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  • Rumble is voiced by Bruno Coronel in LATAM and by Jes煤s Pinillos in EUW.
  • Rumble, Corki and Kled are the only yordles with a mount ( Tristy, ROFL Copter, and  Skaarl, respectively)
  • Rumble, Blitzcrank, Caitlyn, Lissandra, Sion, Varus, We , Xerath y Ziggs are the only champions who can apply crowd control on themselves.
  • All of the Rumble skins so far have been released in April.


  • During development, he was called Yordle on a Mecha.


  • "This is going to be bumpy" could be referring to Jordan C. Wilde from 艑ban Star-Racers.
  • Rumble and Kayle share the quote "Vamos 脿 luta" ("Let's go to battle") in the Brazilian location.
Rumble Supergal谩ctico
  • "I've done six impossible things today ... until now!" It could be referencing Alice from Through the Looking Glass by Lewis Carroll ("Why, sometimes I have believed up to six impossible things before breakfast.") and / or 'Free me from Hell' by Gurren Lagann.


  • The scene depicted shows him using Flame Spitter.
  • It could have gotten his name, as well as being referencing the eponymous Decepticon from Transformers.
Jungle Rumble
  • It is named after a double meaning that refers to the eponymous boxing match between Muhammad Ali and George Foreman.
Bilgewater Rumble
  • This skin shares the Bilgewater theme with:
    • Bilgewater Katarina
    • Swain de Aguasturbias
    • Tristana Bucanera
    • Captain Gangplank
    • Captain Fortune
    • Weather in Quinn Corsaria
    • Twisted Fate Robacarteras
    • Life-Stealing Graves
    • Diana Dark Waters
    • Vladimir Dark Waters
    • For the Beards of Fiddlesticks
    • Malphite Iron Breastplate
    • Chief Twitch
    • Pirate Ryze
    • Garen Admiral Bandolero
    • Aatrox Sea Hunter
  • Flame Spitter is depicted firing bullets.
Rumble Supergal谩ctico
  • This skin shares the Supergalactic theme with:
    • Annie Supergalactica
    • Elise Supergal谩ctica
    • Fizz Supergal谩ctico
    • Gnar Supergal谩ctico
    • Kindred Supergal谩cticos
    • Nidalee Supergalactica
    • Shyvana Supergalactica
  • It was conceived by Sunny 'Kindlejack' Koda before joining Riot Games Inc.
  • It refers to Simon, Kamina, and the Super Galaxy Gurren Lagann (all from Gurren Lagann).
    • His generation animation references Gurren Lagann's first opening.
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
    • Your animation of Recovery refers to Giga Drill from Kamina Breaker
      • You can see a side-by-side comparison here.
Wasteland Baron Rumble
Chromas: Catseye, Emerald, Meteorite, Obsidian, Pearl, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
  • This skin shares the Warriors of the Path theme with:
    • Apocalyptic Brand
    • Baron Von Veigar
    • Heimerdinger Burst
    • Warwick Hyena
    • Miss Fortune Warrior of the Road
    • Pantheon Indomable
    • Brand Vandal
    • Gragas Vandal
    • Jax Vandal
    • Twitch Vandal
    • Vladimir Vandal
  • Warwick Hyena can be seen in the background in the upper right corner.
  • It could be referencing Immortan Joe from Mad Max: Fury Road.
  • A couple of yordle mechanics are working on Tristy in the illustration.
Rumble Space Wave
Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Catseye, Disco, Emerald, Obsidian, Rose Quartz, Ruby, Turquoise
  • This skin shares the Space Wave theme with:
    • Lulu Space Wave Prestigious Edition
    • Blitz and Crank Space Wave
    • Gwen Space Wave
    • Lulu Space Wave
    • Lux Space Wave
    • Nasus Space Wave
    • Nunu and Willump Space Wave
    • Samira Space Wave


  • Rumble is a resourceful mechanical yordle who is convinced that Bandle City may be (if not already) more technologically advanced than human nations (especially Piltover, where Heimerdinger 'sold out'). To prove it, a mechanized suit was built from scrap metal (called Tristy in honor of who is in love).

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