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    Rek'Sai / Strategy

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    Judit Llordes
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    Rek'sai is perfect for ganks, but at the beginning in the jungle it will depend on their help to get to level 2 fast and go for more mobs and gold from the jungle having the advantage to buy and then go to level 4 more or less to gank in bot since the [ADC] - (ADcarry) is usually more vulnerable then continue jungle for a while, kill the river mob to provide vision and avoid ganking the [JG] - (jungle) enemy, if you have good [HP] - (Healt Points-Vida) you could try a gank to [MID] - (center line) but only if you are sure you can do it with all your [SKILLS] - (powers) charged and a flash ready in case you flies but dive with the [W] and then pressing [E] you could escape without spending your flash, but the enemies could use flash and spend it chasing you so you all use your flash XD ... Continuing, you go back to the shop buy [Radium Omen] and [ Warrior Stalker Sword] With these 2 items you can use the flash on an enemy champion encouraging him and activating it. A unique Radium that in a small area around the champion forms something strange: v and encourages everything around him, after a successful ganking go and quickly clear your jungle, primarily the [GOLEM] and the [RED or RED] since One gives you this at 5 hits and the other sets the enemy on fire for a few seconds so you further secure the ganking, try to place your tunnels in places out of the enemy's vision and place many to facilitate escapes and ganks.


    This build will help them resist enemy blows because you will be a semi tank, and you can decide to sting the crystal item below faster since its active passive will allow you to kill someone weak under the tower and it is your choice, if you want to provide great damage You can choose a build of attack speed plus damage, but in the team figth you will be easy prey.

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