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    For the object see Porogalletas.

    Each filtering bag Poros they are the most beloved, mysterious and magical inhabitants from the Howling Abyss. [1]


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    Born of love, full of joy;

    innocent, free, magical and pure.

    Faithful and trustworthy, though naive at times they are,

    cuddly and furry: the key is in your heart.

    • Pores are equal parts truth, courage, and innocence.
    • The color that best describes the pores is "blue as light as Freljordean snow." (Pantone P 121-3 U)
    • The belly of the pores is heart-shaped because they are made of love.
    • The horns of a pore point up when excited and down when scared.
    • The pores move through the snow using their front legs.
    • There are those who believe that pores are indestructible - although we sometimes enliven them by falling struck down and twisting after running into one of the sources of the Abyss.
    • The pores stick out the tongue as they are incredibly warm (hot, in fact). This is why they can survive the harshly cold environment of Howling Abyss.
    • HR Porogalletas are glazed with Freljordean ice crystals.
    • Due to recent feats, Braum is a friend of pores.
    • Vel'Koz has noticed that people's intelligence drops in the presence of these creatures.
    • The pores have a leader known as 20pxKing Poro.


    The Origin of Pores

    A pore

    by Riot Preeti

    "When we were finishing Howling Abyss, everyone on the team was looking for something to balance the cold, serial atmosphere of the Abyss. Unlike other maps, the Abyss had a very linear and structural cadence - it was literally a bridge stripped of any fantastic looks, which didn't make it feel quite a part of what League Of Legends is. To counter this, the entire team committed suicide by brainstorming cute or fun things that we could add to this map and continue with the spirit of League, but without taking anything away from its epic look. It was tricky because whatever we added had to be seen with the naked eye but without being a source of distraction - we didn't want players to think it was a minion or a a monster and they had to kill him.

    We wanted to create something that was furry and would make you think it could survive the harshest of weather, so RiotEarp turned to images of goats, reindeer and polar bears for inspiration. He made an initial draft based on the cutest version of all those creatures and that's what we ended up using. Howling Abyss is the coldest and hardest place in all of Runeterra, so pores can be thought of as the manifestation of warmth, happiness and love that one finds even in the most inhospitable places.

    After RiotOtown modeled and textured the first pore, he and RiotCaptainLx decided to add a huge tongue to it, because the tiny being reminded them of a puppy. Then, during the animation phase, RiotCaptainLx took this attribute even further by making the pore lick its face in one lick. Already put that mechanics, he made the pore run everywhere panting and with his tongue sticking out. We all agreed that pores should look like this when they ran and gasped - they radiate love, so they are filled with inner heat, despite the extreme temperatures of the Abyss. "

    Legend of King Poro

    Poro King Legend mode

    The Snow War of 2014 brought with it an outstanding game mode ... and a legend. The "Legend of King Poro". The way fights are viewed in Howling Abyss has been dramatically changed, so let's jump right into the rules:

    Played in Howling Abyss, Legend of the Poro King is a 5v5 Hidden Selection game mode, where the goal is still to destroy the enemy nexus. However, they do have some fellow Poro (to throw themselves among the others, of course), diving inside to make #grandesjugados and work as a team to invoke the help of the legendary King Poro himself.

    New Summoner Spells

    When playing this game mode, the regular summoner spells are replaced with two new ones, special like this:

    Porolancing / Porosalt RANGE: 2500 COOLDOWN: 20

    Active - Poro Toss: Launch a Poro Pore at long range, dealing 20 + (10 × champion level) true damage to the first unit hit. Porocast can be reactivated within 3 seconds after it hits an enemy to use Porosalto.

    Active - Porosalto: The champion travels towards the target hit by the Porosalto. Moving against the target reduces Porocast's cooldown by 5 seconds.

    "The Poros are a model of Runeterra's aerodynamics"

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    • Although the Poro Pore behaves like a projectile, yet they are innocent animals, not spells; ignoring things like him Wall of Wind, Unbreakable and Spell Shield in general due to its majesty.
      • Riot Games is not responsible for seemingly reckless use of Porolaunch, if PETA asks, Poros Poros they are false.

    Towards the King! SCOPE: Global COOLING: 10

    Passive: Hit an enemy champion with a Poro Pore gives the team a By brand. When you reach 10 Poromarcas, the team summons King Poro King Poro to fight with them. As long as Poro King Poro King is there, no team can get more Poromarcas.

    Active: The champion moves rapidly towards King Poro King Poro. Can only be used when Poro King Poro King is summoned by the team.

    "Poros tug the heartstrings. The rest of you just comes along for the ride."

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    • Riot Games is not responsible for the constant assassination of His Royal Majesty.

    King Poro

    File: The Poro King.jpg

    King Poro

    King Poro is benevolent and helps any team that summons him. It can be faded, but only to come back when it has been favored enough. As a tank siege minion, it gives an impressive power boost to the team it is assisting. His powers include:

    • High health tank siege minion. Let it be your front line!
    • It absorbs every pore thrown within reach by the enemy team, turning it into a powerful source of thrust.
    • Heals allied champions within range every 5 seconds, for a slightly lower amount of health and a slightly lower amount of mana based on the team's average level.
    • Every 5 seconds, the Poro King will launch more pores in an arc around him, dealing magic damage against enemies they land on.


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    File: Trials of the Poro | Braum Preview File: Legend_of_the_Poro_King_Trailer | Snow War 300 Featured Game Mode


    • Poro.png In-game model
    • Poro Ideas
    • Ideas of the emotions of a Poro
    • Angles of a pore
    • Poro Feet [2]
    • Porogalletas.jpg Porogalleta
    • Pore ​​with a mustache and flying pore in Lulu the Winter Wonderland illustration
    • Poro & Robot Poro rug in Orianna the Winter Wonderland illustration
    • Void Pores in Malzahar Snow Day illustration
    • Giant pore in the illustration of Sejuani Rider of Poros
    • Snow War 2014 wallpaper showing a large number of Poros.
    • Snow War 2014 wallpaper showing a large number of Poros.
    • Wallpaper from the Snow War 2014 showing King Poro.


    • The pores were designed by RiotOtown and RiotEarp.
    • Poro, in Finnish, means reindeer.
    • When playing as Braum, to feed a pore with Porogalletas, you will grow whiskers (of a different color according to the aspect that Braum is using at that time).
    • Before, they could be killed by taking them against the fountain.
    • They could also be killed with the passive Static Field of Blitzcrank.


    1. ↑ The Origin of the Poros
    2. ↑ Concept of feet of a Poro (English)

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