items. FPSFrames per second FreezingFarming a lane with only the last hit to kill the minions. This pushes the wave off as slowly as possible to avoid the possibility of being ambushed.


    GA Guardian Angel ("Guardian Angel"). Game throw Throw the game; when the team that has an advantage makes one or more errors that cause them to lose that advantage, or the entire game. Gang / GP Gangplank Gank / Gankear Ambush one or more unsuspecting enemies with one or more allied champions. Gap closer: An ability or spell that shortens the distance between the champion and the enemy. Good game ("Good game"). Ghoster A player who watches an enemy player who is streaming his game, to gain an advantage during the game. GJ Good job ("Good Job"). GL Good luck ("Good Luck"). GLHFGood luck ("Good Luck"); Have fun ("Have Fun"). Glass cannon - A champion or build that has high damage but little defense. Global An ability that can hit anywhere on the map (for example Enchanted Crystal Arrow of Ashe). Glyph A type of rune that primarily improves various magic stats. GolemAncient Golem Ancient Golem, which grants the Crest of the Ancient Golem (aka blue buff) after being defeated. Golem and Big Golem usually refer to both as "Golems". GoldOro; the exchange currency to buy items within the game. Golden PosePose golden; active from Zhonya GP10 Hourglass Gold every 10; Items / Masteries / Runes that generate additional gold over time. Items that generate gold are often incorrectly referred to as GP5.


    Harass Pressuring the opponent causing damage, while avoiding receiving it in return. Hard CC: A Crowd Control effect that interrupts channeling of abilities. Hard leash Assist the friendly jungle attacking a monster, reducing its health to allow our ally to take the last blow, losing the least amount of life possible. Heal bot Soraka Hec / Heca Hecarim Heim / Heimer Heimerdinger Hitbox Invisible shape that surrounds the XNUMXD models of units in the game, with which to detect skill collisions and collisions between units. HFHave Fun - Have Fun HoldBe in a line and protect the tower to prevent it from being destroyed by the enemy. Usually it is the job of the jungles, while the ally corresponding to that line is not there. Hook: Ability that prevents movement and draws an enemy towards it. Examples include Thresh's Death Sentence or Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab Horse Hecarim HourglassZhonya's Hourglass - Zhonya HP Health Points Hourglass- Hit Points. It can also be translated as Hit Points or Impact Points. HP5 Health Regeneration per 5 seconds- Health regeneration every 5 seconds. Hybrid Champion who can use two or more types of builds, as his abilities scale with both AD and AP. Hypercarry Champion who is extremely weak in the early and (sometimes) mid game, but scales very well in the late game to the point of becoming unstoppable if he has a good farm and / or feed. Describe some adcs, such as Tristana, Kog'Maw o Vayne and also other champions, like Poppy, Jax o Nasus.


    IEInfinity Egde- Infinity Edge Ignite A summoner spell that deals true damage for a few seconds (up to a certain amount) to an enemy target. Inc / Incoming Warning used to warn a player that one or more enemies are heading their way, so that they can beware of a very possible gank. Something contrary to the MIA (Miss In Action), which does not indicate in which direction the enemy disappeared. InhibInhibitor - Inhibitor: Structure that prevents the development of more powerful minions (super minions) by the enemy. Inhibitor turret The tower that protects the inhibitor. Initiate - A champion who executes an initiating action, signaling his allies to begin the battle. The initiator can act as a decoy (Bait) and take most of the enemy damage (looking for them to use their abilities on him), while protecting his companions. Inner turrets The three turrets that are located outside the perimeters of the base. Instagib / Instakill When a champion or monster with a full life (or close to it) takes lethal damage in a very short time, being eliminated without the possibility of reacting. InstalockInstant lock: A quick pick and lock of a particular champion, regardless of the decisions or requests of the rest of the team. It is a very unsportsmanlike attitude and prone to reports / sanctions. Invade Go into enemy territory, particularly its jungle. It is usually done before the minions leave, seeking to steal enemy buffs. IPInfluence Points. Influence Points. ItemObject that is used or equipped to improve the performance of the champions in the game.


    J4 / Jar / Jarv Jarvan IV JukeWonder by going in the wrong direction to fool an enemy chasing you in the jungle, causing them to lose sight of you. The act of dodging enemy abilities. Jungle Spaces populated by neutral monsters, located between the lines. JunglerChampion who exchanges fighting in a line for experience and gold by eliminating neutral monsters from the jungle. He is the one in charge of balancing his team, ambushing enemy champions in their lines, seeking to eliminate them with the help of his teammates, or in any case, losing both gold and experience. Jungling Eliminate monsters in the jungle.


    Karth / Karth Karthus Kass / Kassa Kassadin Kat / Kata Katarina Kha / Khaz / K6 Kha'Zix Kill lane Combination of two champions whose specific purpose is to eliminate the two enemy champions during the lane phase. Usually that tactic is used in the bottom lane. Killing Spree: Champion who kills at least 3 consecutive enemies without having fallen. KitSet of skills owned by a champion. Kiter A champion who is particularly good at kiting (for example Ashe). Kite / Kitear: Getting away from an enemy champion while continually attacking him, so that he is damaged but cannot deal damage in response. Knockback Knocking the opponent in the opposite direction to the use of the skill. The target cannot move or act during the effect of it. Knockup Interrupt any enemy action, sending it flying. Kog Kog'Maw KS Kill Steal: Let an ally be about to eliminate an enemy and deliver the last blow (intentionally) to take death along with gold for it Kill Secured: Prevent a very weak target from fleeing, eliminating it although not Most of the damage has been dealt to him.Kill Streak: When a champion kills multiple enemies consecutively. The "Kill Streak" is reset when the champion is eliminated.


    LagReduction of response speed (clicks and responds a little later) during a game. It is determined by the amount of latency that can be had at that moment, depending on the internet or the game server. Severe lag can lead to disconnection and will count as if you left the game if you don't reconnect before the game ends. Lag Spike Sudden and often momentary period of severe lag. Lane The paths where allied and enemy minions circulate. Laner Champion or player who occupies a certain line during the early game. Laning phase First part of the game in Summoner's Rift and Twisted Treeline. Usually ends when one or two turrets are destroyed. Lantern Dark Passage de Thresh Last hit: Deal the killing blow to an enemy target. LB LeBlanc Leave / Leaver Leave the game before it ends, voluntarily or not. This is regulated by the Leaver Buster system, which penalizes players who regularly leave games. read Lee Sin LSLife steal - Life steal. Leech Be in range of enemy units to gain experience but without helping your teammates to eliminate enemies. Leo Leona Liss Lissandra LOL League of Legends, title of the game that interests us here Laughing out loud - Laughing out loud. LOMLow On Mana - Bass in Mana LWLast Whisper - Last Sigh


    Main The best or most favorite champion of a player. It is usually the one you use the best. Mana Resource used by many champions to cast abilities. Manaless Champions who do not have a mana stat. Malp / Malph Malphite Malz Malzahar Mao Maokai Map (Map) Place where champions fight each other. Diagram representing the arena, where you can see the location of allied champions, enemies that are outside the shadow area and neutral monsters. It is displayed on the lower right side of the screen (default setting). Map awareness Map control: Be aware of what is happening around the map. Know where enemies can be and the resurgence time of neutral monsters. To increase this control, skills or items can be used, being the most popular, the Vision Guardian Map objective Objectives of the map: to win the game, certain objectives must be met, such as: take the blue and red buff, eliminate Dragon and Baron, destroy turrets and inhibitors and finally go for the enemy nexus. Mark A type of rune that is mainly based on increasing physical parameters. Weakness that changes the effect of an enemy ability. For example, Katarina's Bouncing Blades adds a mark to all targets hit, and both basic attacks and abilities on those targets deal additional damage before consuming the mark. Meta / Metagame Current game style, consisting of aspects such as lane setup, jungle, and team composition. MF Miss Fortune MidMiddle lane - Center lane. Mid Top: At the start of Dominion, a player declares that they will capture (or ask someone to capture) the center turret, so that the rest of those in that lane can take the top turret. Mid turrets - The three turrets that are located just outside the base. Minion AI controlled units that emerge from the captured nexus or point (Dominion only) and march towards enemy structures. Minion wave (Wave of minions) Group of minions emerged one at a time. They can accumulate if they are not removed quickly or if there is no one on the line. Miss / SS / MIA "Enemy champion lost in action", when you cannot see the enemy corresponding to your line. You can call her Miss, SS, or MIA. It is used to indicate to allies that this missing champion may be preparing a gank in their line, so it advises them to be careful. Marksman (Marksman) Champions who deal physical damage by launching projectiles. This category encompasses almost all ADCs. MOBAMultiplayer Online Battle Arena: Game genre that combines elements of both RPG (Role Playing Game) and RTS (Real-Time Strategy). Bite Mordekaiser MP5 Mana regeneration per 5 seconds - Mana regeneration every 5 seconds. MPenMagic Penetration - Magical Penetration MR / MRes / Mag ResMagic Resistance - Magical Resistance. MS / Mov Spd Movement Speed ​​- World movement speed Dr. Mundo Murder Bridge Alternative name for Howling Abyss. At the beginning of the game, the announcer sometimes refers to the map by this name.


    N1Nice One - Synonym for "Well Done" Naut / Nauti Nautilus Nerf Official modification to the mechanics of the game, champion, spell or object, making it less powerful. It is the opposite of "buff". Nexus Primary structure where the minions are thrown to each line. The game is won when the enemy nexus is destroyed. Nexus Turrets The two turrets that protect the Nexus. NJNice Job - Good Job Noc Nocturne Nid / Nida Nidalee Noob - No skill / experience player. Synonyms for the word are "nub" and "n00b". It derives from the word "novice" (newbie). NormalNormal game NPCNon-Player Character - Character not controlled by a player. Nuker: Champions who deal massive magic damage using their abilities. It can be with one or in a combo.


    Off Tank: Champion who builds almost entirely like a tank, but carries at least one damage item. OMWOn My Way - "I'm on the way" OOMOut Of Mana - Without mana OPOverpowered - Champion who by default is more powerful (either, having more AD / Life or armor) or has qualities that distinguish him above the rest (hard CC, abilities that increase armor or deal disproportionate damage, etc). Ori Orianna Outer turrets The three turrets furthest from the base.


    Pant / Panth Pantheon PartyPlayer who invites people from his friends list to team up to play a game. If the number of players does not reach the maximum (3 or 5, depending on the map), the team will be filled with people who are looking for a solo game. PathPathing The path that will be taken to reach a location. PBEPublic Beta Environment, a public server used to test possible changes to the content of the game. PDPhantom Dancer - Spectral Dancer Peel / Peeling Action to protect allies from enemy attacks using abilities that possess Crowd Control. PentaPentakill: Eliminate all five enemy champions in no time. PingLatencia of the player's internet connection to the game server, measured in "ms" (millisecond, 1 ms = 0.001 second). PinkVision Ward - Vision Guardian. Poach Strategy that consists of annihilating each monster of the enemy jungle, seeking to weaken the chances of the rival team to obtain gold, experience and buffs in their own jungle. Poke A form of harassment (harass) that uses ranged attacks to cause small to moderate damage seeking to weaken the enemy, always maintaining a safe position. pony Hecarim Position / Positioning Location of a champion during battle. Good "positioning" is determined by the player's knowledge of the optimal location for his champion to go. For example, the team tank is usually located in the front row, protecting those who are in charge of doing damage. Pot / PotiPotion (s), usually Health Potion or Potion of Life. Premade: Several players who know each other form a team together to enter the champion selection phase. Very talented and outstanding player, short for "professional". Proxy Very high risk game (usually performed in the upper and lower lanes) that involves farming minions between both enemy turrets to attract the opposing jungle (and take pressure off the lines) and prevent our rival from getting both gold and experience, in addition to prevent allied towers from pulling the line. Pull Ability that brings the enemy closer to you (eg Rocket Grab Blitzcrank). PurplePurple team - Purple team: The group of players who start the game from the upper right side in Summoner's Rift and Howling Abyss, or from the right side in The Twisted Treeline and The Crystal Scar.]. Push - Fast forward down a lane, clearing waves of minions and destroying turrets. PvPPlayer versus Player -Player versus Player: Game modes that do not include AI-controlled champions


    QThe first champion ability, located on the "Q" key (default setting). QQ Represents a pair of watery eyes. Refers to the complaining player. QSSQuickSilver Sash - Sash of Mercury Quadra kill Quadruple Murder: Eliminate four enemies in no time. Queue: Champion selection phase, before starting the game. It can be in Blind Pick or Draft Pick modes. QuintQuintessence - Quintessence, the most expensive and powerful type of rune.


    AThe fourth (usually most powerful) champion ability, located on the "R" key (default setting). Rage: The action of insulting your teammates during the game. Ragequit An incident where the player leaves the game after unloading various insults on his teammates. Raka Soraka Rambo Entering the fight alone, usually a suicide tactic. RandomAction of choosing a random champion in the champion selection phase, by pressing the "?" Icon. Rank / RankedRanked game - Ranked Match. Rat Twitch RdyReady - Get set. ReDiminutive of "Reappearance". Tells the team that the enemy champion is no longer "MIA" or "MIA" Recall Ability that all champions possess to teleport to their base after channeling it for 8 seconds. RecommendedA category of champions whose control is comfortable and not very difficult for new players. Selection of standard items for each champion, which seeks to save the player time when buying. The player can edit that list manually if he does not want the one that appears by default. Net Blessing of the Lizard Elder. Also known as "red buff" Marks - Mark, a type of rune. Ren / Rene / Renek Renekton Reng Rengar Report Action carried out at the end of the game, seeking the sanction of the player who has had some kind of anti-sports behavior. Each reported case is reviewed in a court where players who have not been punished vote whether that case deserves sanction or not. RevolverHextech Revolver Riot Company creator of League of Legends. River The water that crosses between the lanes in Summoner's Rift. RoARod of Age - Rod of Ages. Roamer - Champion who leaves his post to move around the map, whether to support, jungle or gank. ROFLRolling on the floor laughing - Rolling on the floor, laughing. Root Weakness that prevents any movement (but not action) of an enemy champion. It is also called "Snare" or "Inmobilize". RPRiot Points RylaisRylai's Crystal Scepter - Rylai's Crystal Scepter


    Scaling How well a champion increases efficiency as he levels up and purchases items. ScrimScrimmage: Two teams compete against each other for fun in an out-of-tournament game. Scrub An insult indicating that the player has a low skill level with the game. Seal A type of rune that primarily enhances defensive or utility qualities. Sej / Seju Sejuani Shop Place located in each base, where objects are bought. Shroom (Mushrooms / Fungi) Noxious Trap Shutdown Eliminate a champion who comes with a Killing Spree Harass or eliminate a champion continuously to prevent him from becoming more powerful. Shyv Shyvana Silence A debuff that prevents the target from casting or activating abilities. Skar Skarner Skillshot Skill that requires correct aim to hit its target. Skin Different appearance for a champion, obtainable by purchasing RP. Slow A debuff that slows the target's movement speed. Smart cast Action configurable through the options menu that allows you to press a click + skill key to perform the action without having to press the mouse button on the target, just keeping the cursor (mouse arrow) on it. Smiteless Eliminate Ancient Golem Ancient Golem or Lizard Elder Lizard Elder without using Smite. This allows the immediate possibility to invade the enemy jungle and steal the rival Ancient Golem / Lizard Elder. Snake Cassiopeia Snare Weakness that prevents movement (but not action) of the target. It is also called "Root" or "Inmobilize". Snowball Situation that occurs when a champion or team gains an advantage and as the game progresses, that advantage increases (snowball effect), leading him / her to win the game. Snowball item Item that increases its potential through kills or assists. Soft CC A type of Crowd Control that does not interrupt the channeling of abilities. Solo Champion who faces his lane (usually middle and top) in a solitary way. That's where the terms Solo Mid and Solo Top come from. Solo queue The opposite of "Party", the player enters to look for a solo match, to be matched with random players who may or may not be in Premade with other people. Split push: Attack and destroy a rival tower while the enemy team is in another part of the map. Squishy Champion easily removable given his low defense or life. SRSummoner's Rift - Summoner's Rift Stealth Ability that gives the champion who possesses it the ability to be undetectable by the enemy. Steroid An ability that increases one or more base parameters of a champion. StoreRiot Store: The store available on (or menu screen), where the player can purchase RP, champions, champion skins, runes, etc. The term "Shop" refers to the shop within the game. Streaming Watch another player's game video in real time. Stun Weakness that prevents the target from moving, attacking, or casting abilities. Summoner Role taken by the player who "calls" (chooses) a champion to handle in battle. SuperSuper Minion: A more powerful minion that takes to the field after destroying an enemy inhibitor in Classic game mode. In Dominion, each wave of minions contains a super minion. Support A type of champion tasked with strengthening and supporting the performance of their teammates. Surrender Start a vote among teammates to end the game before one of the nexuses is destroyed and thus admit defeat to the enemy. Sustain Ability for a champion to stay in a line or jungle for as long as possible, without returning to base. Synergy How well two or more champions can work together.


    Tank Champion capable of taking a large amount of damage. It is usually armed with life, armor, and magic resistance. It is a good initiator, but it has very little damage. Taunt A debuff that forces the target to attack the thrower. Team compTeam composition - Team composition: Specific characteristic that all (or almost all) members of a team share to achieve successful teamwork or to follow a certain strategy. Examples include Poke comp, Heal comp, Push comp, AoE comp, CC comp, etc. Teamfight: Team Fight, when several champions from each side enter into battle in a certain area. Tenacity A parameter that determines the reduction of the Crowd Control effect. TF Twisted FateTrinity Force - Trinity ForceTeamfight - Team Fight, when several champions from each side enter battle in a given area. TopTop / upper lane - Upper lane Tower diving / ADT Searing an enemy within range of their tower. TP Teleport Gate Trade / TradingTrade champions - Trade champions with another player during champion pick in Draft Pick or Ranked modes, once both teams have finished choosing their champions Trade damage: When players on either side trade damage during a confrontation, suffering it in the process.Trade kills: When teams from both sides suffer an equal number of deaths after a battle. Tri-brush Particular shrub in formal "Y" that covers three directions. Triple Kill Triple Kill: Eliminate three enemies in no time. Tris / Trist Tristana Troll: A person who disturbs other players and the community in general, showing all the time anti-sporting attitudes to his own satisfaction, either through insults, offensive messages or assisting the enemy team, giving them gold every time they die or warning them of the allied position . TTTwisted Treeline - The Twisted Treeline Tryn / Trynda Tryndamere Turret (Tower / Turret) Structure that defends the rails and the base.


    Ult / UltiUltimate ability - Ultimate Ability, usually located on the "R" key (default setting) Tell a player to use their ultimate ability. UniqueAura, ability or quality of item that does not increase if you buy another item with the same effect. UPUnderpowered: Champion that by default has very low potential, compared to the average. Utility Spells or abilities that have the quality of being beneficial to the team.


    Vision Hack Champion ability that allows the player to see through the shadow area for a few seconds Vlad / Vladi Vladimir Voli volibear


    WThe second champion ability, located on the "W" key (default setting). Ward Objects that give vision over a small area of ​​the Shadow Area when placed. Ward Bait - Place a Pink Vision Guardian strategically, seeking to lure the enemy into a trap when it comes to destroy it. Ward coverage Vision Guards placed strategically to gain more insight into a specific area of ​​the map. Ward placement Place where Vision Guardians are placed. Waveclear: Minion Wave Cleanse. It is the ability of a champion to destroy long waves of minions in one or a few skill casts. Wet Noodle Fight often describes a fight between two champions with very little damage, usually tanks. It usually takes place in the top lane in competitive games. Wombo Combo When a team effectively and consecutively chains their abilities on one or more enemy champions. WotAWill of the Ancients - Testament of the Ancients WPWell Played - Well Played Wu / Wuk wukong WW Warwick


    Xin / XZ Xin Zhao


    YellowSeals - Seal, a type of rune. Yi Master Yi


    Portal ZZ, Rot, is used to push lines leaving a portal that sends monsters directly to its nearest turret and eliminates the minions that it finds in its path

    Zone / Zoning Tactics used to prevent the enemy from earning gold / experience.

    Zil / Zile

    • Zilean

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