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    Season Three Championship

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    El Season Three Championship it was a competitive event to end Season Three of League of Legends. It was an international event held at the Staples Center in Los Angeles that featured classified teams from North America, Europe and Asia.

    Regional qualifiers began on August 17, 2013, with the first qualifier taking place in Southeast Asia. The competition began in Los Angeles on September 16, and ended with the victory of SK Telecom T1.

    Season Three Championship
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    Announced by Magus:

    Season 3 Launch League Of Legends Login Screen With Music

    Professional League of Legends teams have electrified live audiences throughout Season Three in Anaheim, Cologne, Moscow, Dallas, Shanghai and beyond. With the World Finals on October 4 and the most talented eSports competitors gearing up for the biggest challenge of the season, we need a place that fits this time. With that in mind, we have chosen the Staples Center in Los Angeles to host the Season Three Championship finale.

    With the League Summer Split already underway, plenty of regional qualifying events on the horizon and the tournament looming, every battle counts on the way to the championship final. The action reaches its climax in September, when 14 elite teams from North America, Europe, Korea, China, Southeast Asia and one of the territories emerging in League of Legends will meet at the Galen Center in Los Angeles for the qualifying. The best two will win the right to compete for the Summoner's Cup in front of thousands of fans.


    Each region has a predetermined number of places reserved. Riot added an additional 2 spots to this year's championship: a spot for Korea for their victory in the Mid-Season All-Star Tournament and another spot for the winner of the upcoming International Wildcard Tournament at GamesCom in Cologne, Germany.

    • North America - 3 seats
      • Cloud 9 HyperX
      • TSM Snapdragon
      • Vulcun Techbargains
    • Europe - 3 places
      • Fnatic
      • Gambit BenQ
      • You resign
    • Southeast Asia - 2 seats
      • Gamania Bears
      • Team Mineski
    • China - 2 seats
      • OMG
      • Royal Club
    • Korea - 2 places
      • NaJin Black Sword
      • Samsung Ozone
      • SK Telecom T1
    • International Wildcard - 1 place

    Tournament format

    As in the Season Two Championship, Riot decided to group the 4 teams that won in the regional qualifiers. The other teams would have to participate in a group stage where the top 2 teams would advance to the next round.

    The second round consisted of the winners of the qualifiers against the winners of the group stage. These bouts were carried out best of three and with direct elimination, with the winners advancing to the semifinals.

    Group A Group B Qualifier Winners
    OMG Fnatic Cloud 9 HyperX
    SK Telecom T1 Gambit BenQ Royal Club
    You resign Samsung Galaxy Ozone NaJin Black Sword
    TSM Snapdragon Team Vulcun Gamania Bears Team Mineski


    Team Position
    SK Telecom T1 Winner
    Royal Club 2o
    NaJin Black Sword


    3rd and 4th
    Gamania Bears

    Gambit BenQ


    Cloud 9 HyperX

    5o - 8o

    Music performance of the Final

    World Finals Season 3 - Music Performance

    Promotional aspect

    Announced by RiotWenceslaus:

    For the next two weeks, Championship Thresh will be here to join you in your upcoming games in celebration of the epic battles of Season Three. Equipped in ornate combat armor infused with Season Three stealth, Championship Thresh collects the souls of his opponents with new skill effects including a bluish-toned Skinner and a return to base animation worthy of the championship winners. Get Championship Thresh and his spectral sapphire chains and new lantern before he's sent to the Legacy Chamber!

    Road to the Cup

    As the Championship draws to a close, we remember the great eSports heroes from around the world who have been with us throughout Season Three. Many teams have fallen in epic battles and now only two remain. Who will be victorious?

    Road to the Cup- World Championship 2013 - Animation - League of Legends

    Season Three Champions Ceremony

    Co-founders Marc Tryndamere Merrilland and Brandon Ryze Beck presented the Summoner's Cup to the Champions SK Telecom T1.

    Award ceremony for the Season 3 World Champions! The champs are here! - Worlds 2013

    Notable champion stats

    • In total, 69 champions were chosen or banned throughout the championship.
    • Zed had a 100% pick / ban rate in the championship, being banned 55 times and picked in 11 games.
    • Shen took second place with a 94% percentage, being banned 34 times and picked in 26 games.
    • Zyra had both the most picks and wins, being chosen 43 times and won 24 games.
    • Teemo was chosen once in the championship during the match between TSM and Although it did get first blood, got the upper hand and claimed its only championship win.
    • Ziggs was the only champion to be banned once without ever having been picked at any point in the tournament.
    • Champions not picked include:
    Akali Gangplank Luxury Quinn Udyr
    Alistar Thread Malzahar Rammus Urgot
    Amumu Graves Maokai Rengar Viktor
    Anivia Heimerdinger Master Yi Sejuani Warwick
    Brand Irelia Mordekaiser Shaco Wukong
    Cho'Gath Janna Morgana Sion Xerath
    Darius Katarina Nautilus Skarner
    Draven Kha'Zix Olaf Heel
    Fiora The White Pantheon Taric
    Gallium Lucian poppy Trundle

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