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Amid the megastructures and crowded streets of a future controlled by global corporations, a shadow war rages between rebels, enhanced humans, and artificially empowered beings. The winners will shape the course of history ... and the losers will be forced to evolve. Programs
  • iBlitzcrank
    • Built as home care automatons, thousands of iBlitzcranks were corrupted by the Program during a routine software update. Their human owners are unaware of this situation, so they continue to help while patiently waiting for the moment when their new command lines are activated.
  • Camille Program
    • Armed to suppress the G / NETIC rebellion, Program Camille is a robotic assassin who will kill any human who tries to use unauthorized technology. A being of adaptable protocols and a focus as precise as a laser, it only receives orders directly from the superior artificial intelligence of Program.
  • Programa LeBlanc
    • LeBlanc, marketed as a diplomatic software avatar, is actually a duplicitous intelligence that can seamlessly interact with humans. It was created just to deceive, and has infiltrated several of the most powerful corporations on the planet; he waits for the final order in silence.
  • Programa Lissandra
    • Built as an all-seeing security bot, Programa Lissandra transcended its initial code to become a self-generated artificial intelligence. She manipulates the technology of augmented humans with her own mimetic commands to make everyone surrender to her.
  • Programa Nami
    • Nami, an aquatic search and rescue medical robot whose manufacturer was acquired in an aggressive corporate takeover, underwent irreversible changes at the hands of program managers. For now, he continues with his main function ... although his behavior has become increasingly erratic.
  • Programa Soraka
    • Soraka Program was created as a support bot to protect humanity's natural frailty by offering technological salvation in the hands of a mechanical angel. Infiltrated with a corrupted code, it is not possible to know if this mission of mercy is still her main objective.


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  • Camille's program was built to hunt down the G / NETIC rebels, which also links the PROJECT line to this universe.
  • Both War Shield and Mecha are two distinct universes separate from the PROJECT and Program universe. [1]

  • iBlitzcrank
  • Camille Program
  • Programa LeBlanc
  • Programa Lissandra
  • Programa Nami
  • Programa Soraka


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  1. ↑ Clarification on the universes of the futuristic aspects

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