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    Nidalee / Strategy

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    General: whenever you can, try to poach with your basic attacks, in s4 AD AND TANK (top) are generally played, in mid AP, In bot (supp) Ap and tank

    Q - Human: use it wisely, anticipate the enemy's movement, don't throw it directly where it is, but where you think it will move. and if you get it right you don't always have to throw yourself, sometimes enemy champions receive the spear on purpose so that you dive (W form cougar) and gank or kill you under the tower.

    Q - Puma: use it at the end of your combo since it is an "execution" that is to say, it takes a percentage of life for each point of life that the target is missing.

    W - Human: Place traps in the bushes (bushes) of the jungle near your line, if the enemy jg steps on it it will give you vision, but do not always trust, use wards.

    You can also put it near a champion, it has a lot of range and if you can't place a spear because it gets behind the creeps, use it to make it move or hopefully step on it.

    W - Puma: Try to save it for when you hit a spear or a trap, also keep in mind that if you kill the target the cooldown (cooldown) is reduced to 0,5% (ideal for escaping).

    TIP: if the enemy champion is between creeps with low life you can use your jump to hurt him followed by an E in cougar form to finish killing the creeps and inflict more damage to the enemy and then go out with your JUMP (W) again since the ability was reset

    E - Human: I always upload this skill to the top, since as long as you have mana you stay at the top, it gives you a great sustain online, it can also save you to go out without dying under the tower

    Combo to exit the tower: W (jump) R (change to human form) E (heal) R (cougar form) - you run towards the bushes - and use your W to escape as fast as possible.

    E - Puma: Use it to lasthitear if your basic attack was not enough and you are under tower. Use it after the W (cougar) to lower its life and make the Q (cougar) do more damage.

    NEVER FORGET TO FARM! - at least 15 minutes you must have 90 MINIMUM creeps

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