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    List of all champions' lives

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    This is a list of the champions and their base health, health increase per level, and health at level 18. No passive or active skills, or innate abilities are listed. Life gained from items is also not included.

    Below the list you can see two additional champions: Singed, who starts out with extra life, and Zion, who can attain "infinite" life.

    Champion Base Increase per level Value at level 1 Value at level 18
    Aatrox Aatrox580+906702200
    Ahri Ahri526+926182182
    Akali Akali550+956452260
    Alistar Alistar573.36+106679.362481.36
    Amumu Amumu613.12+84697.122125.12
    Anivia Anivia480+825621956
    Annie Annie524+886122108
    Aphelios Aphelios530+866162078
    Ashe Ashe539+856242069
    Aurelion Sol Aurelion Sol510+926022166
    Azir Azir552+926442208
    Bard Bard535+896242137
    Blitzcrank Blitzcrank582.6+95677.62292.6
    Brand Brand519.68+88607.682103.68
    Brew Brew540+876272106
    Caitlyn Caitlyn481+915722119
    Camille Camille575.6+85660.62105.6
    Cassiopeia Cassiopeia537+876242103
    Cho'Gath Cho'Gath574.4+80654.42014.4
    Daughters Daughters518+876052084
    Darius Darius582.24+100682.242382.24
    Diana Diana594+956892304
    Dr. World Dr. World582.52+89671.522184.52
    Draven Draven574+886622158
    Echo Echo585+856702115
    Elise Elise534+936272208
    Evelyn Evelyn572+846562084
    Ezreal Ezreal491+865772039
    fiddlesticks fiddlesticks524.4+80604.41964.4
    Fiora Fiora550+856352080
    Fizz Fizz570+986682334
    Gallium Gallium562+1126742578
    Gangplank Gangplank540+826222016
    Thread Thread616.28+84.25700.532132.78
    Gnar Gnar510+655751680
    Gragas Gragas600+956952310
    Graves Graves551.12+92643.122207.12
    hecarim hecarim580+906702200
    Heimerdinger Heimerdinger488+875752054
    Illaoi Illaoi585.6+95680.62295.6
    Irelia Irelia580+956752290
    Ivern Ivern585+956802295
    Janna Janna500+705701760
    Jarvan IV Jarvan IV570+906602190
    Jax Jax592.8+85677.82122.8
    Jayce Jayce560+906502180
    Jhin Jhin556+916472194
    Jinx Jinx581+846652093
    Kai'Sa Kai'Sa571+866572119
    Kalista Kalista534+896232136
    Karma Karma534+956292244
    Karthus Karthus528+876152094
    Kassadin Kassadin576+906662196
    Katarina Katarina602+946962294
    Kayle Kayle600+856852130
    Kayn Kayn585+856702115
    Kennan Kennan541+846252053
    Kha'Zix Kha'Zix572.8+85657.82102.8
    Kindred Kindred540+856252070
    Kled Kled400+604601480
    Kog'Maw Kog'Maw534+886222118
    The White The White528+926202184
    Read without Read without570.8+85655.82100.8
    Leona Leona576.16+87663.162142.16
    Lissandra Lissandra518+876052084
    Lucian Lucian571+866572119
    Lulu Lulu525+745991857
    Luxury Luxury490+855752020
    Master Yi Master Yi598.56+92690.562254.56
    malphite malphite574.2+90664.22194.2
    Malzahar Malzahar537+876242103
    Maokai Maokai565+956602275
    Miss Fortune Miss Fortune541+916322179
    Mordekaiser Mordekaiser575+906652195
    Morgana Morgana560+906502180
    Nami Nami489.32+74563.321821.32
    Nasus Nasus561.2+90651.22181.2
    Nautilus Nautilus576.48+86662.482124.48
    Neeko Neeko540+906302160
    Nidalee Nidalee545+856302075
    nocturne nocturne582.8+85667.82112.8
    Nunu y Willump Nunu y Willump570+906602190
    Olaf Olaf597.24+93690.242271.24
    Orianna Orianna530+916212168
    Ornn Ornn590+956852300
    Pantheon Pantheon580+956752290
    poppy poppy540+906302160
    Pyke Pyke600+1007002400
    Qiyana Qiyana590+906802210
    Quinn Quinn532.8+85617.82062.8
    Rakan Rakan540+856252070
    Rammus Rammus564.48+86650.482112.48
    Rek'Sai Rek'Sai570+856552100
    Renekton Renekton575+876622141
    Rengar Rengar585+906752205
    Riven Riven558.48+86644.482106.48
    Rumble Rumble589+856742119
    Ryze Ryze570.48+98668.482334.48
    Sejuani Sejuani560+956552270
    Senna Senna520+856052050
    Shaco Shaco587+896762189
    Shen Shen540+856252070
    Shyvana Shyvana595+956902305
    singed singed610+856952140
    Sion Sion542.64+73615.641856.64
    sivir sivir532+886202116
    Skarner Skarner601.28+90691.282221.28
    Sona Sona482.36+77559.361868.36
    Soraka Soraka529.04+78607.041933.04
    Swain Swain525+906152145
    Sylas Sylas585+956802295
    Syndra Syndra523+906132143
    Soot Kench Soot Kench600+1007002400
    Taliyah Taliyah532+906222152
    Heel Heel588+956832298
    Taric Taric575+906652195
    Teemo Teemo528+906182148
    Thresh Thresh560.52+93653.522234.52
    Tristana Tristana559+886472143
    Trundle Trundle616.28+96712.282344.28
    Tryndamere Tryndamere625.64+98723.642389.64
    Twisted fate Twisted fate534+946282226
    Twitch Twitch582+846662094
    Udyr Udyr593.32+99692.322375.32
    Urgot Urgot585+886732169
    Varus Varus499+895882101
    Vayne Vayne515+896042117
    Weighs Weighs505+945992197
    Vel'Koz Vel'Koz520+886082104
    Vi Vi585+856702115
    Viktor Viktor528.04+90618.042148.04
    Vladimir Vladimir537+966332265
    volibear volibear584.48+86670.482132.48
    Warwick Warwick550+856352080
    Wukong Wukong577.8+85662.82107.8
    Xayah Xayah561+866472109
    Xerath Xerath526+926182182
    Xin Zhao Xin Zhao570+926622226
    Yasuo Yasuo523+876102089
    Yorick Yorick580+1006802380
    Yuumi Yuumi480+705501740
    Zac Zac615+957102325
    Zed Zed584+856692114
    Ziggs Ziggs536+926282192
    Zilean Zilean504+825861980
    Zoe Zoe560+926522216
    Zyra Zyra504+795831926

    Singed with Mighty Hold Mighty Hold

    Champion Base Increase per level Value at level 1 Value at level 18
    singed 458.75 +93.25 552 2137.25

    Sion con Soul Furnace

    • Life gained: 2/2/2/2/2 per minion or small monster killed.
    • This bonus is permanent and its value is increased to 10 for each kill or assist against a champion or also killing giant and / or epic monsters.

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