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    • Ryze is voiced by Gerardo Vásquez in LATAM and by Antonio Abenójar in EUW.
    • Ryze used to be playable in Summoner's Rift battle training tutorial, along with Ashe y Garen.
    • Ryze was the first champion to have 9 skins.
      • He was also the first to have 2 Harrowing skins ( Zombie in 2010, Pirate in 2012).
        • The other champion is Katarina ( Minina and Baleful Oath). Hecarim has 2 Harrowing skins but his skin Reaper of Souls did not appear in the Harrowing event.
    • His giant scroll can be seen behind an overturned chair in the trailer for the Mac version of the game.
      • While the scroll is supposedly indestructible Nocturne tears him apart in 'A Twist of Fate'.
        • However, later on the scroll is complete again, but it is uncertain whether it is capable of repairing itself.
    • Ryze was considered to have almost no counterplay in Ultra Rapid Fire (2014 edition) and was disabled in non-custom games.
    • Its name comes from the alias of Riot Games CEO Brandon 'Ryze' Beck.


    Ryze the Rebel Sorcerer
    • During development it was called "Rhyze".
    Ryze, the Runic Wizard
    • Since its launch, Ryze has gone through four modifications.


    • Ryze is between 1050 and 1100 years old, born sometime before the ruin of the  Blessed Islands.


    • Ryze, Dragon Trainer Tristana and Senna share the quote "Keep your distance"


      • In his illustration, Pure ve veando Distortion of the Environment to escape with a Yellow Geogenic Rune from a servant of the Watchers.
      Purely Young
      • This skin shares the Collector's Edition theme with:
        • enlist black
        • Kayle de Plata
      • As one of the four Collector's Edition skins, it was only obtainable through Collector's Edition retail or digital packs. [1]
        • It was obtainable himself by pre-ordering the Retail Collector's Edition pack.
        • The others are:
          • Alistar Black (Pre-ordered Digital Collector's Pack)
          • Gothic Annie (Digital Collector's Pack)
          • Silver Kayle (Retail Collector's Edition)
      • He was named 'Human Ryze' prior to the Ryze Gameplay and Visual Update in 2016.
        • This is the first aspect to be completely renamed, the second is Crimson Akali.
      • Shurima before his capida can be seen in the background.
        • It shows Ryze when he was still an apprentice to Tyrus of Helia.
      Uncle Ryze
      • This skin shares the Wonders of the World theme with:
        • Sejuani Ursine Cavalry
        • Ahri Dinastica
        • Anivia Queen of Carnival
        • Masked Shaco
        • Lee Sin Muay Thai
        • Pantheon Mirmidón
        • Oktoberfest swallows
        • Renekton of the Wasteland
        • Teemo Osito Panda
        • Malphite Trebol
        • Estatua de Karthus
        • Sultan Gangplank
        • Sultán Tryndamere
        • Tryndamere Vikingo
        • Xin Zhao Húsar Alado
      • He also shares the 'American' theme with:
        • Anivia Ave de Presa
        • Estatua de Karthus
      • It refers to Uncle Sam and his posters.
        • This is also the first illustration that does not show the actual champion.
        • Blade Katarina can be seen pushed into the wall where the poster is placed.
        • You can see a draw of cards from Twisted Fate at the top left of the poster.
      • When using Environment Distortion, a red-tailed hawk screeches (just like when Statue of Karthus dances), parodying the real-life dubbing for the softer and sharper bald eagle chirping and trills
      Ryze Tribal
      • A creature that resembles Prehistoric Cho'Gath can be seen in the background.
      • It could be referring to Zeus.
      Professor Ryze
      • This skin shares the Academy theme with:
        • Ahri Academia
        • Darius Academy
        • Ekko Academia
        • Vladimir Academy
        • Director Fiora
      • Images of all aspects of Academia (except Ekko Academia) can be seen in the background.
      • It appears in the Tutorial menu of the game client.
      Zombie Ryze
      • This skin shares the Zombies vs. Executors with:
        • Zombi Brand
        • Nunu y Willump Zombie
        • Executor Jinx
        • Executioner Pantheon
      • He was released in celebration of Harrowing 2010 along with:
        • World world
        • Pumpkin Head Fiddle
        • Katarina Minina
        • Poppy paleta
        • Vladimir Nosferatu
      Purely Triunphant
      • It is only available to those who win official competition matches.
        • It used to be called 'Champion Ryze' and later 'Trophy Ryze'.
      Ryze Dark Crystal
      • He is fighting Noxian soldiers.
        • His magic attack on the soldier could be referencing Cole MacGrath from Infamous using Bio Leech.
      • It was inspired by the Eredar from Warcraft.
      • The name could be a reference to The Dark Crystal series.
      Pirate Ryze
      • This skin shares the Bilgewater theme with:
        • Bilgewater Rumble
        • Bilgewater Katarina
        • Swain de Aguasturbias
        • Tristana Bucanera
        • Captain Gangplank
        • Captain Fortune
        • Weather in Quinn Corsaria
        • Twisted Fate Robacarteras
        • Life-Stealing Graves
        • Diana Dark Waters
        • Vladimir Dark Waters
        • For the Beards of Fiddlesticks
        • Malphite Iron Breastplate
        • Chief Twitch
        • Garen Admiral Bandolero
        • Aatrox Sea Hunter
      • He was released in celebration of Harrowing 2012 along with:
        • Zombi Brand
        • Director Fiora
        • The Headless Hecarim
        • Haunted Maokai
        • Twisted Fate of the Underworld
      • Lanza Electric shock firing his cannon.
      • Su Old illustration features several other champions who share the pirate theme. From left to right, these champions are: Bilgewater Rumble, By the Beards of Fiddlesticks, Katarina de Aguasturbias, Tristana Bucanera and Swain de Aguasturbias.
      Ryze Barbablanca
      • This skin shares the Rift Mission theme with:
        • Zion the Barbarian
        • Bard the Bard
        • Braum Lionheart
        • Nunu and Demolisher Willump
        • Gragas Rompebarriles
        • Brighthammer Jayce
        • Karthus Curse of Light
        • Lord Mordekaiser
        • Garen Hard Type
        • Sejuani Dawn Huntress
        • Mirkwood Talon
        • Radiant Paladin Taric
        • Twitch Strider
        • Varus Swift Lightning
        • Weigh Barbagrís
      • He was released along with:
        • Braum Lionheart
        • Gragas Rompebarriles
        • Varus Swift Lightning
      • Refers to a traditional tabletop role-playing game.
        • Refers to Elminster Aumar from Dungeons & Dragons.
          • It has a Mana potion tied to his belt, the Rylai's Crystal Scepter lying inside her giant scroll, she is holding the Grimoire of the Nether Path in his hand, and wrapped around his giant scroll is an equally giant staff crowned by what appears to be the Orb of the Guardian. He also wears a Wooglet hat.
      • The rejected names for this skin include 'Ryze the Blue Wizard', 'Ryze the Eternal Wizard', and 'Warlock Ryze'. [2]
      Ryze SKT T1
      • This skin shares the World Champions: SKT T1 theme with:
        • Alistar SKT T1
        • Azir SKT T1
        • Echo SKT T1
        • Elise SKT T1
        • Jax SKT T1
        • Jhin SKT T1
        • Kalista SKT T1
        • Lee Sin SKT T1
        • Nami SKT T1
        • Olaf SKT T1
        • Renekton SKT T1
        • Syndra SKT T1
        • Vayne SKT T1
        • Zac SKT T1
        • Zed SKT T1
        • Office SKT T1
      • He was released in celebration of SKT T1's victory at the 2015 World Championship along with:
        • Alistar SKT T1
        • Azir SKT T1
        • Elise SKT T1
        • Kalista SKT T1
        • Renekton SKT T1
      • It represents Faker and is the second World Championship victory aspect for him.
        • It was preceded by Zed SKT T1.
          • Was succeeded by Syndra SKT T1.
      • Your animation of Recovery refers to some aspects of Faker.
        • The roll he makes at the end refers to the same crash Faker made in his presentation at the Season 5 World Championship Grand Final.
        • Ryze's laptop displays a picture of broccoli on the screen during his Recovery. This refers to a fan who claimed that Faker's hair looks like broccoli. Faker responded by saying that he would eat a head of broccoli if SKT T1 won the Season 5 Championship Grand Final. He would fulfill this promise by eating a piece of broccoli on stage immediately after SKT T1's victory.
      • His scroll is replaced with the Summoner's Cup.
      Championship Ryze
      Chrome: Golden
      • This skin shares the World Championship theme with:
        • Challenging Ahri
        • Challenger Nidalee
        • Championship Ashe
        • Championship Kalista
        • Championship Kha'Zix
        • Championship LeBlanc
        • Championship Riven
        • Championship Shyvana
        • Championship Thresh
        • Championship Zed
        • Championship Riven 2016
        • Enlist Conqueror
        • Conqueror Jax
        • Conquering Karma
        • Nautilus Conquistador
        • Conqueror Varus
        • Jax Conqueror Prestigious Edition
        • Jarvan IV Worlds 2021
      • He was released in celebration of the Season 9 World Championship.
      • the aspect refers to Summoners.
      Sands Guardian Ryze
      Chromas: Amethyst, Aquamarine, Citrine, Emerald, Obsidian, Ruby
      • This skin shares the Guardians of the Sands theme with:
        • Janna Guardian of the Sands
        • Kha'Zix Guardian of the Sands
        • Guardian of the Sands Rammus
        • Rengar Guardian of the Sands
        • Skarner Guardian of the Sands
        • Xerath Guardian of the Sands
        • Risen Fiddlesticks
        • Sandwraith Pyke


      • Kegan Rodhe was previously an apprentice to Ryze, before being corrupted by a Geogenic Rune and becoming Brand. The new entity known as Brand hunts down the Geogenic Runes and is constantly at odds with Ryze, who is trying to protect them.
      • Ryze met countless people, creatures, and champions during his life, such as: Miss Fortune, end, Nasus and Trundle [3]
        • The concepts for The Call to Power suggest that at some point, Ryze was going to meet a young woman who looks like the sister of Annie, Daisy. [4]


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