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    • 1 Strategies for playing Nautilus in its different roles
      • 1.1 Support Role
      • 1.2 Role of Jungle
      • 1.3 Role in Ball
      • 1.4 Tips Extras

    Strategies for playing Nautilus in its different roles

    The first thing to keep in mind is the Nautilus condition of being Control tank (insert icons pls), this means that its main potential is to get objects that enhance their resistances and generate fighting situations that allow your teammates to cause damage while you control the rival.

    Also note that his skill kit makes him a champion with an excellent initiation and it can stay in the fight for a long time.

    Support Role

    Nautilus has a level 3 has one of the best possible exchanges since Dredging Line and Troubled Waters have considerable damage even without having AP (Ability Power) while the damage they can do to you is repelled by Wrath of the Titan that even gives you additional magic damage while it is active, so an exchange at level 3 is favorable especially if the opponent still does not reach that level.

    One of its biggest "counters" is Morgana because her Black Shield bypasses all Crowd Control (which is one of Nautilus' greatest strengths), and Dark Spell immobilizes you making you unable to move with Dredging Line.

    At level 6 it is advisable to start is to launch Charge from the Depths towards the ADC (Attack Damage Carry or Marksman), then hit it with Dredge Line while activating Titan's Wrath to, in case they don't win, take no damage and be able to deal more damage due to the increased Ability Power and then activate Troubled Waters to slow down, and, if you also give it a basic to activate Master Blow and thus leave it immobile, it will be very likely that they will manage to kill the rival (Always tell your Marksman that they are going to shoot, otherwise it will not give them the damage). - Carlomas

    Role of Jungle

    It is important to understand the role of Nautilus as Control tank, this makes Bami ash and use Ash Giant this to take advantage of the extra health statistics in addition to the area damage that it provides, it is also recommended to start with Hunter's talisman to clean the jungle.

    According to how Nautilus works, it is highly recommended to do Early gank, at level 3 or 2 if possible, since it is very generating fights with your companions and with lability Dredging Line it is easy to quickly and surprisingly enter the line.

    It is extremely important to maintain a constant vision in your own jungle, as Nautilus is prone to Counter-jungle, this becomes essential against Early-Game fighting champions and as Read without.

    Role in Ball

    -- No information --

    Tips Extras

    • There is a Bug / Glitch that causes yes Blitzcrank grabs you and takes you with Grab Rocket while Dredge Line is going towards, for example, your tower, you end up going towards your tower. Except you're already heading towards the tower because the Q reached its destination. (In other words: "If you throw the Dredging line and they grab you, they do not prevent you from going to your destination, unless the anchor has already reached the ground, which in the course of your trip they grab you ") - Carlomas
    • The empowered blow of Master Hit is applied to each target you hit, it is advisable to exchange focus between enemies to apply CC to everyone you can in the TF.

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