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    Master Yi / Strategy

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    Alejandra Rangel
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    Master Yi is a murderous champion who can kill an enemy champion without the other knowing.

    Let's move on to some tricks of his skills:

    Q - Alpha Strike

    This ability is what I would say is the most important ability of Master Yi, how you use this ability will distinguish you from a bad Yi and a good Yi, what is this ability for? TO CLOSE TO THE ENEMY AND KILL ... NO

    This ability you should keep as much as possible, always first enter the line trying to get next to the enemy champion to auto-attack and move, as if you were an ADCarry, then if you use some type of jump like Kassadin's R, Nidalee's W , and other types of jump, including the flash, there you must use your Q to reach them.

    BUT WAIT, this ability is not only used to get closer (Gap Closer) but you can also deny various abilities of many champions, generally those that are directed at you, that is, it is not skillshot (Condena de Vayne, Q de Kassadin, E de Shaco, E and R for Tristana, E for Taric, etc.), the use of this ability to dodge these types of abilities can DECIDE a 1 against 1 duel such as against Vayne (We already know what vayne is already with the BOTRK) .

    In: Meditar

    This ability in the jungle is not very useful because of the sustain it gives us, but let's read it carefully:

    ACTIVE: Master Yi channels for up to 4 seconds, recovering life every second. That healing is increased by 1% for every 1% of health missing.

    While channeling, Master Yi reduces the damage he takes. This reduction is halved against turrets

    While Master Yi is meditating we receive up to 50% REDUCED DAMAGE, come on, a bestiality, and apart this ability helps us with the dives that we can see what we can do, for example: We give an auto-attack to the enemy, the tower shot is about to reach us, we quickly kill the enemy, we press the W to take 25% damage from that tower shot and then we press the Q on a Creep to dodge the other shot, this is an example, it can not always be done this.

    E: Wju Style

    What this ability does is passively give us 10% of our AD, and that's it

    But what the active does is that our hits on impact do a 10/15/20/25/30 (+10 / 12.5 / 15 / 17.5 / 20% AD of true damage but BEWARE, this will take away the passive ability of this ability.

    R: Unstoppable

    Be careful with this ability, which is what allows us to do dives.

    Passively what this ability does is that when obtaining an assist or assassination, it reduces our cooldowns of all abilities by 70%, that is why we can kill the enemy after having activated the W and activate the Q quickly.

    And what it actively does is that it gives us for 10 seconds:

    • MOVEMENT SPEED: 25/35/45%
    • ATTACK SPEED: 30/55/80%

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