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    Un Monster is a special kind of unit in League of Legends. Monsters are neutral, which means that they do not fight for either team, and they will not initiate combat with a champion unless they are attacked.

    Note: Monsters should not be confused with minions, which are not neutral and follow a predetermined trajectory from their team's nexus to that of the opponent.


    • 1 Monster Behavior
    • 2 Regeneration of the Camps
    • 3 Fields of Justice
      • 3.1 Summoner's Crack
      • 3.2 Twisted Forest
    • 4 Killing Monsters
    • 5 History

    Monster Behavior

    Monsters reside in the jungle and will not move from their designated camp until attacked, in which case the monster will pursue the nearest champion, up to a certain distance from its point of origin ("leash" distance); If the monster runs out of targets or its leash is dislodged, it will return to its original position, rapidly regenerating its health. If attacked on his way back, he will turn to counterattack the champion. Since monsters always attack the closest champion, they will change targets if the champion moves away and another champion is attacking. Monsters have a target change counter, if their target changes 10 times, the monster will return to its point of origin even if it is attacked, recovering all its health at a high rate, making it extremely difficult to kill for a few seconds.

    • Unlike minions, a monster will not "forget" a champion if he hides in the bushes, and enters the bush looking for the champion.
    • If a monster can see a champion, the champion will be visible to all monsters in that camp.

    Camp Regeneration

    After a camp has been completely "cleared", it will remain empty for a period of time that varies for each camp (called a respawn time), then all of its monsters will respawn.

    • A camp's respawn time will only start running if all of its monsters have been eliminated. For example, if Red Hawthorn Red Hawthorn is eliminated, but at least one Ember Ember accompanying him is left alive, the timer will not start until the last Ember Ember has been killed. Invading Junglemen can deliberately use this feature to sabotage the opposing Jungle Hunter's gold and experience gains.
      • This tactic can backfire if:
        • The enemy team systematically checks the sabotaged camps: in that case, the last monster is only a sum of gold and xp that the invader does not take.
        • If the invader dominates the enemy jungle and hopes to loot their camps again when they respawn.
      • It's a fact that, in high-performance games, this tactic is rarely appreciated because players are very methodical in clearing jungle camps - especially buff camps.

    Fields of Justice

    The various Fields of Justice contain different monster camps.

    Summoner's Rift

    This map shows all the camps

    In Summoner's Rift there are 14 camps:

    • 2 camps with a Dark Major Grim Major and two Grim Grim Reapers.
    • 2 campgrounds with a Rocky Rocky and a Rocky Old Rocky Old.
    • 2 camps with one Crimson Dagarraco Crimson Dagarraco and three Dagarracos Dagarracos.
    • 2 camps with a Blue Guardian Blue Guardian and two Pebbles Pebbles.
    • 2 camps with one Red Hawthorn Red Hawthorn and two Lignite Lignite.
    • 2 camps with a Grompo Grompo.
    • 2 camps with a Sneaky Sneak. It roams the river, cannot attack, and will try to flee if attacked.
    • The Dragon Dragon camp.
    • Baron Nashor's Camp Baron Nashor.

    Twisted forest

    In the Twisted Treeline there are 7 camps.

    • 2 camps with a Giant Wolf Giant Wolf and two Wolves Wolves.
    • 2 camps with one Specter Specter and two Lesser Spectrums Lesser Spectrums.
    • 2 camps with a Greater Golem Greater Golem and a Golem Golem
    • The Vilemaw Vilemaw campus.

    Killing monsters

    As a general rule of thumb, as with any other killed unit, killing a monster rewards your killer with gold and experience points. Experience is split among allied champions within 400 unit range, with gold going to the champion who delivered the final blow. And like minions, the gold and experience reward for slaying monsters increases as the game progresses.

    Additionally, certain monsters offer higher rewards, such as an upgrade or global gold reward (some rewards go to the entire team, some only to their living members). Some of the granted buffs can be stolen by assassinating the enemy champion who owns it.


    This article is out of date. Please update this article to reflect new information available.
    • Many patches have been issued since the last patch quoted below .


    • Monsters experience range reduced to 400 from 800. Monsters have been remade with new spawn timers, gold and experience. Gold and experience gain from killing monsters now scales over time.


    • Added small amounts of experience to various jungle monsters in order to maintain current jungling paths without the necessity of the Awareness mastery (which increases experience gained)


    • Jungle monsters that previously had negative magic resistance now have magic resistance of zero.


    • Monsters experience range reduced to 800 from 1250.


    • Monster AI has been improved and will now attempt to switch to a nearby target when you leave their leash range. Monsters can now reaggro if anyone in their camp is attacked while they are retreating.
    Current Summoner's Rift

    Old Rocky Old Rocky 路 Baron Nashor Baron Nashor 路 Blue Guardian Blue Guardian 路 Lignite Lignite 路 Crimson Dagarraco Crimson Dagarraco 路 Dragon Dragon 路 Greater Gloom Greater Gloom 路 Grompo Grompo 路 Rocky Rocky 路 Gloom Red Gloom 路 Red Thorn Dagarrock Dagarraco 路 Thorn Red Thorn Scurvy Dagarraco Pebble Pebble

    Twisted forest

    G贸lem G贸lem 路 Giant Wolf Giant Wolf 路 Minig贸lem Minig贸lem 路 Lesser Wraith Lesser Wraith 路 Vilemaw Vilemaw 路 Wolf 路 Wraith Wraith

    Eliminated Summoner's Rift

    Ancient Golem Ancient Golem 路 G贸lem G贸lem 路 Giant Wolf Giant Wolf 路 Minig贸lem Minig贸lem 路 Lesser Wraith Lesser Wraith 路 Lizard Elder Lizard Elder 路 Wight Wight 路 Wolf 路 Wraith Wraith 路 Young Lizard Young Lizard

    Twisted forest

    Mad Wolf Mad Wolf Ghast Ghast Grez Grez Lizard Lizard Ebonmaw Ebonmaw

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