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    El real damage It is one of the three types of damage in League of Legends, the others being magic damage and physical damage. True damage ignores armor and magic resistance, as well as other types of damage reduction such as Unyielding Will and Vengeful Whirlwind Vengeful Whirlwind.


    • 1 Blocking true damage
    • 2
    • 3 Causing real damage
      • 3.1 Champions that deal true damage with standard attacks
      • 3.2 Champions that deal true damage with abilities
      • 3.3 Objects
      • 3.4 Summoner spells
      • 3.5 Neutral Improvements
      • 3.6 Neutral Monsters
    • 4 Notes

    Blocking true damage

    Summoner abilities or spells that deal true damage are blocked by damage-preventing effects such as the player's passive. Veil of the Banshee, Spell Shield of Sivir, Mantle of Darkness Nocturne, and Standard Attacks that deal real damage additional are able to be blocked by Protective Aegis Protective Aegis Pantheon. Intervention Intervention of Kayle blocks all damage against a target champion, incluyendo the real damage. Before the removal of the Dodge stat, both abilities with true damage and on-hit effects and true damage on standard attacks could be completely avoided if dodged, however during the effect of Counterattack, Jax can still effectively dodge true damage from hit effects and true damage from standard attacks.

    Although the true damage cannot be mitigated directly, it is possible to decrease its relative effect by accumulating life or using shields.

    • Acquiring life causes fixed true damage sources (ex. devour of Cho'Gath) effectively inflict a lower percentage of total health. This only partially applies against Silver Shells of Vayne, as she scales for the target's maximum life.
      • Reduce the attack speed of Vayne (using objects like Ice Heart or Randuin's Omen) mitigates damage from Silver Projectiles by reducing the number of times it is applied. The bonus health / stamina also decreases the effects of physical damage, which typically comprise the vast majority of total damage from Vayne.
      • For each application of Silver Projectiles, bonus health is actually equal to (1 -% true damage) * (bonus health). For Silver projectiles at grade 5, this means that the bonus health over 12 basic attacks is still 87% effective — quite efficient. For all the reasons mentioned, life constitutes an essential aspect to efficiently counteract the production of damage from Vayne, contrary to popular belief.
    • Absorption shields such as the Eye of the Storm Janna absorb true damage and do not count towards maximum health, thus protecting equally well against all sources of true damage.
    • Anti magic shields such as the Black Shield of Morgana and the passive of Sorbechizos and Maw of Malmortius will have no impact about real damage.

    Causing real damage

    Champions that deal true damage with standard attacks

    • Duelist's Dance Fiora (only in a vital point).
    • Trial by Fire of Gangplank (only when activated).
    • When using the R Garen (when enemy is low on health).
    • Hiten Style Hiten Style of Irelia (only activates it).
    • Deadly Poison of Twitch (applies true damage over time).
    • Silver Shells of Vayne (every third consecutive hit on a single target).
    • Estilo Wuju de Master Yi (on basic attacks, but only during the active time of the skill).

    Champions that deal true damage with abilities

    • Orb of Deception Ahri (retracting).
    • devour of Cho'Gath.
    • Noxian Guillotine Darius.
    • Cannon Barrage Gangplank (with the Daughter of Death upgrade The Daughter of Death).
    • Demacian Justice of Garen (only to the villain).
    • Icathian Surprise by Kog'Maw.
    • Voracity of Nunu (only against minions, neutral monsters, and pets).
    • Daredevil Lance Olaf.
    • Fierce Bite of Rek'Sai (only with full fury).
    • Organic Deconstruction of Vel'Koz (on the 3rd consecutive hit on a single target).
    • Awakening of the Thorns Awakening of the Thorns of Office.


    • Entropy Entropy.

    Summoner spells

    • Ignition.
    • Punishment (only against minions, neutral monsters, and pets).

    Neutral Upgrades

    • Emblem of Ashes.

    Neutral Monsters

    • Dragon Dragon (buff of the fifth dragon).


    • Despite beliefs, champions whose abilities have a cost of life associated with No. they deal real damage to themselves when they use them.
      • This can be evidenced when they have an absorption shield on them, when they use their ability based on their life, the cost of it penetrates the shield and directly drains the user's life, as opposed to the true damage that must break any absorption shield on the target to reach life points.
    • The Nexus Obelisk turrets (spawn point) in the heart of any team's base deal 1000 points of true damage that cannot be mitigated by any means, even by abilities that make the champion invulnerable.
      • Prior to patch V1.0.0.108, shields and invulnerability worked against these turrets, effectively allowing some champions to "safely" get into the enemy team's resurrection platform.
    • True damage is not amplified by Mastery [[File: {{{Executioner}}} mastery s4.png | 20px | alt = | Executioner | link = Executioner (Mastery Season 4)]] Executioner.
    • As of patch V3.15, true damage is no longer amplified with abilities such as Diplomatic Immunity Diplomatic Immunity of Poppy, Torment Torment de Swain, and Slaughter Slaughter of Talon.

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