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Physical damage It is one of the three types of damage in League of Legends, the other being true damage and magic damage. Physical damage is dealt by all basic attacks, some champion abilities, and some item effects.

Statistics that influence physical damage

Most physical damage is based on a champion's attack damage (but not all damage based on attack damage deals physical damage). The physical attack damage of a basic attack is increased by attack speed, critical strike chance, and armor penetration or reduction. A smaller number of abilities from champions that deal physical damage can be boosted with ability power.

Not all sources of physical damage trigger lifesteal, but most sources that apply on-hit effects do.

Champion abilities that deal physical damage that do not trigger on-hit effects generally apply spell vampirism.

The amount of physical damage taken is reduced by a certain percentage based on the target's armor or other damage reduction effects, such as Unwavering Will of Enlist. Armor effectiveness can be reduced with armor penetration or reduction.

Objects that deal physical damage

  • Sword of the Ruined King
  • Gauntlet of the Iceborn
  • Muramana
  • voracious hydra
  • Runaan Hurricane
  • Bright
  • Tiamat
  • Trinity Force

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