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    Malzahar / Strategy

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    The Malzahar kit is relatively easy to use. Malzahar works better in Mid but it is possible to take it to other lines. His kit has a lot of damage, especially effective in 1v1 duels. However, it does not have any mobility, making it prone to ganking and requiring great positioning from the player who handles it. It is possible to build it AP or AD, but in general the AP version is superior.

    Malzahar has several very powerful combos. It is extremely important to combine your W with your ultimate. In this way the enemy champion will find himself not only suppressed and taking damage from the ult but also from the "puddle" of his W. It is worth mentioning that Malzahar's W deals damage per percentage of life, which is especially effective against tanks, making Malzahar one of the best picks in the mid lane against tanks.

    The order in which we will maximize your abilities is R> E> Q> W

    It is advisable to start with the Q at level 1, so that we can use it 3 times on base to have the passive ready. Once we get online when we use the Q again, a little creature will appear, which I will refer to as "spider crabs" for convenience. These spider crabs are a very important part of the Malzahar kit. They cannot be controlled directly, such as the R's for Annie or Shaco, but we do have tools to "direct" them. The spider crabs will automatically attack the champion who is affected by your ultimate. In case you are not using your ult, they will attack the unit that is suffering the effect of your E, evil visions.

    Q is our biggest source of AoE damage in teamfights. It is a skillshot. It is one of the few silences left in the game, preventing the enemy from using their abilities and interrupting channels such as Katarina's ultimate.

    The W is similar to Morgana's. Deals damage based on the maximum health of enemies. We maximize it last simply because it is more beneficial to invest in the other skills first.

    E is Malzahar's most important ability, the one that identifies him. It will provide most of our damage.

    • Once the enemy affected by the E dies, it will jump to another enemy. As the game progresses, our E will be able to clear waves of minions on her own.
    • It is the ability that allows Malzahar to be excellent at farming. It is recommended to use it first on the minions at a distance, since they have less life and it is easier to get the E to jump from minion to minion this way
    • Each time the unit affected by E dies, Malzahar recovers a small amount of mana, giving it quite a bit of online sustain

    Finally the ultimate is very important, it is the reason why Malzahar is an excellent duelist. It suppresses its target so that it can do nothing.

    • The Mercury Sash can remove the effect of suppression, but will not cancel the damage of the ult
    • In teamfights it is better to use it to defend your adc, which is called peeling. Malzahar is not a murderer. If you try to dive their carrys with your ult, what you will achieve is that your R will leave you immobile in the middle of their team for several seconds, which they will take advantage of to eliminate you. The most sensible thing is to use it to neutralize the threats that try to dive your backline, especially considering how well Malzahar works against tanks.

    Malzahar supports very flexible builds. The most universal bet would be to start with a Rod of Ages that provides a lot of stats that Malzahar appreciates. It is important to build it first because the rod requires a few minutes to accumulate stacks and be a profitable investment, so if we bought it later it would not be a profitable investment. Next we would buy some sorcerer's boots since magic penetration is very important in this champion. From there there are many options that we can shuffle such as: Rabadon's Mortal Cap, Liandry's Torment, Staff of the Void, Zhonya's Clock, etc.

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