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    No mana

    Each filtering bag No mana they are champions who have no mana. They instead:

    • They use life,
    • They use energy,
    • They have no cost referred to and are only limited by cooldowns,
    • He uses another type of unique resource for the cost of his skills.

    At this time there are 25 champions that do not use mana, the last one was Viego

    Champions without mana have no benefit from items that give mana or mana regen, meaning that those items cannot be used with full efficiency on them.

    They sometimes use their second bar to show something since they don't need to keep track of your mana. It can be empty, full of energy or show a specific resource of the champion.


    • 1 No Recourse
      • 1.1 Path of the Wanderer
    • 2 Life
      • 2.1 Iron Man
      • 2.2 Blood Well
      • 2.3 Crimson Burst
    • 3 Energy
    • 4 Fury
    • 5 Unique Champion Mechanic
      • 5.1 Ferocity
      • 5.2 Heat

    No recourse

    These champions do not have mana or energy, nor do they use life to use their abilities, in addition to having no other unique resource that limits or enhances their basic abilities. Your secondary bar is empty, except for Yasuo who uses it to show his passive and in Kled that uses it to show when Skaarl will return:

    • Thread
    • Katarina
    • Riven
    • Yasuo
    • Kled

    Way of the Wanderer

    • Wanderer's Path Yasuo uses his second bar to control the amount of flow he has. It generates flow when moving or displacing and when it is full it will create an absorption shield that will protect it from the attack of a champion or monster.


    Main article: Life

    These champions use life to utilize their abilities. Their main advantage is the ability to focus on their total health and health regeneration while not having to waste time regenerating mana, energy, or some other resource. Still, they can put themselves in danger by using their abilities without worrying while in combat. Spell draw, life steal, and health regeneration are extremely beneficial on these champions. These champions cannot kill themselves with their abilities, as their abilities become free from low health or cannot be used. Your secondary bar is empty, except for Aatrox y Mordekaiser who use them to show their respective passives:

    • Aatrox
    • Dr. World
    • Mordekaiser
    • Vladimir
    • Zac

    Iron Man

    Main article: Absorption Shield
    • Iron Man Iron Man Mordekaiser uses his second bar to create a temporary absorb shield, based on the damage dealt with his abilities, which diminishes over time.

    Bloody well

    • Blood Well of Aatrox uses his second bar to control the amount of saved life he uses for his Bloody Well. When taking fatal damage Aatrox will use that saved life to heal himself.

    Crimson Burst

    • Crimson Burst of Vladimir charges up by using Transfusion twice, filling his secondary bar twice so he can later deal more damage, heal more, and have a brief movement speed boost.


    Main article: Energy

    These champions use energy as an alternate form of mana to spend on their abilities. The energy bar is yellow, having a maximum of 200 points without any growth per level. Its main advantage when using energy is its rapid regeneration (10 energy per second), not having to worry about it decreasing over time. But, being the maximum energy limited, their combos can drain their entire bar in an important situation, leaving them unable to use abilities for a few crucial seconds. To alleviate this, energy champions possess at least one ability that restores some energy in a specific situation:

    • Akali
    • Kennan
    • Read without
    • Shen
    • Zed


    The secondary bar of these champions shows their fury, the fury bar is red in these champions when they meet the enhancement requirements of any skill they possess. Having rage empowers the champion in some way and is won in combat. Fury has a maximum of 100 points. Renekton, Tryndamere y Rek'Sai lose fury while being out of combat for a certain amount of time, while for Shyvana only decreases during Descendant of the Dragon. Gnar loses fury out of combat, and progressively when transforming until he returns to his normal state:

    • Renekton: Produces fury by damaging enemies, or passively when Dominus is active. Realm of Wrath increases Renekton's rage gain when he is below half his life. When you have 50 or more rage points, abilities consume rage for additional effects.
    • Tryndamere - Produce fury with basic attacks, critical hits, killing units, damaging enemies with Rotating Slash and instantly gaining fury when using Immortal Fury. He wins critical hit chance times the amount of fury and possesses an ability, Bloodlust, which consumes all his fury to heal him based on how much fury he was.
    • Shyvana: Produces Fury with basic attacks and passively generates Fury when not in dragon shape. She uses fury to activate and sustain her Descendant of the Dragon, which requires 100 points of fury to cast but only consumes it while it is active.
    • Gnar: Mini Gnar will generate fury in combat (when taking or dealing damage). Upon reaching 100, it begins to transform into Mega Gnar, gaining a new set of abilities. Only in this way will you be able to actively use Crush and ¡GNAR!.
    • Rek'Sai: Produces fury by damaging enemies, with basic attacks or abilities based on physical damage. Underground it consumes fury to heal itself. By having 100% rage Ferocious Bite deals true damage (ignores the target's armor and magic resistance).

    Unique Champion Mechanic

    These champions have no cost related to their abilities but use a second resource to boost or limit them. Their main advantage is their ability to fight and their independence from the costs of their abilities, allowing them to focus entirely on their offensive and defensive stats. Its main disadvantage is that its cooldowns are generally higher early in the game, at the same time having lower base damage on its abilities. These champions greatly benefit from cooldown reduction and have no benefit from items that give mana or mana regen, meaning they cannot use them fully.


    Ferocity is currently only used by Rengar, the ferocity bar is orange. This is generated in multiple ways, but primarily through spellcasting. Its maximum volume is 5, when it reaches this the following basic skill of Rengar will consume all of his ferocity to empower himself.

    Rengar produces ferocity through:

    • Hit enemies with non-empowered basic abilities, gaining one ferocity point per cast.
    • Using Hunter's Adrenaline, generating up to 5 points of ferocity in 3.75 seconds.


    Heat is currently only used by Rumble. This is produced when using abilities, quickly returning to 0 if no abilities are used for a few seconds. Depending on the current heat the bar will show different colors and the following effects will be applied to the champion.

    • 0–49 heat: No effect.
    • 50–99 heat - Area of ​​risk. The skills of Rumble gain additional effects.
    • 100 heat - Overheating. Rumble is silenced and his basic attacks deal bonus magic damage until the heat reaches 0.

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