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    • Rengar is voiced by Juan Carlos Tinoco in LATAM, who is also voiced by Sion and by Juan José López Lespe in EUW, who also doubles to Shen.
    • Bonetooth Necklace Bonetooth Necklace is the first item to feature multiple names and icons.
      • It was first discovered through an erroneous update of the item page of the game's official website.
        • The Hunt Begins! Between Rengar and Kha'Zix referencia a Alien vs. Predator.
    • The Rengar dance refers to the traditional warrior dance Māori Haka, specifically Ka Mate.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
      • He shares this dance with Pyke.
    • Rengar is one of ten champions that references another in the game (the others are aatrox, Graves, Jinx, Kha'Zix, Quinn, Renekton, We, Volibear y Zed).
    • Invisible Predator, Prowl and Headshots are some of the innate that interact with weeds.
    • The exclamation point of Hunter's Adrenaline that appears over the heads of enemies referring to Metal Gear Solid.


    • During development, he was simply called Lion Man before becoming Wrengar and then Rengar. [1]


    • Rengar belongs to the Vastaya race and to the tribe known as Kiilash, named after Kiila, a Vastayashai'rei hero during the war against a race of titans from heaven. They are the Vastaya inhabitants of Shurima.
    • During Adaptation events, Rengar lost his left eye to Kha'Zix. Before that he had a pair of blue eyes.
    • Su Saber Kirai previously belonged to Markon, his former hunting mentor.
    • It may be a few hundred years old. [2]
    • The Hunted Hunter was originally written from the point of view of Rengar; However, with the timeline established later and the map settings, it is unlikely that the hunter of the story will continue to be him. [3]


    • Rengar shares phrases with:
      • Poppy, Brew y Caitlyn Pulse of Fire:
        • "Not so fast!"
      • Vel'Koz:
        • "Let's see what they are made of."


    • He was inspired by the Yautja from Predator.
    • He resembles Ajani Goldmane from Magic: The Gathering and Imakandi from Samurai Jack.
    Headhunter Rengar
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Emerald, Ruby, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Headhunters theme with:
      • Akali Headhunter
      • Caitlyn Headhunter
      • Master Yi Headhunter
      • Nidalee Headhunter
    • His outfit references the Yautja from Predator.
    • The skulls of the  Baron Nashor and the  Dragon can be seen in the background (the one he uses as a shoulder plate could be the one from  Vilemaw)
    Rengar Night Hunter
    • It looks like X-men's Nightcrawler.
    • Every time he teases, he puts on or sheds his hood.
    Rengar SSW
    • This skin shares the World Champions: SSW theme with:
      • Singed SSW
      • Talon SSW
      • Thresh SSW
      • Twitch SSW
    • It was released to celebrate Samsung Galaxy White's victory in the 2014 World Championship along with:
      • Singed SSW
      • Talon SSW
      • Thresh SSW
      • Twitch SSW
    • Represents DanDy.
    Rengar Mecha
    Chrome: Aquamarine, Citrine, Obsidian, Pearl, Ruby, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Mecha theme with:
      • Giant Enemy Crabgot
      • Aatrox Mecha
      • Aurelion Sol Mecha
      • Kha'Zix Mecha
      • Malphite Mecha
      • Sion Mecha Zero
    • As a Prototype 09, was abandoned by the laboratory after a defeat against the Prototype 01.
    • During your animation of Recovery, it transforms into a vehicle inspired by The Batmobile from The Dark Knight Trilogy.
    • The purple and green color scheme on the Tanzanite chroma is a reference to Unit Evangelion-01 from Neon Genesis Evangelion.
    Rengar Kitten Meow
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby
    • This skin shares the Cats vs. Dogs with:
      • Corki Corgi
      • Fizz Doggy
      • Miaukai
      • Miaurick
      • Fizz Puppy Prestigious Edition
    • It also shares the theme 'Costumes' with:
      • Alistar Vaquita Mu
      • Annie Upside Down
      • Corki MontaUrfs
      • Ezreal Star Pajamas
      • Kikiri Gallio
      • DinoGnar
      • Lulu Star Pajamas
      • Lux Stellar Pajamas
      • Miaukai
      • Miss Fortune Star Pajamas
      • Urf el Namiti
      • Nunu and Grumpy Willump
      • Soraka Star Pajamas
      • Urf Kench
      • Tristana Cosplay Pengu
      • This is not Udyr
      • Urgot Cosplay Star Pajamas
      • Veigar Cosplay Furicuerno
      • Urf the Manatee
      • Urfwick
      • Miaurick
    • This skin was released in celebration of April Fool's Day 2019 along with:
      • Corki Corgi
      • Fizz Doggy
      • Fizz Puppy Prestigious Edition
      • Miaurick
    • Doggy Fizz, Corki Corgi, Rengar Kitty Meow and Miaurick all share the same illustration.
      • Both the cat and dog illustrations are connected, so various champions can be seen in the background of the illustrations:
        • Draven Primetime
        • Neeko como Katarina Minina
        • Kindred
        • Pug'Maw
        • The polymorphic cat of Lulu maligna
        • Miaukai
        • Archduke Nasus
        • Nidalee
        • poppy
        • Dragon Trainer Tristana
        • Urfwick
    Rengar Guardian of the Sands
    Chromas: Amethyst, Emerald, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire
    • This skin shares the Guardians of the Sands theme with:
      • Janna Guardian of the Sands
      • Kha'Zix Guardian of the Sands
      • Guardian of the Sands Rammus
      • Sands Guardian Ryze
      • Skarner Guardian of the Sands
      • Xerath Guardian of the Sands
      • Risen Fiddlesticks
      • Sandwraith Pyke
    • Its appearance was directly inspired by Caracal cats.
      • Their appearance also resembles that of the Khajiit from The Elder Scrolls series.
    • When you retrieve, you get the Wriggle flashlight.
    Rengar Sentinel
    Chromas: Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Pearl, Resolute, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Sapphire, Tanzanite
    • This skin shares the Saga of the Ruined King theme with:
      • Pantheon Ascended Prestigious Edition
      • Ruined Draven
      • Ruined Karma
      • Miss Fortune Arruinada
      • Ruined Pantheon
      • Ruined Shyvana
      • Diana Sentinel
      • Sentinel Graves
      • Irelia Centinela
      • Olaf Sentinel
      • Pyke Centinela
      • Riven Centinela
      • Vayne Sentinel
      • Thresh Unleashed


    • Having fought and lost an eye, as well as almost his life, Rengar sees Kha'Zix as the last prey and wants to chase him and ride his head in his lair as the ultimate Hunting Trophy Hunting Trophy.
    • Rengar was on the trail of Mega Gnar but ran into Mini Gnar, not knowing if they were both one or the same until it was too late (the only certainty about the consequences of the fight is that they both survived).


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    3. ↑ Scathlocke en The Hunter Hunted

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