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    • Morgana is voiced by Betzabé Jara in LATAM and by Ana Jiménez in EUW.
    • The weakening of Dark Spell says "This unit cannot move. Lasts approximately 3 years."
    • In the universe, the name "Morgana" is the modernized and more revised version of her mother, "Mihira".
      • From Sanskrit मिहिर Mihira "sun", from Proto-Indo-Iranian * mitras "pact"
    • Out of the universe, Morgana could have been named Morgana le Fay from the King Arthur myth.
      • During development, she was simply called AngelCaido, then 'Morgana Le' and 'Morgana Hex', until she finally dropped the surname and became 'Morgana'.
      • The name derives from Proto-Celtic, [1] although its meaning is debatable:
        • More directly * Mori-genā "born in the sea";
        • O Morā-riganis "ghost queen"
    • Morgana's current lore and Kayle represents the interaction between two approaches to justice: restorative and retributive, respectively; Both sisters are not seen as mutual enemies who fight each other, but are composed of a Yin and Yang force that fights against evil.
      • His old lore resembles the struggle between Michael and Satan, which dates back to early Christianity. [2]
      • I'm the first pair of brother champions (the others are We are - Lux, Nasus - Renekton, Darius - Draven, y Katarina - Cassiopeia)
    Morgana, the Desolate
    • His dance is a reference to Exid - Up & Down.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    Morgana, the Fallen Angel
    • Their dance is a reference to the spinning practices of the Order of Mevlevi.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.


    • Morgana and Kayle are the daughters of the Aspect of Justice because Riot wanted to explore the idea of ​​the sons of the Aspects. [3]
    • Riot moved away, narratively, from Kayle and Morgana derived from a race of angels due to angels having certain cultural connotations that would be more difficult to expand on as Riot progresses the narrative. [4]
    • Riot decided to only partially update Morgana's kit during their Visual Game update due to having a timeless kit that was consistently healthy over the years. [5]
    • Several discarded abilities tested for Morgana include: [6] [7]
      • A version of his passive that would grant him an additional movement speed towards enemies, 100% spell vamp, and he would expel waves of true damage for 6 seconds once he dropped below 30% maximum health.
      • A version of his passive that would grant him additional movement towards enemies he had damaged or his allies who had crowd control.
      • A version of his passive that would grant his trapped enemies their additional auto-attack range.
      • A version of her ultimate that allowed her to rise through ranks like Kayle and would give her bonuses including bonus movement speed, spell vamp, and true damage.
      • A version of Cursed Shadow that would critically hit low health targets.


    • Morgana and Kayle are around 1000 years old.
    • Morgana and Kayle are Targonians ascended but technically not hosts of the Aspect of Justice. They retained and shared the power of the aspect due to their mother, who was the former ascended hostess of the aspect, became pregnant with them during their ascension, which also makes them half-mortal. [8]
      • Morgana and Kayle currently have less celestial power than the other Aspects due to being daughters of one Aspect but have free will and a more unified identity. [9]
      • Morgana and Kayle ascended when her wings materialized shortly after her mother's swords fell from the sky. [10]
      • Morgana's wings break free from their bindings when she uses Shackles of the Soul and surrenders to his celestial powers. [11]
      • Morgana rejects her heavenly heritage and, in turn, her magic has been twisted and corrupted. [12]
        • If you stop rejecting your heavenly power, it can develop in the same way as Kayle.
          • Based on appearance Kayle in the game, Morgana is in between your Enlightened and Resplendent potential forms.
      • Black Shield of Morgana and Divine Judgment of Kayle come from the same source, but are interpreted in different ways due to their opposite points of view. [13]
    • Morgana currently resides in and around Demacia and rectifies mistakes she deems appropriate on an interpersonal level as the Lady in the Veil. [14]
    • Morgana's point of view on justice is more nuanced than Kayle's, as she cares more about the intention of why someone would commit a crime. She believes that criminals deserve to feel the pain and suffering they have inflicted in order to truly reform, redeem themselves, and empathize with others. [fifteen]
    • The way Demacia views the Lady in the Veil has changed over the years, some see her as a figure of punishment and others see her as a figure of judgment. [16]


    Morgana Aquelarre
    • "An effigy to look at and listen to." is a reference to A Harmless Scarecrow from Fiddlesticks.
    • "Every man's story ends in death. But we are not men and we will not die." refers to Daenerys Targaryen from Game of Thrones.
    • "They say that fortune smiles on fools. They lie" refers to "luck smiles on fools." from Leona Solar Eclipse
    • "Dark girl. Would you like to live deliciously?" refers to The Witch (2015 film).
    • "Blind faith is the tool of monsters and fools. Our eyes are open." refers to "Blind faith is foolish!"
    • "I am the witch queen. I am the truth." refers to "I am your darkness, I am your truth" ..


    Chromas: Ebony, Pale, Toxic
    • She shares her illustration with Kayle.
    • Morgana, the Fallen Angel
      Chromas: Ebony, Pale, Toxic
      • His Concept Art shows that he was planning for him to wield a weapon described as an 'electric whip with metal tips'. [17]
        • The textures for this weapon existed in the game, but were never used.
        • Another concept art shows her wielding a flail.
    Morgana Exile
    • This skin shares the Woad Tribe theme with:
      • Kayle Born for Battle
      • Ashe Tribu Woad
      • Darius Rey Tribal Woad
      • Quinn Woad Explorer
        • She shares her illustration with Kayle Born for Battle.
    • Its visual appearance resembles that of a Norse Valkyrie.
    • Morgana Exile
      • This aspect represented her just after being branded a 'fall'.
      • She was conceived as 'X Morgana Recently Fallen' by NA's summoner 'Pawige'.
    morgana succulence sinful
    • This skin shares the Culinary Masters theme with:
      • Pantheon Baker
      • Barbecue lioness
      • Kikiri Gallio
      • Olaf Butcher
      • Tahm Kench Master Chef
      • Pizzivir
      • Akali Sashimi
    • This skin appeared on the Season 3 Mastery Icon Cookie maker.
    • The idea behind the illustration is "when Morgana is baking cookies but they burn to ashes and she remembers how his twin stole that damn competition trophy from last year even though it belonged to her; She had spent hours making perfectly formed fondant frosting, and then the burnt cookies come to life and one of them slips out of her reach, if she could just grab it ... That's when she would secretly feel all her rage and-fly. And take a bite of that cookie's face. "[18]
    • morgana succulence sinful
      • This skin used to represent Morgana when she ran her bakery in Noxus in the old lore.
    Morgana Queen of Spades
    • This skin shares the Valkyries of Steel theme with:
      • Kayle Ethereal Wings
      • Kai'Sa Exterminating Angel
      • Darius New Terror
      • Gangplank New Terror
      • Miss Fortune Galactic Trigger
    • Refers to Sarah Kerrigan from StarCraft.
    • She shares similarity with Sombra from Overwatch.
    Morgana Blackthorn
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Albion theme with:
      • Ezreal de Nottingham
      • Ashe Sherwood Forest
      • Kayle de Viridián
    • While you do not directly share an illustration with Kayle from Viridián, your illustrations can be put together to create a larger image.
    • She could be referencing Morgana le Fay from the King Arthur myths.
    Morgana the Weeping Woman
    • This skin shares the Fables theme with:
      • Diana Valquiria Oscura
      • Veigar Duende Ireland
      • Cho'Gath of Loch Ness
      • Sona Moses
      • Nami Iara
      • Nunu and Willump Bigfoot
      • Mermaid Cassiopeia
      • Leona Valquiria
    • It was released in celebration of the launch of the Latin American Server.
    • She refers to La Llorona.
    Morgana Victoriosa
    • This skin shares the Victorious theme with:
      • Victorious Aatrox
      • Elise Victorious
      • Victorious Graves
      • Victorious Janna
      • Jarvan IV Victorious
      • Lucian Victorious
      • Victorious Maokai
      • Orianna Victoriosa
      • Victorious Sivir
        • Stained glass windows Elise Victorious and Janna Victorious can be seen in the background.
    • It was unlocked by players who reached Gold + in Season 4 (2014).
    • Variations of the Season 1 Split 2019 emotes are awarded to players who play enough to earn 500 Split Poins. This emote was the first appearance of the redesign of Morgana Victorious months before the champion update was revealed.
    Morgana Moon Wraith
    • This skin shares the Lunar Revel theme with:
      • Tahm Kench Emperor of Fortune
      • Lee Sin Dragon Fist
      • Guqin Sona
      • Jade Dragon Wukong
      • Cassiopeia Jade Fang
      • Lunar Empress Lux
      • Diana Lunar Goddess
      • Moon Guardian Nasus
      • Lunar Guardian Warwick
      • Caitlyn Moon Wraith
      • Sylas Moon Wraith
    • She was released in celebration of the 2016 Lunar Revel (Year of the Monkey) along with:
      • Caitlyn Moon Wraith
      • Wukong Radiante
    • This is the first time that it has not had actual wings.
    Haunted Morgana
    • This skin shares the Trick or Treat theme with:
      • Haunted Elise
      • Haunted Janna
      • Haunted Miss Fortune
      • Bewitched Nidalee
      • Haunted Tristana
      • Count Kassadin
      • Count Kledula
      • Annie FrankenTibbers
      • Haunted Maokai
      • Embryo Office
      • Haunted Nocturne
      • The Headless Hecarim
      • Katarina Minina
      • Little Demon Fizz
      • Little Teemon
      • World world
      • Vladimir Nosferatu
      • Haunted Miss Fortune Prestigious Edition
      • Pumpkin Prince Amumu
      • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
      • LeBlanc Daughter of the Ravens
      • Ekko Trick or Treat
      • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
      • Blitzcrank Witch's Cauldron
    • The face of Little Teemon can be seen through the smoke from the cauldron.
    • She was released in celebration of Harrowing 2016 along with:
      • Little Teemon
      • Haunted Tristana
    • She wears a Toad in one of his animations, along with Kai'Say Dark Star Thresh.
      • Ancient Bewitched Morgana received the spoof of Dark Star Thresh as you can see here.
    Majestic Empress Morgana
    Chromas: Catseye, Heavenly Crane, Meteorite, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite, Turquoise
    • This skin shares the Immortal Journey theme with:
      • Irelia Divine Blades
      • Talon Perpetual Thread
      • Yi Eternal Sword
      • Lee Sin Fist of God
      • Jax Divine Staff
      • Riven Brave Sword Prestigious Edition
      • Wukong Radiante
      • Janna Holy Sword
      • Fiora Crescent Sword
      • Magnificent Staff Nami
      • Brave Sword Riven
    • You can see a reflection of Perpetual Blade Talon in the background of his illustration.
      • In the original draft of the bio for the look, Majestic Empress Morgana was in love with Perpetual Edge Talon but the part was cut due to the word limit for the skin's bio. It is left ambiguous if this is still the case.
    Morgana Aquelarre
    Chrome: Dark Ritual, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Eclipse theme with:
      • Ahri Aquelarre
      • Ashe Aquelarre
      • Camille Coven
      • Cassiopeia Aquelarre
      • Evelynn Aquelarre
      • LeBlanc Aquelarre
      • Lissandra Aquelarre
      • Office Aquelarre
      • Elise Deathpetal
      • Kha'Zix Deadly Petal
      • Soraka Dríade
      • Ahri Bosqueviejo
      • Azir Old Sketch
      • Old Sketch Bard
      • Hecarim Old Sketch
      • LeBlanc Old Sketch
      • Ornn Bosqueviejo
      • Friend Bosqueviejo
      • Veigar Old Sketch
      • Xayah Old Sketch
      • Taric Esmeralda
      • Leona Eclipse Lunar
      • Ivern Ancient God
      • Malphite Ancient God
      • Nocturne Ancient God
      • Warwick Ancient God
      • LeBlanc Coven Prestigious Edition
      • Zyra Aquelarre Prestigious Edition
      • Leona Solar Eclipse


    • Both Morgana and Kayle are twins, Kayle being the older of the two. Their relationship soured after the event that led to the death of their father.


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