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    Nasus View in 3D 585 / 30-sep-2009 Galactic Nasus View in 3D 520 / 13-jul-2010 Pharaoh Nasus View in 3D 520 / 02-nov-2010 Dread Knight Nasus View in 3D 975/24-Apr-2011 Infernal Nasus View in 3D 1820 / 20-nov-2013 Archduke Nasus View in 3D 750 / 31-mar-2015 Nasus Devourer of Worlds View in 3D 750 / 10-nov-2016 Nasus Armor of War View in 3D 1350 / 12-nov-2020 Nasus Space Wave View in 3D 1350/01-Apr-2021 Nasus Armor Shield - Chromas Aquamarine Catseye Emerald Obsidian Pearl Ruby Sapphire Tanzanite Dread Knight Nasus - Chromas Blight Burn Energy Drink Frostbite Nasus Onda Espacial - Chrome Amethyst Catseye disc Emerald Obsidian Pearl Rose Quartz Ruby Tanzanite

    Legacy Chest

    Riot Nasus K-9 View in 3D 975 / 16-ago-2011 Moon Guardian Nasus View in 3D 1350 / 08-feb-2018 Lunar Guardian Nasus - Chromas Meteorite Pearl Ruby Turquoise


    Classic Nasus (Visual Update)Aspects of Nasus (Visual Update)Infernal NasusArchduke Nasus


    • series 1
    Accumulated Accumulations
    Number of stacks of Absorbing Strike (Q) gained on minions, monsters, and champions Crazy dog
    Champions killed during Clash of the Sands (R) Curse Time
    Total slow time against champions with Wither (W)


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