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Champion presentation

Recommended items

Summoner's Rift
Early game
The Twisted Forest
Howling Abyss
Initials 3


Playing with Leona
  • Lead the charge and mark your enemies with  Sunlight before your allies deal damage.
  • Shield of Dawn and Zenith Sword form a powerful combination of attack.
  • You can absorb a large amount of damage by using  Eclipse, but you have to stay close to enemies to get the extra duration.
Playing against Leona
  • When  Active lioness  Eclipse, you have three seconds to escape her before she deals damage.
  • Only enemies in the middle of  Solar Flare looks stunned, so you'll be able to dodge it if you're fast.


Use of skills
  • to maximize  Sunlight, try to use your abilities right after an ally explodes your passive.
    • Sunlight is activated with any damage, as long as it sources it, even with an area damage per second ability like  Hopelessness
  • Shield of Dawn can be used to destroy a tower more quickly or to get the last hit on some minions, as it resets the basic attack animation and deals additional damage, even to structures.
  • A standard combo starts by activating  Eclipse at a distance and use  Zenith Sword to approach the enemy champion, activating  Shield of Dawn in the air.
  • It is a good idea to prioritize the level of  Eclipse. This is the most damaging skill in your kit and has the most significant bonus when leveling up (goes from 20 to 60 armor and 60 to 240 damage).
    • It is also important to have a point or more in  Shield of the Dawn due to its usefulness to start or continue the combo, but continue leveling up this skill does not have great improvements.
    • Maximize  Zenith Sword after  Eclipse is the best option if you are looking to help clear out waves of minions.
  • Zenith Sword can even be used on enemies you can't see, so it's good for chasing enemies that are made invisible ( Evelynn o  Teemo) or escaped by jumping a wall.
    • However,  Zenith Sword will not reveal the enemy in stealth so it cannot be applied  Shield of Dawn to continue the combo. Even so,  Eclipse can damage the enemy.
  • Spell Shields, like the  Veil of the Banshee, will prevent your skills from applying  Sunlight, but it won't prevent you  Sword of the Zenith move you towards destiny or let  Eclipse apply your defense upgrade.
  • Sword of Zenith and Eclipse can be used to apply  Sunlight on minions so your line partner can take down minions faster, especially with AoE spells.
  • Use I flash while Sword of Zenith is ending its animation making the range of the skill extend and make it harder for enemies to dodge.
  • If the line mate of Leona is ahead (feed) compared to the other enemies, and can stay in a 1 vs 2 online, Leona can start roaming when she gains some movement speed and a gold spawn item.
    • The massive amount of Crowd Control makes it easy for her to get kills, especially when Solar Flare is available.
  • The skills of Leona have a large amount of base damage, especially Eclipse. Use this perk to kill fragile characters that underestimate your explosive damage.
  • Leona has the ability to clear enemy Sentinels quickly after they are placed: Basic Attack, Activate Shield of Dawn, and immediately attack the sentry again.
  • Note that Leona will slide behind the enemy when using Sword of Zenith, even if it dies while the animation occurs.
Use of runes
  • Replica pairs well with your kit as it is an excellent starter with lots of strong crowd controls.
Use of objects

Leona can be built in a number of ways by being better as support tank. Some less common builds include more offensive items, utilizing their crowd control and natural resistance.


  • With defensive objects, Leona can be very difficult to kill. Armor, magic resistance, and health help make her a very good front line. Not only does Leona help initiate team fights, but she can also block / knock out a target with her large amount of stuns and immobilizations.
  • Thanks to Eclipse provides Leona has a large amount of armor and magic resistance, she generally improves her survivability by buying life items compared to normal tanks that usually buy armor and magic resistance.
  • El Relic Shield or the Old Coins are good options to start with Leona depending on how she is going to play.
    • Relic Shield helps to increase the survivability of her and her linemate during the lines phase and allows to build the Face of the Mountain Face of the Mountain that provides a decent shield and the possibility of nuking depending on who you use the active.
    • On the other hand, the active Talisman of Ascension's Talisman of Ascension's allows you to engage. The choice is based on the composition of the team and its needs.
  • Equipment items with Lioness include Reliquary of the Iron Solari, Sightstone, and Talisman of Ascension Talisman of Ascension, grants a variety of useful stats and assets for the team.
  • It tienes Randuin's Omen, try to use his active ability alongside Eclipse.
  • Iceborn Gauntlet, while a bit expensive and rare, will allow you to keep targets locked for a long time due to area slow, as well as providing you with good defensive stats. Although you can't take advantage of the passive very often like other champions, the utility it provides is sufficient.


  • Leona has a very high defense and utility. Using the correct build and item combinations, she can sneak into enemy lines and be a great threat to her attackers. While playing as a laner or jungle solo, you can use this build to achieve this. The best options for this role contain a mix of damage, cooldown reduction, and defense.
  • With a line mate, Shield of Dawn becomes the base ability of Leona, which provides you with the ability to reset basic attack, bonus damage, and a stun.
  • Shield of Dawn works well with combo-related items. Brightness, Trinity force e Voracious Hydra provide Leona a little explosive damage (burst). Online, it allows you to do very strong damage exchanges - Zenith Sword allows you to eliminate the distance between you and your enemy, use a basic attack with extra damage, and Shield of Dawn resets your basic attack for another empowered hit.
    • Note that Shield of Dawn has a great base cooldown. Know how to use your abilities to maximize the extra damage of the Brightness.


  • With his excellent crowd control and tankiness, and all his abilities that scale with skill power, Leona gains the ability to be an offensive tank mage with explosive damage.
  • In order to be able to manifest the true magic damage of Leona, large amounts of magical penetration are required, as her abilities are not highly scaled. It is also important to have a large amount of armor and magic resistance, so that Eclipse can keep her alive while it activates and explodes, and you have a decent amount of health to protect her large amount of stamina. Finally, it is important to increase your ability to cause explosive damage (burst). That said, the core items for Leona are Sorcerer's Boots Sorcerer's Boots, Haunted Mask, Curse of the Liche Sunfire Cloak and Negatron Cloak.
    • If you are up against an enemy where most of their damage is based on AD, consider substituting Negatron Cloak with Negatron Cloak
  • Some offensive options derived from core objects of Leona son Cetro Abisal Cetro Abisal o Cota de Espinas and Liandry's Torment. Abyssal Scepter Abyssal Scepter is an excellent choice if you are up against the typical wizard champion like Katarina o Ziggs
    • Liandry's Torment is best purchased mid to late game, as it does not offer any magic penetration, and the passive is most effective during teamfights when area damage is Leona can connect with enemies that are affected by her team's crowd control.
  • Void Staff is a possible item to replace Nether Scepter Nether Scepter or Chainmail if your enemy is accumulating a lot of magic resistance. Generally, if the enemy is accumulating armor, you are doing a good job, reducing the need to increase your defense.
  • Defensive options for Lioness include Randuin's Omen and Veil of the Banshee. Slowing down Randuin's Omen has a synergy activating Eclipse, and is a great substitute for Coat of Thorns if more defenses are needed. The spell shield of the Veil of the Banshee is excellent for keeping Lioness alive.
    • The passive of Randuin's Omen is typically used to double the damage per second of Liandry's Torment, geared especially for melee champions.
  • Rabadon's Death Hat is a great mid to late game boost for Leona and her offensive kit, but should not be purchased before having the Curse of the Liche and a considerable amount of magical penetration.
  • Because the most useful objects for Leona does not provide cooldown reduction, it is best achieved through runes (especially glyphs and quintessence).
  • Online, Leona will attempt a combo with Eclipse immediately followed by Zenith Sword to jump next to you and use Shield of Dawn to stun you and secure damage from Eclipse.
    • This combo is especially dangerous if done from a bush, always keep an eye on it.
  • Zenith Sword has a small hitbox and short range, staying behind or to the side can help you dodge it more easily.
  • Si Leona uses Zenith Sword to cleanse the wave of minions, it can sometimes be advantageous to move to the end of its area of 鈥嬧媏ffect so that it hits you and puts it in a bad position.
  • Always keep moving to make it harder for Lioness use Solar Flare to start and put your combo.
  • Attack Leona alone is always a good one, since she cannot make use of Sunlight without a teammate.
  • Any type of damage from the line mate Leona can trigger bonus damage from Sunlight, greatly increased damage taken. You try to force your line mate to use all his abilities before he activates the mark.
  • Leona is difficult to kill at the end of her combo due to the defensive stats provided by Eclipse. Just try to kill her when you're sure you can.
  • Most of the damage and survival of Leona comes from Eclipse. Try to keep your distance when you see it activated.
  • It's hard to escape Leona, but if you dodge her Zenith Sword, with her low hitbox and remarkable cast time, she lacks the skills to keep chasing you. This, coupled with her slow movement speed, makes escaping her actually as easy as dodging an ability.
  • Online, Leona is very effective in surprising you from the bushes; Placing sentries on your bushes is very effective in reducing their zoning ability.
  • Be careful when using pushing skills like condemns the Destroy Shot in Leona when you use Zenith Sword. If you use them before Leona start her dash, she will be able to reach the last enemy champion hit. Instead, try to use the ability right when the dash starts, which will stop the animation and move it backwards.
  • Remember Zenith Sword places a Leona behind her target regarding the point of view she had when using Sword of Zenith. This can be exploited by knockdown abilities to place it under one of your team's towers, on your team, or to use Condemn on a wall (as long as you are well positioned).


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